1966 - 1967

My Fair Lady

Professor Henry Higgins, the brilliant, irascible bachelor and England's leading phoneticist, first encounters Eliza Doolittle outside the Royal Opera House in Covent Garden late one evening. She is a Cockney flower girl and Higgins, together with Colonel Hugh Pickering, a noted linguist, chooses her as his next project. She moves into his London flat, together with Pickering, to be transformed into a "lady"; Higgins thus responding to Pickering's challenge.

After weeks and weeks of drilling, Eliza finally improves and Higgins introduces her to his mother and her snobbish friends at the Ascot races. The son of one of these friends, Freddy Eynsford-Hill, falls hopelessly in love with Eliza, despite her unladylike cheering at the races.

Higgins' final test of his experiment comes at the Embassy Ball where Karpathy, a Hungarian phonetics expert, comments on the pureness of her English. After Higgins and Pickering engage in a rollicking celebration over "their" success, Eliza storms out, meets Freddy and rages at him and spends the rest of the night wandering aimlessly around London. She encounters her father, Alfred P. Doolittle who is about to marry Eliza's stepmother, and is celebrating that occasion with his friends.

Higgins discovers that he is hurt by Eliza's sudden departure and goes to his mother's flat for comfort. Eliza is there, getting advice. They argue, and she storms out. Higgins finally admits to himself that he will have difficulty getting on without her and, back at his flat, sinks, dejectedly, into the sofa. Eliza emerges from the shadows and Higgins, sighing contentedly, gently asks her for his slippers.

Dramatic Director: John Knight

Musical Director: Berthold Carrière

Choreographer: Paulette Roberts


Audrey Hallan

Mrs. Pearce

Barbara Shepherd

Servant, Eliza Understudy

Bill Lowry


Bill Warne

First Cockney

Brian Morin


David Hayes


Don Shaw

Bartender, Lord Boxington, Major Domo

Dorothy Gough


Florence Fancott

Eliza Doolittle

Fran Arbuckle


Fran Holmes


Fred Solomon


Geoffrey D'Alberti

Colonel Pickering

Gerry Sheehan

Third Cockney

Gwen Taschereau

Mrs. Higgins

Jack Wallace


Jean Halley

Mrs. Hopkins

Jean Wheeler

Servant, Queen of Transylvania

Jeannine Guindon

Mrs. Higgins' Maid

Jennifer Dickson


Jim Harker


Joane Davy

Lady Boxington

John Powell


Joy Phillips


Judy Cairn Cross


Len Morin

Second Cockney, Ambassador, Harry Understudy

Les Bonhower


Lila Usher


Louise Mortimer


Marcel Carrière

Busker, Footman, Bartender

Margaret Cattell

Mrs. Eynsford-Hill

Margeret Owens


Mary Davern


Nick Michelis

Servant, Zoltan Karpathy

Norman Osborne

Alfred P. Doolittle

Pamela Payant

Flower Girl

Roy Hayden-Hinsley

Henry Higgins

Stan Wren

Harry, Doolittle Understudy

Sylvia Carter


Tom Borne


Wally Winges

Fourth Cockney

York Davis

Freddy Eynsford-Hill


Dave Cochrane


Elsie Kronk


Faye Lavell

Ticket Manager

Ginny Day

Assistant to the Director

Heinz Nentwich

Lighting Designer

Jean Pascal

Make-Up Chairman

John McGuire

House Manager

John Willard

Costumes Designer

Kenneth L. Meyer

Programme Chairman

Lorna Rice


Lynn Phillips

Properties Chairman

Marion Dempsey


Maurice Bounsall

Set Designer

Murray Smith

Stage Manager

Nancy Turner

Publicity and Public Relations

Norma Coll

Costumes Chairman

Pierre Landry

Production Chairman

Sylvia Carter

Social Chairman

Terry Moran

Workshop Chairman

Tsin Van


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