1954 - 1955


Act I

Opens with a scene on Florodora Island, where a famous perfume of the same name is manufactured from a secret formula. Flower sorters and pickers are at work, supervised by the clerks and Leandro. Everyone is excited at the imminent arrival of Mr. Gilfain, their lor and master, whom they are all anxious to please and who is supposedly the owner of the island and the secret formula for "Florodora" perfume. However, on the death of his partner, Quissara, he had taken control of the island and the formula, both of which should rightfully have been inherited by Quissara's daughter. The manager of the island is Frank Abercoed, and Leandro complains to him about Dolores, a beautiful flower picker, who seems to have everything her own way and is greatly favoured by Mr. Gilfain. Mr. Abercoed does not seem loath to follow Gilfain's example, as he is in love with Dolores but is prevented from declaring his love because he is not free.

An obvious newcover to the island, where strangers are soon made to feel that they are unwelcome trespassers, makes a hasty entrance on the scene, pursued by Leandro, who seems anxious to use his ever-present knife on the unfortunate visitor. he is Professor Tweedlepunch, phrenologist extraordinary (among other things), who has arrived on the island and succeeded in eluding the guards during the elaborate preparations for welcoming Mr. Gilfain home from his visit abroad. Amid great "huzzas" Mr. Gilfain finally arrives at the warehouse accompanied by a group of English ladies, Lady Holyrood (who has her cap set for Mr. Gilfain), and his daughter Angela, who is in love with Arthur Donegal, Lady Holyrood's brother.

Professor Tweedlepunch undertakes to find suitable mates for all concerned by reading their "bumps", which he proceeds to do very disoncertingly, mixing everybody up and assigning unwilling couples to one another. Mr. Gilfain gets Dolores, Angela gets Abercoed, and Lady Holyrood, nobody - much to her chagrin. However, Mr. Abercoed refuses to have anything to do with the scheme and is dismissed from the island by Mr. Gilfain. Mr. Tweedlepunch, who has smuggled himself on the island in the hope of finding his old friend Quissara's daughter, now discovers her in the person of Dolores, and keeps her from Gilfain. Gilfain invites everybody to visit his home in Wales, and the first act ends with everyone confused and unhappy.

Act II

Opens with a scene in Abercoed Castle, Wales, which Gilfain has now changed to Florodora Castle. Gilfain is endeavouring to establish himself in English society and has gone to extremes, having six maids-in-waiting for his daughter, Angela, and six secretaries for himself, while Lady Holyrood has taken over the social affairs of the castle and insists that her brother, Captain Donegal, be invited to stay there. Shortly after Donegal's arrival, Abercoed arrives diguised as a wandering bard, seeking a last look at the Abercoed home. However, he is recognized by Donegal and Lady Holyrood. Then Tweedlepunch and Dolores arrive in disguise and are hired as entertainers, but Tweedlepunch many times almost discloses his true identity, and is only saved by Dolores' quick wits. Lady Holyrood and Angela connive with Tweedlepunch to expose Gilfain as a fraud and swindler, and later on they succeed in doing this. Lady Holyrood's affair with Gilfain has progressed to the point where he admits that he is in love with her but must make this business match with Dolores. By a trick, Gilfain is finally forced to confess his crimes, and the couples all unite in the usual musical comedy manner.



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