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Based on the novel by Frances Hodgson Burnett
Books and Lyrics by MARSHA NORMAN

Originally Produced on Broadway by Heidi Landesman, Rick Steiner, Frederick H. Mayerson, Elizabeth Williams, Jujamcyn Theatres/TV ASAHI and Doger Productions
Originally produced by the Virginia Stage Company, Charles Towers, Artistic Director 

Plot Synopsis

Ten-year-old Mary Lennox awakens one morning in India to discover that her parents and all the surrounding compound of English residents have been killed by a cholera epidemic. She is soon swept away to Misselthwaite Manor, her uncle Archibald Craven's gloomy mansion in Yorkshire, England, to be raised by strangers. Her only momento of life in Bombay is a picture of her uncle's wife, Lily. 

In Yorkshire, Mary finds her uncle so distracted and depressed by Lily's death ten years earlier, that he can barely remember that Mary is now living under his roof. Spoiled, unruly and left to wander the gardens and care for herself, Mary befriends a servant girl, Martha, her brother Dickon, and the estate's head gardener, Ben Wetherstaff. But none of them will tell her the truth about the mysterious locked garden behind the estate, nor will they shed any light on Mary's persistent claim that every night she hears someone in the house crying pitiably behind some unopened door.

As Mary takes the situation into her own hands, her personality is transformed. She first discovers the long lost key to the sadly neglected secret garden, and then the door to her equally neglected cousin, Colin, who has been bedridden since birth. 

With the help of Dickon, Martha and Ben, Mary untangles the secret of Colin's birth and his mother Lily's death. Together they nurse both the long shutaway garden and Colin back to full bloom again.

Cast of Characters

Lily Rebecca Luker
Mary Lennox Daisy Eagan
Fakir Peter Marinos
Ayah Patricia Phillips
Captain Albert Lennox (Mary's father) Michael De Vries
Rose (Mary's mother) Kay Walbye
Lieutenant Peter Wright (Dreamer) Drew Taylor
Lieutenant Ian Shaw (Dreamer) Paul Jackel
Major Charles Holmes (Dreamer) Peter Samuel
Claire Holmes (Dreamer) Rebecca Judd
Alice Holmes (Dreamer) Nancy Johnston
Mrs. Medlock (the housekeeper) Barbara Rosenblat
Archibald Craven (Mary's uncle) Mandy Patinkin
Dr. Neville Craven (Archibald's brother) Robert Westenberg
Martha (a chambermaid) Alison Fraser
Dickon (her brother) John Cameron Mitchell
Ben (the Gardener) Tom Toner
Colin Craven John Babcock

Songs from the Show - Act One

Opening Dream  
There's a Girl  
The House Upon the Hill  
I Heard Someone Crying  
A Fine White Horse  
A Girl in the Valley  
It's a Maze  
Winter's on the Wing  
Show Me the Key  
A Bit of Earth  
Storm I  
Lily's Eyes  
Storm II  
Round-Shouldered Man  
Final Storm  

Songs from the Show - Act Two

The Girl I Mean To Be  
Race You to the Top of the Morning  
Come to My Garden  
Come Spirit, Come Charm  
A Bit of Earth (Reprise)  
Hold On  
Letter Song  
Where in the World  
How Could I Ever Know  

1996-1997 Production

Presented May 23-31, 1997 at Centrepointe Theatre, Nepean, Ontario  

Production Team

Artistic Director Ginny Day
Musical Director John McGovern
Choreographer/Assistant Director Val Keenleyside
Executive Producer John Solman
Production Co-ordinator Stan Fenwick
Production Assistant Val Bogan
Production Assistant Patrick Donahue
Stage Manager Carol Chamberlain
Assistant Stage Manager Anne McGuire
Assistant Stage Manager Teresa Seasons
Set Designer/Scenic Artist Nancy Solman
Costume Designer Allison Hamilton
Costume Designer Brenda Schroh
Properties Designer Elaine McCausland
Sound Designer Michael Brown
Lighting Designer Margaret Coderre-Williams
Master Carpenter Peter Wilson
Make-Up Designer Melva Scott
Hair Designer Joanne Zarco
Accompanist Paul Legault 


Lily Diane Coulterman
Mary Lennox Lyra Butler George
Fakir Kraig Paul Proulx
Ayah Miriam Khalil
Captain Albert Lennox (Mary's father) Dennis Van Staalduinen
Rose (Mary's mother) Ilene McKenna
Lieutenant Peter Wright (Dreamer) Stephen Lenser
Lieutenant Ian Shaw (Dreamer) Michael Torontow
Major Charles Holmes (Dreamer) Peter Messier
Claire Holmes (Dreamer) Christine Drew
Alice Holmes (Dreamer) Shawna McSheffrey
Major Robert Shelley Rob Bowman
Elaine Shelley Elaine Lowe
Mrs. Medlock (the housekeeper) Caroline Gowdy-Williams
Archibald Craven (Mary's uncle) Paul Melsness
Dr. Neville Craven (Archibald's brother) Michael Gareau
Martha (a chambermaid) Robin Guy
Dickon (her brother) Matt Rocheleau
Ben (the Gardener) Moe Romanow
Colin Craven Patrick Gallagher
Jane Allison Helmer
William Rob Bowman
Betsy Lisa Chisholm
Timothy/Photographer Jefferson Guzman
Nurse/Daisy Elaine Lowe
Mrs. Winthrop (the headmistress) Charlotte Stewart


Under the direction of John McGovern

Violins Irving Thompson, Sophia Pan, Ioan Harea
Cello Wendy Desserud
Flute/Piccolo/Alto Flute/Clarinet/Penny Whistles Mike Scorah
Oboe/English Horn Angela Casagrande
Clarinet/Bass Clarinet/Recorders David Renaud
French Horns Keith Estabrooks, Victor Young
Trumpet/Flugelhorn Sid Holmes
Tenor & Bass Trombone/Tuba Drummond Hudson
Keyboards Paul Legault, Ian Clyne
Accoustic & Electric Bass Sol Gunner
Percussion/Drums & Keyboard Art Beers