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Plot Synopsis

The quiet of a humdrum English village with a considerable Quaker population is disturbed by the arrival of the Princess Mathilde, an exiled Bonapartist, whose purpose is to secretly marry captain Charteris, a King's Messenger, in spite of her family's decision that she shall wed a certain Prince Carlo, to whom they have engaged her. She stays at the "Chequers" Inn and engages as her maid Phoebe, a village girl in love with Jeremiah, a Quaker, somewhat slow to respond. There is, naturally, much curiosity and speculation among the villagers as to who the Princess is, but Mrs Lukyn, the landlady of the Chequers remains mum on the matter.

Prudence, a charming Quaker Girl, strikes up an intimate friendship with the Princess, visiting her daily at the Inn. Apart from Jeremiah, the Quakers sternly disapprove of this, but Prudence continues the friendship. Charteris duly arrives from Paris, accompanied by Tony Chute, an American naval attache in Paris, and Madame Blum, a Parisian Modiste. Arrangements are completed for the wedding, to which the Princess invites Prudence.

After the wedding the Princess desires Prudence to go to Paris with her, a desire which is earnestly shared by Madame Blum, who feels that the Quaker costume will create a new mode. And so the Princess, Charteris, Madame Blum and Tony return to Paris accompanied by Prudence, Phoebe and Jeremiah. The Quaker costume takes Paris by storm and the Maison Blum becomes a hive of bustling activity and confusion, into which, in various disguises, the Chief of Police penetrates, seeking information regarding the Princess whom Madame Blum is - rightly enough - suspected of hiding. Whilst the Princess is at Maison Blum, disguised as a shop girl, with Charteris always haunting the place in consequence, Prudence has become a model and incurred the wrath of Diane, a Parisian Actress, because of her association with Tony Chute. Meanwhile, the Prince visits the Maison Blum and is so captivated by Prudence that he decides to hold a Ball in her honour. Tony, much in love with Prudence, objects to her associating with the Prince and requests her not to attend the Ball, but she eventually goes in order to save the Princess from arrest. At the Ball, Duhamel, Minister of State, announces that the Princess' marriage in England to Charteris is quite legal, and that she has permission now to reside in Paris. As is only to be expected the play therefore ends happily for all; Tony marrying his Quaker girl and Phoebe finally succeeding in bringing Jeremiah to the point. 

 Cast of Characters

Prudence (a Quaker Girl)

Princess Mathilde (an Exiled Princess)

Tony Chute (Naval Attache at American Embassy)

Captain Charteris (King's Messenger)

Jeremiah (a Quaker)

Madame Blum (of the Maison Blum, Paris)

Phoebe (Maid to Princess Mathilde)

Songs from the Show - Act One

Jarge, we've such a tale to tell Mrs. Lukyn & Chorus
Entrance of Quakers Double Chorus
Oh! My Beautiful Bride Mathilde & Charteris
A Runaway Match Mathilde, Phoebe, Charteris & Tony
A Quaker Girl Prudence
The Bad Boy and the Good Girl Prudence & Tony
Tip Toe Concerted Number
Just As Father Used To Do Jeremiah & Chorus
Finale - It's the Wedding Day Ensemble

Songs from the Show - Act Two

Opening Chorus Chorus
Dance of the Mannequins Classical Ballet
Or Thereabout Phoebe
On Revient do Chantilly Chorus
Come to the Ball Prince Carlo & Chorus
A Dancing Lesson Prudence & Tony
Barbizon Mathilde, Phoebe, Mme Blum, Charteris & Jeremiah
Finale Ensemble

Songs from the Show - Act Three

Introduction and Dance Classical Ballet
Couleur de Rose Prince & Chorus
Mr. Jeremiah, Esquire Phoebe & Jeremiah
Tony from America Prudence
The First Dance Prudence & Tony
Finale/Love, I Have Met You Ensemble

1950-1951 Production

Presented April 17-21, 1951 at the Ottawa Technical High School, Ottawa, Ontario 

Production Team

Producer Joseph E. Webb
Musical Director H. Bramwell Bailey
Choreography Nesta Toumine
Dances by Classical Ballet of Ottawa
Act I Scenery Designed by Andrew Nash
Act II & III Scenery Designed by Grant Glennie
Accompanist Winifred Canty
Costumes by Malabar, Toronto  


Jarge (Village Crier) Ted Hothersall
Mrs. Lukyn (Landlady of "The Chequers") Mary Armitage
William (Waiter at "The Chequers") William Wright
Nathaniel Pym (a Quaker) Dermot Sladen
Rachel Pym (a Quakeress) Mary Allen
Phoebe (Maid to Princess Mathilde) Eileen Mahoney
Princess Mathilde (an Exiled Princess) Freda Lyon
Captain Charteris (King's Messenger) George Dupuis
Madame Blum (of the Maison Blum, Paris) Jean Tickner
Tony Chute (Naval Attache at American Embassy) John Fish
Prudence (a Quaker Girl) Alison Thomas
Jeremiah (a Quaker) Charles Kerr
Toinette (Head Salesgirl at Maison Blum) Louise LaFleur
Monsieur LaRose (Chief of Police, Paris) William Wright
Diane (a Parisian Actress) Marilyn Moor
Prince Carlo (Affianced to Princess Mathilde) George Montgomery
Monsieur Duhamel (Minister of State) Alan Holmes


