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New York run: Marquis Theatre, October 25, 1995-July 27, 1997


Plot Synopsis

"Victor/Victoria tells the story of an out-of-work singer whose life changes when she meets the flamboyant Toddy. With his help, she becomes 'Victor,' an overnight singing sensation in the nightclubs of Paris. But success becomes hilariously complicated when she meets the love of her life, King Marchand, a macho Chicago gangster. Adding her two cents to the couple's troubles is Marchand's ex-girlfriend, the ditzy Norma Cassidy. From the electrifying excitement of 'Le Jazz Hot' to the contemplative 'Crazy World', from the humor of 'Chicago, Illinois' to the touching 'Almost a Love Song,' this truly classic musical has it all."

[Plot synopsis from amazon.com]


Songs from the Show

Overture Orchestra
Paris by Night Orchestra/Toddy
There's a Fairy Who Hides In My Garden Victoria
If I Were a Man Victoria
Trust Me Toddy
Le Jazz Hot Victor, Jazz Singer, Musicians, Ensemble
Paris Makes Me Horny Norma
Crazy World Victoria
Louis Says Victor, Ensemble
King's Dilemma King
Cat and Mouse Orchestra
You and Me Toddy, Victor
Almost a Love Song King, Victoria
Chicago Illinois Norma, Girls
Living in the Shadows Victoria
Victor/Victoria Victoria, King, Toddy, Squash, Ensemble


2005-2006 Production

Presented June 2-10, 2006 at the Centrepointe Theatre, Ottawa



Todd (Carroll Todd) Réjean Dinelle-Mayer
Victor/Victoria Grant Barbara Seabright-Moore
King Marchan Al Baldwin
Norma Cassidy Joyce Landry
Squash Bernstein Mark Meredew
Henri Labisse Lawrence Evenchick
Andreacute Cassell Jim Tanner
Richard DiNardo Philip Sockett
Sal Andretti Jim Robertson
Clam/Choreographer Pino Dicorato
Juke/Policeman Jeremy Rabinovitch
Jazz Singer Nick Nasrallah
Miss Selmer Sharye Marcus
Actress Irish O'Brien
Cosmetics President/Middle-aged Woman Sue McGahey
Her Deviant Husband David Paterson
Gregor Delaney Hinds
Stagehands Lindsay Hill, Howard Kaplan
Reporters Cheryl Sheffer, Ariane Roy, Meredith Dixon
Flower Lady Ariane Roy
Guests Jim Robertson, Jim Morrison, Pat Leduc, Tricia McLay
Madame Roget Maria Mespolet
Second Policeman Lorne Landreville
Waiter at Cassell's Jay Landreville
Chambermaid Debbie Kaplan
Piano Player Howard Kaplan
Hat Check Girl Bonnie Bowie
DANCE CHORUS Bonnie Bowie, Tanya Chang, Katie Ciavaglia, Carley Cloutier, Christa Cullain, Pino Dicorato, Alexis Fakouri, Debbie Kaplan, Maria Mespolet, J.T. Morris, Nick Nasrallah, Irish O'Brien, Amanda Shilo, Reba Sigler, Philip Sockett, Lucille Warren, Andrew Wiseman



Under the direction of Gabriel Leury

Violins Ioan Harea, Brigitte Amyot, Sophia Pan
Viola Janet Roy
Cello Steve Smith
Bass Sol Gunner
Keyboard Paul Legault
Trumpet Carmelo Scaffidi, Chris Lane
Trombone Marlene Hudson, Drummond Hudson
Accordion Garry Racicot
Flute/Piccolo/Clarinet/Soprano Sax Mike Mullin
Flute/Clarient/Alto Sax Brian Boggs
Oboe/English Horn/Clarinet Angela Casagrande
Clarinet/Bass Clarinet/Tenor Sax David Renaud
Percussion Art Beers, Don Johnson


Production Personnel

Production Coordinator Drum Hudson
Director Richard Elichuk
Musical Director Gabriel Leury
Choreographer Debbie Millett
Apprentice Director Len Boone
Assistant Choreographer Lucille Warren
Accompanist Paul Legault
Production Assistant Maureen McGovern
Stage Manager Lena Triebe
Assistant Stage Managers Taigan Penny, John Briggs
Master Carpenter Peter Wilson
Technical Director Charles Russell
Set Designer Margaret Coderre-Williams
Scenic Designer Jean Stewart, Margaret Coderre-Williams
Costume Designer Judy Froome
Costume Production Manager Sandi Mish
Cutter Rita Paterson
Wardrobe Mistress Carole Quirk
Lighting Designer John Solman
Sound Designer Cindy Sceviour
Properties Mistress Anne McGuire
Make-up Designer Cathy Kiraly
Hair Designer Kerry Price
Audition Dance Captains Tanya Chang, Roxane Delisle, Lucille Warren
Social Convenor Ann Ricard (Orpheus), Marlene Hudson (Centrepointe)

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