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The Adventures of Tom Sawyer

Music and Lyrics by DON SCHLITZ
New York run: Apr 26, 2001 - May 13, 2001 (Minskoff Theatre)

Plot Synopsis

The Adventures of Tom Sawyer is a musical comedy based on the novel by Mark Twain with the book by Ken Ludwig and music and lyrics by Don Schlitz. The musical is the story of a fourteen-year-old boy growing up in the heartland of America. This Broadway musical version of Mark Twain's novel is set in 1840 in St. Petersburg, Missouri, a bustling town on the banks of the Mississippi River. In the course of the story, Tom matches wits with his stern Aunt Polly, falls in love with the beautiful, feisty Becky Thatcher, and goes on the adventure of his life with Becky and that irresistible renegade, Huckleberry Finn. Along the way he meets a terrifying villain named Injun Joe, Tom's bratty half-brother Sid, and all the other boys and girls in the village.


Songs from the Show

Hey, Tom Sawyer  
Can't Do a Thing About the Boy  
Here's my Plan  
Smart like That!  
Hand all Clean  
The Vow  
Raising A Child By Yourself  
It's In The Bible  
It Just Ain't Me  
To Hear You Say My Name  
Murrell's Gold  
The Testimony  
Ain't Life Fine  
This Time Tomorrow  
I Can Read  
Angels Lost  


2009-2010 Production

Tow Sawyer 2010 LogoPresented March, 2010 at Centrepointe Theatre, Ottawa


Cast of Characters

Tom Sawyer Drake Evans
Huck Finn Victor Pokinko
Ben Rogers John Alan Slachta
Sid Sawyer Griffin Taylor
Boys of St. Petersburg Mo Martin Lam, Liam Thompson, Eamonn Cuerden-Conboy, Ben McLellan Campbell, Ben Blacklock
Becky Thatcher Rosemarie Michel
Amy Lawrence Emily Hay
Lucy Harper Mary-Bernadette Belanger
Sabina Temple Jasmine Lee
Suzie Rogers Alyssa Radulescu
Sabina Temple Jasmine Lee
Girls of St. Petersburg Mo Gabrielle Dunning, Rachel Schenk, Jessica Burnside, Noah Boonov, Marie-Pier Jean, Elliza Bowie, Geena Millar
Aunt Polly Christine Moran
Widow Douglas Barbara Seabright-Moore
Ladies of St. Petersburg Mo Erika Seguin, Lindsay Waters, Rachael McAuley, Chrystelle Thibault Boyer, Katherine Minty
Judge Thatcher Joseph Silva-Stone
Reverend Sprague Lawrence Mahusky
Injun Joe John Collins
Muff Potter Brian Mitchell
Doc Robinson/Defense Attorney Wain Bryan Leger
Lanyard Bellamy Bryan Leger
Sheriff/Pap Mark Muench
Lemuel Dobbins Jim Robertson


Production Team

Executive Producer Steve Jones
Director Bob Lackey
Musical Director John McGovern
Choreographer Bonnie Bowie
Producer Gordon Guest
Production Assistant Heidi Mitton
Stage Manager Charles Russell
Technical Director Carol Chamberlain
Set Designer Nancy Solman
Scenic Artist Annemarie Zeyl
Properties Designer Teresa Seasons
Costume Designer Joy Lackey
Wardrobe Mistress Tiara Wallace
Cutter Karole Kidd Witiuk, Diane Bowman
Costume Production Manager Karole Kidd Witiuk, Diane Bowman
Lighting Designer John Solman
Sound Designer John Cybanski
Make-up/Hair Designer Kerry Price
Master Carpenter Peter Wilson
Accompanist Cheryl Jarvis Woods
Assistant to the Artistic Director Jim Robertson
Assistant to the Musical Director Cheryl Jarvis Woods
Assistant Stage Manager Caitlin Moore



Under the direction of John McGovern

Assistant Musical Director/Keyboard Cheryl Jarvis Woods
Violin Marie-Claire Saindon
Mandolin, Electric Guitar, Dobro Craig Kennedy
Guitar, Banjo René Gely
Bass Tom McMahon
Drums Pierre Huneault

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