Kay Adams, Melva Anthony, Marguerite Allan, Mary Barrette, Norma Besserer, Dorine Black, Agnes Bourassa, Henriette Burroughs, Bessie Carson, Leona Carson, Margot Coldwell, Marion Deavy, Theresa Doyle, Maureen Geraghty, Audrey Gignac, Jean Halley, Kathryn Kay, Isabel Keegan, Mildred Ker, Marie Lee, Rose McCallum, Bernice McFadyen, Shirley Needham, Edna Peters, Ruby Rutkowski, Aileen Ryan, Juliette Sabourin, Grace Schultz, Eleanor Whitworth, Jean Wilson


Darwin Aitkins, Desmond Arthur, Larry Costen, Cecil Garland, Grant Glennie, Alan Holmes, Ralph Hopkins, Ted Hothersall, Al Hussey, Jim MacKersie, Ivan Mitchell, Mitchell Patterson, Bob Taylor, Richard Wood



Yvette Lapointe, Heather Cattanach, Bernice Thornton, Louise Simard


Heather Cattanach, Bernice Thornton, Roland Boisvenue, Yvette Lapointe, Charles Chambers, Sam McConeghy


1950-1951: Cast Biographies

EILEEN MAHONEY is by now well known to our audiences, having played leading roles in the last four shows. She left her native Ottawa in 1945 to study for four years at the Royal Conservatory, Toronto and was graduated A.R.C.T.A. A winner of the soprano in the C.N.E. competitions in 1947, she was also first in the Kiwanis Festival of that year and carried off the Weston Scholarship. Back in Ottawa, Eileen is pursuing her profession as a teacher of singing and plays her first comedy part in The Quaker Girl.

FREDA LYON is a wee import from Glasgow, the home of the well-known choir whose name we also bear. In that city, she studied voice and was a member of church choirs and the Gilmorehill Operatic Society. Freda came to Ottawa in 1948 and since then has been active in musical circles here singing in the Ottawa Grand Opera Company and appearing for the first time as a second lead in this, her fifth show with the Orpheus.

MARILYN MOOR who is also a newcomer to principal roles, is an Ottawa girl with a much sweeter disposition than that of Diane the part she plays in this show. Previous appearances with us number four, both as a member of the chorus and a "chorus girl" in dance routines.
JEAN TICKNER came to us from Saskatoon and Edmonton via Toronto having studied voice in the last named city at the Royal Conservatory. She was a member of the Toronto Mendelssohn Choir and a church soloist. An Orpheus member for the past four shows, she has played leading parts as Mrs. Van Dare in Firefly and Mme Popoff in The Merry Widow.

MARY ALLEN who joined the Orpheus in 1935 came to this country from London, England. She has played minor leads in several of our past productions and was Secretary of the Orpheus for a period. Mary is also a member of a city church choir.

ALISON THOMAS is a familiar countenance to our audiences, who have seen her in a variety of parts in previous shows. She is also well known in Ottawa's musical world, for she has sung over CBC and has presented two full length recitals of a very varied nature. Alison was the star of the Metropolitan Life touring concert party, sang the role of Lola in the Ottawa Grand Opera Company's performance of Cavelleria Rusticana and, to finally establish her versatility, is currently a church soloist.

GEORGE DUPUIS hails from Renfrew, where he received his early musical training. Continuing his vocal training while at university, George sang for army entertainments and when, in 1949, he joined the Dept. of Agriculture as a research worker, he also joined the chorus of the Orpheus in Iolanthe. In succeeding shows, he played leading tenor parts, the latest being Joliden in The Merry Widow.

CHARLES KERR who plays his third lead with the Orpheus in this show is indeed versatilve. He is from Ottawa and has had night club and radio vocal experience locally and appeared in leads with the Community Theatre. Recently Charles played a role in Up in Central Park and was on the Horace Heidt Talent Show when it appeared here.

GEORGE MONTGOMERY who plays his first major principal role in The Quaker Girl is a native Ottawan who received his early training as a boy chorister in one of the city's churches and is presently the baritone soloist of the same choir. This is George's second show with the Orpheus and you will remember him as the Marquis de Cascada in The Merry Widow.

BILL WRIGHT steps from the chorus this year to shoulder two parts. Bill, who comes to us from Toronto, where he took part in variety shows and was a member of the Toronto Light Opera Association, is now in his third year as an Orpheus member. As co-convener of the costume committee for the past four years, he has been an indefatigable worker.

DERMOT SLADEN is hardly a new face to Orpheus fans. He has played minor principal roles in six preivous shows and is now in his fourteenth year with us. in addition to his stage talents, Dermot is a wizard with figures and performs the almost superhuman feat of keeping track of seats and tickets - even making them balance! Just in case all this should leave him an idle moment, he is a deft hand with a brush on scenery and, of course, one of the Society's Vice-Presidents.

JOHN FISH is a relative newcomer to Orpheus, first appearing as the Lord Chancellor in Iolanthe but he says he's been on the stage since he was five and even has pictures to prove it! A "foreigner" from Vancouver, John has had a varied career, first as a dancer, then a boy soloist, then in dramatic productions, radio shows and concert work, finally finding at the University of B.C. his true love, musical comedy. A brief venture into a new field saw him singing the role of Valentine in the Ottawa Grand Opera Co.'s Faust. An old man in Iolanthe, a middle-aged one in Firefly, John at last looks his age in the current show!