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The Music Man opened December 19, 1957 at the Majestic Theatre, and ran for 1,375 performances.

Book, Music & Lyrics by MEREDITH WILSON

Plot Synopsis

The Music Man is the story of Professor Harold Hill and his impact on the sleepy town of River City, Iowa. Hill arrives in that small community on July 4, 1912, with every intention of fleecing the town's citizens. But even with nothing but the lowest intentions, he inadvertently brings joy into their lives and into his own life, as well. His "con" is simple but effective: he convinces the town's residents he can teach their children to play in a marching band if they buy the instruments and uniforms he has for sale. Then he simply collects the money and escapes without fulfilling his promises. His best laid plans, however, go wonderfully awry when he falls in love with the town librarian, Marian Paroo, who makes an honest man of the perennial huckster. Trapped by his own love for Marian, Hill is literally forced to face the music when he is made to "conduct" his rag-tag orchestra. While the children can hardly play their instruments, the inner music that Hill and the band bring into the life of the two transforms River City. 

Cast of Characters

Travelling Salesmen Russell Goodwin, Hal Norman, Robert Howard, James Gannon, Robert Lenn, Vernon Lusby, Robert Evans
Charlie Cowell Paul Reed
Conductor Carl Nicholas
Harold Hill Robert Preston
Mayor Shinn David Burns
Ewart Dunlop Al Shea
Oliver Hix Wayne Ward
Jacey Squires Vern Reedbills
Olin Britt Bill Spangenberg
Marcellus Washburn Iggie Wolfington
Tommy Djilas Danny Carroll
Marian Paroo Barbara Cook
Mrs. Paroo Pert Kelton
Amaryllis Marilyn Siegel
Winthrop Paroo Eddie Hodges
Eulalie MacKecknie Shinn Helen Raymond
Zaneeta Shinn Dusty Worrall
Gracie Shinn Barbara Travis
Alma Hix Adnia Rice
Maud Dunlop Elaine Swann
Ethel Toffelmier Peggy Mondo
Mrs. Squires Martha Flynn
Constable Locke Carl Nicholas

Songs from the Show - Act One

Overture/Train Opening  
Rock Island  
Iowa Stubborn  
Ya Got Trouble  
Piano Lesson/If You Don't Mind My Saying So  
Goodnight, My Someone  
Columbia, The Gem of the Ocean  
Ya Got Trouble (Reprise)  
Seventy Six Trombones  
The Sadder But Wiser Girl  
Pick-a-Little, Talk-a-Little/Goodnight, Ladies  
Marian the Librarian  
My White Knight  
Wells Fargo Wagon  
Finale - Act One  

Songs from the Show - Act Two

It's You  
Pick-a-Little (Reprise)  
Lida Rose/Will I Ever Tell You  
Gary, Indiana  
Lida Rose (Reprise)  
Till There Was You  
Seventy Six Trombones/Goodnight, My Someone (Double Reprise)  
Till There Was You (Reprise)  

1995-1996 Production

Production Team

Artistic Director Laura Charles
Musical Director Marlene Hudson
Choreographer/Assistant Director Debbie Millett
Production Coordinator John Solman
Assistant to the Director Tricia MacNeil Baldwin
Assistant Choreographer Natalie Sanford
Stage Manager Carol Chamberlain
Assistant Stage Managers Elaine McCausland
Set Designer/Scenic Artist Jennifer Donnelly
Costume Designer Allison Hamilton
Assistant Costume Designers Angie Semple, Brenda Schroh
Properties Anabela Vieira
Sound Designer Michael Brown
Lighting Designer Gerald Austin
Make-up Artist Melva Scott
Hair Designer Joanne Zarco
Master Carpenter Tom Mordasewicz
Workshop Chairman John Solman
Accompanist Paul Legault


The Conductor Michael Fortier
Charlie Cowell Jim Robertson
Salesman/Constable Locke Lawrence Evenchick
Travelling Salesmen Christopher O'Toole, Rob Bowman, James Domine, Alec Connelly
Harold Hill Al Gordon Baldwin
Mayor Shinn Moe Romanow
Ewart Dunlop J.R. "Digger" MacDougall
Oliver Hix Hugh Spence
Jacey Squires Sam Perrin
Olin Britt John Batson
Marcellus Washburn Tony Bove
Tommy Djilas Jonathan Wilson
Marian Paroo Shawna McSheffrey
Mrs. Paroo Christine Drew
Amaryllis Alexandra Leblanc
Winthrop Paroo Alexander Evenchick
Eulalie MacKecknie Shinn Judy Follett
Zaneeta Shinn Robin Guy
Gracie Shinn Alexis Smith
Alma Hix Maureen McGovern
Maud Dunlop Lesley Osborn
Ethel Toffelmier Mary Lou Foley
Mrs. Squires Sue Plummer


Rob Bowman, Paul Bruce, Vivian Burns, Tanya Chang, Lisa Chisholm, Alec Connelly, James Domine, Jessica Dupuis, Priscillia Dupuis, Michael Fortier, Jonathan Friedman, Patrick Gallagher, Rebecca Hall, Chris Johnson, Jim Morrison, Kirby Naftel, Christopher O'Toole, Noah Pascoe, John-Paul Trudel, Lucille Warren  


Under the direction of Marlene Hudson

Violins Irving Thompson, Ioan Harea, Sophia Pan, Kevin James
Cello Steve Smith, Pawel Szymczyk-Marjanovic
Bass Sol Gunner
Piano Paul Legault
Percussion Art Beers
Reeds Charles Hendricks, Angela Casagrande, David Renaud, David Ward, John Hilchie
Trumpets Sid Holmes, Michel Renaud
Trombone Drummond Hudson, Murray Cuthbert 

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