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A fun, light-hearted (with often some dark undertones) led by a strong cast of kids including our night’s Matilda (the role swaps between two actresses due to the heavy demand of the role) Shelby Shannon-Caines. You often forget that you are watching kids and not a stage full of professionals.

Apt 613

Orpheus Musical Theatre has done it again. Every time I see an Orpheus production, I am so impressed with the performance that I almost forget that it’s community theatre and not Broadway. This time, with Matilda, they have once again outdone themselves with an elaborate set, fantastic costumes, and some of the best talent that Ottawa has to offer.

Covert Ottawa Guy

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Our next Shine On winner is Kenny Hayes who was nominated by Neil Cachero. Kenny Hayes has always been a bright light at Orpheus. He shines on and off the stage. He has a passion for music and theatre