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As a volunteer organization, Orpheus relies heavily on the talents of many dedicated individuals to maintain the high quality of musical theatre productions our audiences have come to expect. We have an on-going need to develop talent from within Orpheus in order to meet future demand for all artistic and production positions. Equally important is a desire of many of our members to develop their own skills and experience. For these reasons, Orpheus has long supported the use of apprentice positions to help individuals build on their knowledge, skills and interests about musical theatre production at Orpheus. 

The Orpheus Apprentice Program has two specific yet complimentary purposes:

1. To maintain a talent pool of Orpheus members capable of taking on all production and artistic positions; and

2. To provide growth opportunities for Orpheus members to develop the knowledge and skills to needed to take on production or artistic leadership roles within the society. 

Click on the link below to download a copy of our,

Orpheus Apprenticeship Program


Application process

1. Members who are interested in applying to the apprenticeship program should apply to the Board of Directors by submitting to the Membership Director, John Litster ( the following:

  • Letter of intent (including the position sought)
  • Theatrical resume indicating relevant education, skills and experience, involvement with Orpheus and other theatre experience
  • References may be included. 
  • All applications will be acknowledged by email.

2. The Board will review all applications and then assign them, when appropriate, to a mentor. (The applicant may request a particular show or mentor which the Board may be able to accommodate).