2010 - 2011


Set in New York City in 1933 during the Great Depression, Annie is the story of a little girl abandoned as a baby in front of the steps of the Municipal Orphanage with only a silver locket around her neck and a note saying her parents would someday return for her. Having waited for and dreamed of her parents for ten long years while under the strict watch of the mean-tempered Miss Hannigan who runs the Orphanage, Annie finally decides to run away and search for the family she has always wanted. Along the way, she befriends a stray dog who she names Sandy, but before long, Annie is found by the police and returned to the Orphanage to face Miss Hannigan's wrath.

As luck would have it, Annie is brought back to the Orphanage just as Miss Grace Farrell, secretary to the billionaire industrialist Oliver Warbucks, arrives to select an orphan to spend Christmas at the Warbucks mansion. Grace chooses Annie.

Warbucks is so taken with Annie, he decides to adopt her, but before he can approach the little girl about his plans, Annie tells him the story of her locket and her hopes that she might one day find her parents again. Warbucks, wanting nothing more than to make Annie happy, offers $50,000 to anyone who can prove that they are Annie's parents. Learning of the handsome cash reward, Miss Hannigan, assisted by her crooked brother Rooster and his girlfriend Lily, hatches a plot to get the money. The key to their success is their knowledge of Annie's silver locket.


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