2000 - 2001

The Wizard of Oz

Little Dorothy Gale of Kansas, like so many girls her age, dreams frequently of what lies over the rainbow.  One day a twister hits her home town and carries her away - over the rainbow to another world.  Come join Dorothy, the Scarecrow, the Tinman, the Cowardly Lion and Toto as they travel the universe of Dorothy's imagination and meet up with characters like the Wicked Witch of the West, Glinda the Good Witch, munchkins, jitterbugs, Osians, a castle and, of course, the great and powerful Wizard of Oz.  What more can I say about ruby slippers and three guys in funky costumes?

Artistic Director: Susan Dacey

Musical Director: Brian Boggs

Choreographer: Tami-Lynn Caloia


Alessia Lupiano

Mayor, Jitterbug

Amy Lockwood

Coroner, Flying Monkey

Andrew Galligan


Andréa Black

Jitterbug, Ensemble

Antoine Ménard


Ariana Noel

Fiddler, Flying Monkey

Benjamin Durocher


Brianne Bond

City Father, Flying Monkey

Charlotte Stewart

Miss Gultch, Wicked Witch of the West

Cheryl Sheffer

Second In Command, Ensemble

Cliff Allen

Tough Guy, Flying Monkey

Don Lapierre

Zeke, Lion

Ellen Ball

Tot, Jitterbug

Eric Vance

Braggart, Flying Monkey

Geneviève Bourgeois

Jitterbug, Ensemble

Ian Casterton

City Father, Flying Monkey

Jamie Katz


Jane Gale

Aunt Em, Glinda

Jennifer Cassidy

Tot, Jitterbug

Jennifer Schinzel

Flying Monkey, Ensemble

Jessica Allen

Teacher, Jitterbug

Jillian Lackey


Jim Robertson

Uncle Henry, Guard

Joel MacWilliam

Crow, Ensemble

Judy Follett

Tree, Ensemble

Juliane Adam-Arcand

Tot, Flying Monkey

Katie Cassidy

City Father, Flying Monkey

Kelly Schinzel

Woman, Jitterbug

Kevin Dacey

Tough Guy, Flying Monkey

Kris Lizuck

Hickory, Tinman

Lauren Carroll

Teacher, Flying Monkey

Leigh Ann Levine

Woman, Flying Monkey

Lenny Garber


Lina Crompton

City Father, Jitterbug

Lynn Baltzer-Carroll

Tree, Ensemble

Macallan Giunta

Tough Guy, Flying Monkey

Margaret Evraire

Tot, Jitterbug

Marielle McGovern

Tot, Jitterbug

Maureen Speer

Flying Monkey, Ensemble

Michael Ball

Herald, Flying Monkey

Michael Gauthier

Tough Guy, Flying Monkey

Mike Sornberger

Crow, Ensemble

Minna Koch

The Jitterbug, Ensemble

Moe Romanow

Professor Marvel, The Wizard

Monica Poirier

Nikko, Ensemble

Patrick Salembier

Herald, Flying Monkey

Randy Allen

Crow, Ensemble

Roark Suter

Herald, Flying Monkey

Ruby Morgan


Ryan Pershaw

Herald, Jitterbug

Réjean Dinelle-Mayer

Hunk, Scarecrow

Sarah Doubt

Tree, Ensemble

Sean Speer

Winkie General, Ensemble

Shawna McSheffrey

Dorothy Gale

Tim Carroll

Barrister, Jitterbug

Upjeet Cambow

Tough Guy, Flying Monkey

Victoria Packman

Herald, Jitterbug


Allison Hamilton

Costume Designer

Anne McGuire

Assistant Stage Manager

Carol Chamberlain

Stage Manager

Cheryl Allen

Costume Production Manager

Cheryl Jarvis Woods


Cindy Sceviour

Sound Designer

David Magladry

Lighting Designer

Delaney Hinds

Hair Designer

Elaine McCausland

Props Designer, Puppet Designer

Gary Bahm

Make-up Designer

Heather Monkman

Apprentice Set Designer

Inez Gowsell

Wardrobe Mistress

Jean Stewart

Scenic Artist

John Solman

Technical Director

Lindsay Hill

Production Coordinator

Margaret Coderre-Williams

Set Designer, Scenic Artist

Michael Gareau

Make-up Designer

Neil Monkman

Assistant Stage Manager

Patrick Donahue

Apprentice Artistic Director, Production Assistant

Tom Mordasewicz

Master Carpenter

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