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Everybody knows about how joyful and thrilling skateboarding is; however, have you ever considered taking up electric skateboarding? With an electric skateboard under your feet, you can experience this sport more interesting than just pushing and steering.

If you haven’t known why you should choose electric skateboarding, visit eSkateBuddy to know why so many people these days get fascinated with this kind of transport. Since choosing a perfect but affordable motorized board can not be easy, today I will give you the list of the 10 most popular e-boards in 2021.

First of all, you need to understand what an e-skateboard is. Electric skateboards are normal skateboards that have motors attached to the wheels and have a battery to power the board underneath the deck.

In terms of choosing a suitable electric skateboard, you need to understand some technical specifications such as maximum speed, maximum range, the power of the motor, battery’s capacity, deck’s material, etc.

In addition, you should care about the warranty policy of the company from which you will buy your board to have the best experience in case your new e-board gets any trouble.

Here is the list of best electric skateboards in 2021 for you to check out:

Meepo V3

Teamgee H20T

Backfire Zealot

WowGo 3X

Evolve Bamboo GTR

Boosted Stealth

Boosted Mini X

Skatebolt Tornado Pro A

Acton Blink S2

Hiboy S22

As a beginner in electric skateboarding, you may find it overwhelming to purchase a suitable motorized board. Unlike traditional skateboards, the electrical one has so many numbers and specifications that can easily confuse you.

In these cases, don’t hesitate to ask for help from your fellow skaters or from the sellers to have a better look at the product you’re interested in. Also, you can visit the website eSkateBuddy which provides so much useful information about electric skateboarding.

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