1946 - 1947

Naughty Marietta

Countess Marietta, the young daughter of a noble Italian family residing in France, being unhappy at home, runs away and disguises herself as one of a number of marriageable 'casquette' girls sent by the King of France to the French settlement of New Orleans.

Upon her arrival, Marietta is befriended by an American frontiersman, Captain Richard Warrington, and falls in love with him. She also arouses the affection of the Acting Governor's son, Etienne Grandet, a polished young villain also known as 'Bras Piqué', the leader of a movement to establish Louisiana as an autonomous territory, separate from both France and the burgeoning United States of America. He has recognized Marietta as the missing Countess and is anxious to win her hand, but he has troubles of his own in getting rid of a former attachment, the quadroon Adah.

Marietta, in order to escape detection, with the connivance of Captain Warrington, disguises herself as the daughter of Rudolfo, keeper of a theatre. Here Etienne visits her and she is persuaded by him to attend a masked ball, where she is on the point of accepting his hand in marriage when Captain Warrington arrives on the scene with his men, reveals Etienne as the notorious 'Bras Piqué', and ... well, let's not give it away!


Mary Barrette, Lorna Bethune, Ruth Chisholm, Jean Halley, Blodwen Hutton, Mildred Ker,Daisy Mae Latimer, Holly LeMarquand, Evelyn Mills, Audrey O'Neill, Louise Smith, Barbara Watts.


Stan Bailey, Lorne R. Carson, W. (Bill) Frost, J. H. Douglas Jewell, George MacDougall, Art McLaren, Gordon Morrison, Bill Murray, Ted Nicholson, Harold W. Smith, Wm. C. Teirney, Arthur V. Webb.


W. (Bill) Frost, John Roy Harrison, George MacDougall, A. E. MacLaurin, George W. Wetzstein.


Ruth Chisholm, Jean Halley, Blodwen Hutton, Mildred Ker, Daisy Mae Latimer, Florence LeMarquand, Evelyn Mills, Ruth Piers, Doris Rogers.


Mary Barrette, Lorna Bethune, Daisy Mae Checkley, Doreen E. Elliott, Peggy C. Hare, Holly LeMarquand, Audrey O'Neill, Pauline Stoll, Barbara Watts.



Mary Barrette, Lorna Bethune, Daisy Mae Checkley, Joanna Christensen, Barbara Clauson, Doreen E. Elliott, Gertrude Gerlach, Peggy C. Hare, Jean Halley, Peggy Highley, Blodwen Hutton, Holly LeMarquand, Bernice McFadyen, Peggy Moore, Audrey O'Neill, Elsie M. Parkes, Beatrice Perkin, Margaret Rowles, Kathleen S. Skinner, Rosalie Sladen, Louise Smith, Pauline Stoll, Barbara Watts.


Ruth Chisholm, Theresa Doyle, Evelyn Fisher, Isabel Forward, Lorna Logen, Dot Mattice, Julia Pearce, Ruth Peirs, Ruby M. Rutkowsky, Juliette Sabourin, Ivy Smith, Muriel Wetzstein.


Mary Allen, Louise Cameron, Aileen Cocker, Pauline Goode, Dorothy Hyder, Frances Jealous, Mildred Ker, Daisy Mae Latimer, Florence LeMarquand, Jean Sinclair, Helen D. Scott, Grace Schultz, Doris Rodger, Shirley Needham, Evelyn, Mills, Mary Martin, Evelyn MacLaurin.


Stan Bailey, J. Gilbert Cardinal, A. Paul Carrier, Lorne R. Carson, J. H. W. Currie, Lorne Grummisch, Ted Hothersall, Gordon Morriscey, Bill Murray, Ted Nicholson, Herb. Sills, Dermot Sladen, Wm. C. Tierney, Cliff Watts, Arthur V. Webb.


Jack Beharrell, W. (Bill) Frost, Ralph Guitard, John Roy Harrison, J. H. Douglas Jewell, August S. Johnson, Maurice Leclerc, George MacDougall, Norman W. Tepley, A. E. MacLaurin, Percy May, Art McLaren, Mervyn Pettapiece, Arthur E. Pownhall, Ken Prior, Harold W. Smith, Lyn Snodgrass, Geo. W. Wetzstein.


A. Paul Carrier

2nd Sailor

Barbara VanDine

Lizette, a Casquette Girl

Cliff Watts


Dermot Sladen

Town Crier

Dermot Sladen


Dorothy Hyder

2nd Flower Girl (heard singing offstage)

Elsie M. Parkes

1st Flower Girl (heard singing offstage

Esther Henry

Marietta D'Altena

George MacDougall

East Indian

George W. Wetzstein

1st Sailor

Gertrude Gerlach

Felice (Flower Girl)

Herb Sills


J. Gilbert Cardinal

Fortune Teller

J.H.W. Currie


J.W.H. Currie


James G. Scott

Rudolpho, Kepper of a Marionette Theatre

Joanna Christensen

Fanchon (Flower Girl)

John Moore

Lieutenant-Governor Grandet

John Roy Harrison

Night Watchman

John Roy Harrison

(Saturday matinee and Monday evening performances)

John T. (Ted) Morin

Captain Richard Warrington, an American known as Captain Dick

John Thorne

Etienne Grandet, son of the Lieutenant Governor

Johnston Little

Sir Harry Blake, an Irish adventurer

Joseph E. Webb

Silas Slick, Captain Dick's servant

Ken Prior

Fruit Vendor

Mary Martin

Nanette (Flower Girl)

Maurice Leclerc


Mrs. Gordon Stranks

Adah, a Quadroon Slave

Ralph Dale

Floreneze, Secretary to Lieutenant-Governor

Ralph Guitard


Ruth Piers

Grazielle, Rudolphp's Daughter

Stan Bailey

East Indian

Ted Hothersall

Sugarcane Vendor

V.T. Pownall

Red Indian


Betty Brooks, Hubert Kennedy


Geoffrey Farrow, Ken Meyer


Hubert Kennedy

Stage Manager

Leonard McEwan



Costumes by

Margaret Taylor

At the Piano

Neil O'Donnell


Nesta Toumine, Evelyn Williams


Ted Hothersall

Orpheus Workshop

Verne Ridgeway


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