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Anything Goes

March 4 – 13, 2022


Music & Lyrics by Cole Porter

Original Book by P.G. Wodehouse & Guy Bolton, and Howard Lindsay & Russel Crouse

New Book by Timothy Crouse & John Weidman




Anything Goes is set aboard the ocean liner S. S. American, where nightclub singer/evangelist Reno Sweeney is en route from New York to England. Her pal Billy Crocker has stowed away to be near his love, Hope Harcourt, but the problem is Hope is engaged to the wealthy Lord Evelyn Oakleigh. Joining this love triangle on board the luxury liner are Public Enemy #13, Moonface Martin and his sidekick-in-crime Erma. With the help of some elaborate disguises, tap-dancing sailors and good old-fashioned blackmail, Reno and Martin join forces to help Billy in his quest to win Hope’s heart.


Directors’ Notes


After a long couple of years, we are truly excited to get back to the stage and to be reminded of the amazing talent in Ottawa. We can’t wait to see you at auditions! 


Our vision for the show is “Saturday Night at the Movies Presents: Anything Goes”. Eschewing any sense of realism, the audience will escape to a time passed with the feeling of watching classic film cinema, executed through both technical means and stylized performance. 


Cast will be directed to execute highly affected, over the top performances rooted in vaudeville, slapstick, and visual humour techniques. The challenge will be to ground them in sincerity and honesty. As Anything Goes is broad comedy with elements of boulevard farce, performers must be adept at comedy, physical comedy, and fast paced audience engagement.


Most of the show’s song and dance numbers do not have anything to do with the plot of the show, and as such do not advance the story. They are, however, large, intricate numbers that anchor the essence of the vision. Vocally, they require strong singers with clarity in tone, comfort in the genre, and the capability to deliver their own flare and interpretation. The dances are energetic and long, requiring skill and endurance. Most of the principles should dance well, or at least move well, and the ensemble altogether must have clear experience in jazz, tap, and ballroom.


Above all, we are looking for a cast full of great personalities and kind people who are ready to have fun. A great sense of humour is the top requirement. We are also keenly aware that it has been a while since any of us have done this. We’re going to be rusty, and we’ve all re-evaluated how we’d like to spend our free time. We will take everybody’s limits, schedules, and growth to heart, and we will all ease back into this positively together.


For more details and to have any questions answered, please join us at the Information Meeting via Zoom on Sunday, November 7 at 2:00pm.


We look forward to seeing or meeting you, and wish you all the best at your audition!


J.T. Morris (Director), Kate Boone (Apprentice Director), Kenny Hayes (Music Director), Claire Yoon (Apprentice Music Director), and D.J. Eyamie (Choreographer)





Rehearsals take place Sunday afternoons (and evenings in December) and weekday evenings. The schedule will be made based on the schedules and conflicts of the chosen cast. Prospective auditionees can be ready for:

  • Ensemble music rehearsals to take place on Wednesday and Friday evenings through December & January, and solo/duet numbers on Sunday evenings in December;

  • Choreography rehearsals to take place on Sunday afternoons, and Monday & Thursday evenings through December and January;

  • Light character work and blocking sparsely through January, and February dedicated to blocking, cleaning, and running.


We intend to keep the rehearsal schedule light and in small groups until February when it will inevitably have to increase as we approach Opening Night. All can expect a heavy, almost nightly, schedule from February 14 – March 13. When completing your audition form, there is an opportunity to list schedule conflicts. We ask that you please be honest with this. We will make every effort to accommodate your conflicts if we are aware of them in advance.


Audition Information


Auditions are by appointment only and must be booked in advance starting November 8. Everyone will be asked to read, sing, and dance regardless of what they are auditioning for.


Reading: A prepared monologue is not required. Sides can be located here and will be available on paper in the waiting area to peruse on the night of your audition. 


Music: We ask that you choose a song in the style of Anything Goes but not one from the show.


