Book by David Lindsay-Abaire     Music by Jeanine Tesori     Lyrics by David Lindsay-Abaire

Shrek the Musical Information Meeting

Sunday, August 27, 2017 at 7:30pm


Tuesday - Friday, Aug 29th, 30th, 31st & Sept 1st, with booking slots at 6pm, 7pm and 8pm

  • please arrive on time for check in, administration, and incidentals

  • each audition group will be required for approximately 90 minutes


Call Backs (if needed)

Saturday, September 2 or Sunday, September 3 (afternoons) -TBA


First Rehearsal

Thursday, September 7, 2017; full cast



November 17 - 26 at 7.30pm (Sunday matinees on November 19 & 26 at 2pm)

  • there is no performance on Monday, November 20

  • all performances are at Centrepointe Theatre, 101 Centrepointe Drive

Audition Booking and Inquiries

Starting as of Monday, August 14, 2017 (for members of Orpheus)

Starting as of Monday, August 21, 2017 (for non-members of Orpheus)

  • call the Orpheus Office at 613.729.4318 or email

  • when leaving a voicemail or emailing, if possible, please provide more than one choice of day/time in case your first choice is not available


General Orpheus Audition Notes:

  • Auditions are by appointment only.

  • All auditionees will learn a short dance routine and perform it as a group for the directing team. Following the dance audition, each person will sing and read individually (the dance portion of the audition is mandatory, but non-trained dancers needn’t worry -just try your best).

  • Please arrive a few minutes before your appointed time. The Production Assistant will support all auditionees by providing forms, taking reference photos, submitting music for the accompanist, and generally keeping things organized. (the audition form will also be available on the Orpheus website to print and fill out before arrival if desired)

  • Please wear comfy clothes and bring jazz shoes, character shoes or runners that are easy to move in (if needed, please do your own vocal warm-up and stretching prior to the audition).

  • As usual, an accompanist will be provided for each audition. Auditionees must bring a printed copy of selected music in the preferred key, with bass lines intact (please do not ask the accompanist to transpose your piece; self-accompaniment and karaoke tracks are not permitted; vocal range may or may not be checked by the musical director as part of the audition process).

Music Choices for Audition Pieces:

Wow, dreams can come true! We, your enthusiastic directing team of Jenn, Gabe and Mary, are looking for around

16 - 20 bars of your audition song, so please choose something that highlights your voice and/or intended character to best advantage. Performers may audition with a song from the show. There are lots of fun musical styles in the show, from silly ditties to ballads to classic musical numbers, so maybe choose a fun piece that optimizes your specific talents and charm. As always, please have sheet music ready for your selection. The show has 4 strong leads plus a busy ensemble that manages all the fairy tale characters plus the assorted Far, Far Away oddballs you’d expect from the first Shrek movie. We just can’t wait to see you audition! We know auditions can be nerve wracking but we’ll do our best to make it a positive experience for you. We aren’t looking for perfection; it’s an audition fer Pete’s sake!! Just bring your finest kooky self, your sheet music, and remember: it ain’t ogre ‘til it’s ogre! 😀

Jenn, Gabe, and Mary


Cast Size

28 (26 performers + 1 young male, 1 young female)


4 leads (3 m, 1 f), 22 ensemble cast of Fairy Tale characters, plus 2 young performers (11 m + 13 f)

Dance requirement

Leads: Standard (Musical Staging/Some Dance/Optional); Ensemble: Some Dance/Tap/Jazz


This is a fun and charming musical with bright, clever songs and great appeal to all ages; many excellent character roles and busy ensemble work create an exciting show for the entire cast.



Once upon a time, in a kingdom far, far away, there was a nasty swamp. And, in that nasty swamp, all alone, lived an ogre named Shrek. And Shrek was content because ogres like nasty. But Shrek’s life gets turned upside down when his swamp is invaded by displaced fairy tale creatures and, to save his prized secluded lifestyle, Shrek goes on a quest to fetch a spirited princess from a tower. Throw in a lonely donkey who can’t stay quiet, a villain with a short temper, a cookie with an attitude, lots of disgruntled fairy tale characters, and, well, it’s the kind of comical mess that just might have a happy ending, after all.


Shrek the Musical brings the hilarious story of everyone’s favorite ogre to dazzling new life on the stage.


~ Not all fairy tales need be Grimm ~


Character and Role Summary Particulars



  • An ogre who has spent most of his life as an outcast, living in a swamp far from civilization; his crass and brutish exterior disguises a sensitive and lonely heart.

  • A reluctant hero; strong character, powerful presence with great wit; broad Scottish accent desirable

Male, 30-ageless (stage age)

Vocal Range: bari-tenor (A2 - G#4), confident and eloquent soloist

Songs: ‘Big Bright Beautiful World’, ‘Travel Song’, ‘Who I’d Be’, ‘I Think I Got You Beat’, ‘Make a Move’, ‘When Words Fail’, ‘Build a Wall’, ‘Big Bright Beautiful World, Rep’, ‘This is Our Story, Rep’ ‘I’m a Believer’

Dance Requirement: Movement an asset, solid characterization via body language and voice

Note: this character is very demanding, so stamina and training are a critical plus



  • Shrek’s self-appointed friend and side-kick, as charming as he is clingy; a bright-eyed motor-mouth whose eagerness and quick wit barely disguise his desperate need for a pal.

  • Winning personality and easy charm, comic skills, soulful vocal style.

