1989 - 1990


One of many versions of the Arthurian legend, Camelot is certainly one of the best known and best loved.

The lords and ladies await the arrival of Guenevere, King Arthur of England's future Queen. A nervous Arthur tries to persuade Merlyn, his teacher, to tell him about her. Merlyn, who lives backwards in time and can recall the future as well as the past, refuses. An equally apprehensive Guenevere avoids the waiting crowd and on meeting Arthur alone becomes charmed with him and his description of the magical Camelot. Merlyn is lured away by a spirit and Arthur is on his own to run his kingdom and deal with his new marital status.

Five years pass and Arthur finally grasps the course of wisdom set for him by Merlyn. He develops a new philosophy: a concept of chivalry whose advocates are charged with improving rather than destroying. The Knights of the Round Table are created.

Word of the Round Table spreads to France where Lancelot du Lac heeds its call and journeys to Camelot. In a chance encounter he almost kills Arthur, but is forgiven and accepted as a member of the Court. Guenevere and the Court have gone a-Maying and are entertained by the arrival of Pellinore, a comic old knight in search of a "questing beast". The joyous mood is soon altered when Lancelot pontificates on his virtue and strength. Guenevere arranges for a joust against her three strongest knights, hoping he will be defeated and will learn a lesson in humility. However, Lancelot defeats all three and is invested as a Knight of the Round Table.

As time passes, Guenevere and Lancelot find themselves falling for each other, but vow never to consummate their love for fear of destroying the Round Table and Arthur himself. Arthur, realizing the situation, becomes despondent over the choice he will one day have to make: save Guenevere from herself or save the Round Table.

Mordred, the conniving bastard son of Arthur, arrives at the Court and begins to undermine Arthur's authority and plot his downfall. He persuades his aunt, Morgan Le Fey, to detain Arthur and Pellinore overnight during a hunting expedition. That night, as Guenevere and Lancelot meet in her bedroom, Mordred and several guards burst in and arrest them for treason. There is a fearsome struggle but the lovers escape and flee to France. Arthur sets off after them, knowing that he must declare war on France if the Round Table is to retain its integrity.

Prior to the battle, they meet. Aware that he has lost the love of Guenevere, Arthur forgives them and prepares for battle. Whether or not he is killed, he knows that the Order of the Round Table as he envisioned it will probably die. In a final gesture of hope, he dispatches a young boy back to England to spread the word and help keep alive the dream that was his Camelot.

Artistic Director: Sheila Shields

Musical Director: Rod Holmes

Choreographer: Valerie Van Veen


Barry Caiger


Betsy Wimbs

Morgan Le Fey

Brian Hall


C.C. Scout


Christian Hackbusch


David Coles

Sir Lionel

Frank Duern

Sir Sagramore

Ian Stephenson

Tom of Warwick

Josh Dolgin


Joyce Landry


Juliette Kirk


Marc Carpentier


Patrick Goddard

Squire Dap

Tony Keenleyside

King Arthur

Vivian Asfar

Lady Anne

Will Bruce

Sir Dinadan

Brian Burke


Caroline Heaton


David Hayes


Debbie Guilbeault


Debbie Miller


Duncan Morgan


Eugene Oscapella


Francine Bateman


Graham Price


Heather Monkman


Helen Farrell


Jim Morrison


Joan Coulter


John Murray


Jon Taylor


Julie Townsend


Kathryn Romanow


Laurie Nicoll


Libby Livingston


Michael Coderre


Nadia Bobak


Rebecca Schatzky


Sean Alger


Shannon Mercer



Art Whitehead

House Manager (Orpheus)

Barbara Seeton

Make-up Design

Bill Butterworth


Brenda Caiger

Costume Mistress

Carol Livingston

Assistant Stage Manager

Carole Livingston

Assistant Stage Manager

Debbie Guilbeault

Assistant Choreographer

Don Lambton

Head Flyman

Gary King

House Manager (Commerce)

Gerry Reynolds

Stage Manager

Hugh Livingston

Assistant Stage Manager

Jeannie Stewart

Scenic Artist

Jill Thompson

Costume Designer

Lorna Rice


Lorna Rice


Marc Lefebvre

Hair Design

Margaret Coderre-Williams

Set Designer/Scenic Artist

Marylin Day

Production Coordinator

Melva Scott

Make-up Design

Neil Spicer

Lighting Designer

Patti Mordasewicz

Assistant to the Directors

Pierrette Loyer

Hair Design

Sam Smith

Properties Master

Tom Mordasewicz

Master Carpenter

Tom Shields

Workshop Chairman

Walter Young

Hair Design

Wayne Nolan

Assistant Director

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