Please choose a song that will best show off your singing abilities and provide piano accompaniment in the key that suits your voice. An accompanist is provided. No self-accompaniment, taped accompaniment or, a cappella singing is permitted. Please make sure that all of the music required for the accompanist, particularly the bass line at the bottom, if it is a photocopy, is visible on the music sheets. Lead sheets and melody lines are not acceptable. Please know the accompanist cannot transpose your music to another key. Usually a maximum of one verse and chorus, or 16 – 32 bars will be all that is required. Choose the section that shows off your skills best.


Dance: The dance portion will be a short routine performed in a group. The routine is available here, and you will review it with an instructor on the night of. Be comfortable and wear appropriate shoes and attire for the dance audition. 


Important Dates


Information Meeting: Sunday, November 7 via Zoom.  Though not mandatory, attendance is encouraged as the Directing team will further explain the vision, process, and requirements.

Audition Bookings:

  • As of Monday, November 8 for Orpheus Members

  • As of Monday, November 15 for General Public

Auditions: Orpheus Musical Theatre, 17 Fairmont Ave, Ottawa, K1Y 1X4. Wednesday, December 15 at 7:00pm.

First Rehearsal: Friday, December 17 at 7:00pm


Character Breakdown

Please Note All Other Roles Have Been Cast


Moonface Martin                 (Age: 45+; Vocal Range: Tenor Bb3 – Gb4)


A loveable gangster who would rather be more feared. Truly a harmless trickster at heart. He is a long time friend of Reno’s, a casual accomplice to Billy, and is always loyal to friends. A role that often steals the show.


Comfortable Character Singer; Moves Well (Jazz & Soft Shoe); Strong Comedic Timing, Physical Comedy an Asset.



Luke                                       (Age: 25 – 45; Vocal Range: Open)


A presumably reformed gambler and Christian convert. Travelling on mission with Henry Dobson and his cousin John. He is Chinese and must be played an Asian actor.


Ensemble Singing Only; Moves Well in Jazz, Tap an Asset; Confident Actor with Comedic Abilities


John                                        (Age: 25 – 45; Vocal Range: Open)


Also a reformed gambler and Christian convert. Influenced by Luke, John is more loyal to his conversion and to Dobson. He has a clear conscience, but an easily manipulated will. He is Chinese and must be played by an Asian actor.


Ensemble Singing Only; Moves Well in Jazz, Tap an Asset; Confident Actor with Comedic Abilities

PLEASE NOTE: The script was revised in 2018 to omit racially insensitive dialogue and scenes from past years. The characters of Luke & John are more fleshed out and do not serve as stereotypes for plot purposes.


Male Ensemble                     (Age: 30+; Vocal Range: Open)


We are seeking approximately 4 additional Male Ensemble members to play various roles including Ship’s Crew, Passengers, Reporters, FBI Agents, and other feature named characters.


The Ensemble requires strong singers and individuals who are comfortable movers in jazz dancing. Tap dancing ability is an additional asset. All should have a strong sense of comedic timing and possess endurance to withstand a fast paced show.

Our promise


Orpheus is committed to diversity, equity, and inclusion on its stages, and amplifying the voices and stories that have been historically marginalized or underrepresented. We strongly encourage individuals from equity-seeking communities and intersecting identities to submit, including Black, Indigenous, People of Colour, LGBTQIA+, Two-Spirit, and people with disabilities. Orpheus is committed to providing our team with an environment free of discrimination and harassment, and fostering an inclusive and supportive workplace. Please advise us of any accommodation measures required which would enable you to audition.

COVID-19 Policies & Procedures


All who wish to audition for and volunteer with an Orpheus production must provide proof of vaccination to participate. Your second dose must have been administered 14 days or more prior to the date of your audition or your first arrival at Orpheus. You must book an audition appointment. No walk ups are permitted. 


All audition forms are to be submitted in advance upon registration. Proof of Vaccination may be included in advance, but is not required. If you do not have your proof of vaccination upon arrival for your audition, you will not be permitted to audition.


Upon arrival, you will have to complete a screening.


Masks must be worn in all common areas and in group settings.


Audition groups are kept to a maximum of 6 people to accommodate distancing measures. If there is audition overflow, additional times will be added and groups may increase to a maximum of 8 individuals.

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