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Music and Lyrics by RICHARD ADLER & JERRY ROSS
Based on RICHARD BISSELL's novel "7 1/2 Cents"

Opened May 13, 1954 at the St. James Theatre, New York. 

Plot Synopsis

The workers at Mr. Hasler's Sleep-Tite pajama factory are pushing for a 7 1/2 cent raise. The new superintendent, Sid Sorokin, is trying to get the plant into peak production. In the process he falls in love with Babe Williams, a member of the union's grievance committee. Vernon Hines, the plant's jealous time-study man, is similarly inclined towards Gladys, Mr. Hasler's secretary. The romance between Babe and Sid has built concurrently with union ferment over wage demands. Events surrounding the company picnic give evidence wedding bells are in the air. But the union has decided on a slowdown. When Sid manages to get things speeded up, Babe short circuits the machines in her department. It's a blatant act that forces Sid to fire her. In an attempt to head off a strike, Sid takes Gladys out and gets her drunk in order to get the key to Mr. Hasler's private files. Meanwhile, a strike vote is affirmed at a union meeting. Babe sees Sid out with Gladyss and is even more inflamed. Sid's research pays off. He calls the union delegation to his office and asks them to hold off the union rally until they hear from him. Babe sees that he is trying to get to the bottom of things and agrees to cancel a previous date in order to meet Sid after the rally. Sid has found that Hasler had added the 7 1/2 cent raise to costs six months before. When confronted, Hasler agrees to a settlement. Everyone is reunited and Hasler throws an employee relations party where the latest styles of pajamas are modeled.


Cast of Characters (Original Broadway Cast)

Hines Eddie Foy, Jr.
Gladys Hotchkiss Carol Haney
Sid Sorokin John Raitt
Babe Janis Paige


Reta Shaw, Stanley Prager, Buzz Miller, Peter Gennaro, Ralph Dunn, Shirley MacLaine 

Songs from the Show - Act One

The Pajama Game  
Racing With The Clock  
A New Town is a Blue Town  
Racing With The Clock (Reprise)  
I'm Not At All in Love  
I'll Never Be Jealous Again  
Hey There  
Her Is  
Once A Year Day  
Her Is (Reprise)  
Small Talk  
There Once Was a Man  
Hey There (Reprise)   

Songs from the Show - Act Two

Steam Heat  
Hey There (Reprise)  
Time Study Man  
Hernando's Hideaway  
Jealousy Ballet  
Seven and a Half Cents  
There Once Was a Man (Reprise)  


1984-1985 Production

Presented November 23 - December 1, 1984 at High School of Commerce, Ottawa, Ontario 

Production Team

Artistic Director Eoin McManus
Musical Director Drummond Hudson
Choreographer Bob Riddell
Production Coordinator Gerry Reynolds
Set Designer Margaret Comeau
Costume Designer Norma Coll
Technical Director Donald Lambton
Stage Manager Donald Lambton
Assistant Stage Manager Malvary Cole
Sound and Sound Effects Bill Butterworth
Lighting Designer Neil Spicer
Wardrobe Mistress Bev Whitehead
Makeup Artists Nancy Daily and Judy Cragg
Hair Stylist Cher Daley
Master Carpenter Tom Mordasewicz
Workshop Chairman John Solman
Properties Sue Fowler
Accompanist Lorna Rice 


Hines Barry Caiger
Prez Tim O'Ray
Joe Jim Robertson
Mr. Hasler Art King
Gladys Hotchkiss Merle Matheson
Mabel Sharron McGuirl
Brenda Joyce Landry
Virginia Maureen Quinn-McGovern
Poopsie Margaret Armstrong
Sid Sorokin Al Baldwin
Charley Barry Bielby
1st Helper Leonard Desmarais
2nd Helper Stuart Butterfield
Babe Liane Marshall
Pop George Stonyk
Max Chris Amott
Mae Louise Mulvihill


Martha Scott-Humphrey, Mary Sandulo, Robin Monaghan, Jacki Campeau, Carol Billingham, Karen Riopelle, Janet Tomlinson, Sarah Sked, Paula Pires, Pam Reynolds, Joyce Landry, Louise Mulvihill, Maureen Quinn-McGovern, Margaret Armstrong, Sheenagh McMahon, Stuart Butterfield, Bob Riddell, Todd Lynn, John Sulley, Jack Wallace, Barry Bielby, Jim Robertson, Leonard Desmarais, Eugene Oscapella, Raymond Whitney, Brian Burke.


Under the direction of Drummond Hudson

Strings Irving Thompson, Neila Dickenson, Florence Dunn, Millicent Shaw, Evelyn Chadwick, Eliane Milliquek, Steve Smith
Brass Sid Holmes, Chris Lane, Paul Adjeleian, Marlene Field
Reeds Michael Mullen, Patrick Kent, Duke McGuirl, Dave Ward, Charles Hendricks
Rhythm Lorna Rice, Art Beers, John Geggie, Neil Bateman 

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