Male, 30-ageless (stage age)

Vocal Range: bari-tenor (C3 - B4)

Songs: ‘Don’t Let Me Go’, ‘Travel Song’, ‘This is How a Dream Comes True’, ‘Forever’, ‘Make a Move’, ‘I’m a Believer’


Dance Requirement: comedic character body language, good mover


Note: this character is very demanding, so stamina and training are a critical plus



  • Princess of Far Far Away, daughter of King Harold and Queen Lillian. Has spent most of her life locked in a dragon-guarded castle reading romantic fairy tales.

  • Underneath lurks a smart, outspoken girl who can’t help being her earthy self -whether that means burping on purpose, playing enthusiastic air guitar or launching into hand-to-hand combat when needed.

Female, 27 (stage age)

Vocal Range: alto/soprano with gutsy belt (F3 - G5)

Songs: ‘Big Bright Beautiful World’, ‘I know it’s Today’, ‘This is How a Dream Comes True’, ‘Morning Person’, ‘I Think I Got You Beat’, ‘Make a Move’, ‘This is Our Story, Rep’, ‘I’m a Believer’

Dance Requirement: tap, confident and solid movement an asset

Note: this character is very busy, so stamina and training are a critical plus



  • A pompous, power-hungry little villain with a raging Napoleon complex and an intense, pathological dislike of all fairy tale creatures.

  • Is determined to claim a beautiful princess as his bride in order to ensure himself a kingly throne.


Male, 30-ageless (stage age)

Vocal Range: character bari- tenor (B2 - D5)


Songs: ‘What’s Up Duloc?’, ‘Ballad of Farquaad’, ‘I’m a Believer’


Dance Requirement: specific comic Farquaad movement; must be able to move comfortably on padded knees


  • Guards Princess Fiona in her isolated castle. Dragon’s love helps save the day at the end of the musical.

  • Ensemble; will also have other roles

Female, 25-ageless (stage age)

Vocal Range: mezzo/belter with gospel sound (F3 - Eb5)


Dance Requirement: confident movement a plus


YOUNG SHREK/Knave of Hearts/Little Knight/Little Rat/Grumpy

  • Young Shrek is sent out into the world at a tender age by his ogre parents.

  • Ensemble; will also have other featured roles

Male, 8-12 (stage age)

Vocal Range: any

Songs: ‘Big Bright Beautiful World’, ‘This is My Story’, ‘Morning Person’, ‘Freak Flag’, ‘I’m a Believer’ plus ensemble work

Dance Requirement: tap, confident movement an asset


YOUNG FIONA/Happy Villager/Wee Willie Winkie/Littlest Rat

  • Young Princess Fiona, a bright little girl only recently locked in a tower who passes her time reading fairy tales about being rescued by a handsome and charming prince.

  • Ensemble; will also have other roles

Female, 8-10 (stage age)

Vocal Range: strong singer alto/soprano (B3 - C#5)

Songs: ‘This is My Story’, ‘I Know It’s Today’, ‘Morning Person’, ‘Freak Flag’, ‘I’m a Believer’ plus ensemble work


Dance Requirement: confident stage presence an asset



  • Princess Fiona as a teenager; has been trapped in the tower for a few years and feels somewhat exasperated about not having been rescued yet.

  • Ensemble; will also have other roles

Female, 13-14 (stage age)

Vocal Range: Sense of humor, strong singer, alto/soprano (A3 - C#5)

Songs: ‘This is My Story’, ‘I Know It’s Today’, ‘Morning Person’, ‘Freak Flag’, ‘I’m a Believer’ plus ensemble work


Dance Requirement: strong dancer, tap, jazz


PINOCCHIO/Duloc/Dragon Operator (Tail1)/Rat

  • The leader of the fairy tale creatures; has plenty of sass and an unfortunate penchant for lying.

  • Ensemble; will also have other roles

Vocal Range: tenor with cartoony falsetto (E3 - F#4)

Songs: ‘Story of My Life’, ‘Goodbye Song’, ‘Morning Person’, ‘Freak Flag’, ‘I’m a Believer’ plus ensemble work


Dance Requirement: strong dancer, tap, jazz


GINGY/SUGARPLUM FAIRY/Happy Villager/Duloc/Rat

  • Gingerbread Cookie puppet whose wit inspires the rest of the fairy tale creatures to fight back. Operated by performer appearing as Sugarplum Fairy. Deep Russian accent for Sugarplum Fairy desirable.

  • Ensemble; will also have other roles

Vocal Range: Gingy character cartoony falsetto voice, plus Sugarplum Fairy soprano (B3 - C#5)

Songs: ‘Story of My Life’, ‘Morning Person’, ‘Freak Flag’, ‘I’m a Believer’ plus ensemble work


Dance Requirement: strong dancer, tap, jazz



  • The Three Little Pigs, Papa Bear, Mama Bear, Baby Bear, Big Bad Wolf, Wicked Witch, Shoemaker’s Elf, Fairy Godmother, Ugly Duckling, Peter Pan...

  • King Harold, Queen Lillian, Happy Villagers, Captain and his Guards, Knights, Pied Piper and Dancing Rats, Three Blind Mice, Bluebird, Bishop, Mad Hatter, Mother Goose, etc.

  • Strong singers with some featured moments; strong dancers, tap, jazz with a few non-dancing parts


Female & Male, all ages

Songs: 'Story of My Life', 'Goodbye Song', 'Regiment', 'What's Up Duloc?', 'Forever', 'Ballad of Farquaad', 'Make a Move', 'Freak Flag', ‘This is Our Story’, 'I'm a Believer'

* Except for Shrek, Donkey, Princess Fiona, and Lord Farquaad, all roles and puppeteering will be performed by a busy ensemble. Shrek the Musical has many small parts but no small performers. ❤️

Download the audition form here:

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