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Book and Lyrics by DOROTHY DONNELLY

New York run (under the title The Student Prince of Heidelberg): Jolson's 59th Street Theatre, December 2, 1924 

Plot Synopsis

(from Broadway Musicals: Show by Show by Stanley Green. Hal Leonard Books. 1985.)

"Bucking the popularity of fast-moving, up-to-date musical comedy and the plotless revue, The Student Prince in Heidelberg (the complete title was used throughout the New York run) set the record as the longest running musical of the decade. That fact is all the more impressive since the theatre in which it played, on 59th Street and 7th Avenue, was some distance from the theatre district (the playhouse, later renamed the New Century, was demolished in 1962). 

"Based on Old Heidelberg, a popular turn-of-the-century play which had been adapted from the German Alt Heidelberg, the sentimental operetta is set in 1860 in the German university town where Prince Karl Franz (Howard Marsh) has gone with his tutor, Dr. Engel (Greek Evans), to complete his education. There he meets Kathie (Ilse Marvenga), a waitress at the Inn of the Three Golden Apples, and it isn't long before they are professing their love through the melting strains of, "Deep in my heart, dear, I have a dream of you..." The prince, however, is soon called away to assume the throne. Two years later, King Karl Franz returns to Heidelberg in a vain effort to recapture the golden days of his youth." 


Cast of Characters

Prince Karl Franz Howard Marsh
Kathie Ilse Marvenga
Dr. Engel Greek Evans

Songs from the Show - Act One

Golden Days Prince and Engel
Change of Scene Chorus of Girls
Drinking Song Chorus of Students
Gaudeamus igitur Male Chorus
Deep in my heart, dear Kathie and Prince
Serenade Concerted Number 

Songs from the Show - Act Two

Introduction Orchestra
Student Life Concerted Number
Thoughts will come to me Prince
We're off to Paris Kathie
Deep in my heart Kathie and Prince

Songs from the Show - Act Three

Serenade Intermezzo Orchestra


1970-1971 Production

Presented November 27 & 28 and December 2 & 5, 1970 at the High School of Commerce Auditorium, Ottawa, Ontario 

Production Team

Director Joseph L. Shaver
Musical Director William Gordon
Choreographer Louyse Ste Marie
Production Coordinator Marcel Carriere
Assistant to the Director Marion Lemmon
Accompanist & Asst. to Musical Director Lorna Rice
Prompter Judy Froome
Set Designer Jan Gdowski
Costume Designer Norma Coll
Assistant Costume Designer Sis Bower
Lighting Nancy Turner, Bill Steen
Audio and Sound Effects Ken Woolley
Stage Manager Terry Moran
Assistant Stage Managers Susan Casey, Marion Lemmon
Workshop Foreman Wally Chopowick
Properties Mistress Marylin Day
Assistant Properties Master Jacques LaBelle
Make-up Artist June Wood
Hir Stylist Beryl Elliot


Count von Mark Don Shaw*
Dr. Engel Ralph Roose
Prince Karl Franz Don Laver
Gretchen Barbara Young
Ruder Len Morin
Toni Paul Easton
Lutz Bill Glenn
Hubert Richard Elichuk
Count Detlef David Galbraith**
von Asterberg Nick Michelis
Lucas David Hayes
Kathie Freda Lyon Blain
Grand Duchess Anastasia Sharron McCormick
Princess Margaret Cathy Patton
Captain Tarnitz York Davis
Countess Leydon Isabel Amey
Baron Arnheim Adrian Sly
Nicholas Roger Charron
Rudolf Winter Pierre Landry*


Harold Butt, Robert Carriļæ½re, Jacques Charron, Pierre Couture, Roy Helmkay, Pierre Landry*, Ron McCallum, Brian Morin, Edgar Proulx, Mike Rees, Sylvain Roy, Claude Sigouin, Ken Simpson, Adrian Sly, Larry Sullivan, Jack Wallace


Sylvia Andrusek, Danya Kousaie, Susan Nesbitt, Pamela Payant, Judith Ross, Ruth Spreckley, Susan Taylor


Jacquie Arcand, Nancy Bennett, Dorothy Holtz, Roberta Sametz, Pierre Landry*, Doug McLean, Brian Morin, Ken Simpson

*appearing by permission of Actors' Equity Association

**appearing by permission of Internal Actors' Equity


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