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Sweet Charity


New York run: Palace Theatre, January 29, 1966

Plot Synopsis

"Adapted from Nights of Cabiria, a film by Federico Fellini, Sweet Charity tells the story of an optimistic young woman, Charity, who not only wears her heart on her sleeve, she's had it tattooed to her arm! As the play begins, Charity finds herself dumped by the married man on whom she had pinned all her hopes and dreams, and she vows never again to be taken advantage of by a man. But Charity is too trusting and soon finds herself involved with an Italian movie star. The actor, however, is no better than the other men Charity has dated, and once again she finds herself jilted and alone. The next night, however, as fate would have it, she finds herself trapped in an elevator with a claustrophobic tax accountant who soon sweeps Charity off her feet. Soon it becomes clear that this man is different--that he actually wants to marry her--but will he still feel the same way when he finds out that Charity works at the Fan-Dango as a dance hall hostess?"

[Plot synposis from TheatreHistory.com ]


Songs from the Show

You Should See Yourself  
Big Spender  
Charity's Soliloquy  
Rich Man's Frug  
If My Friends Could See Me Now  
Too Many Tomorrows  
There's Gotta Be Something Better Than This  
Charity's Theme  
I'm the Bravest Individual  
The Rhythm of Life  
Baby Dream Your Dream  
Sweet Charity  
Where Am I Going?  
I Love to Cry At Weddings  
I'm a Brass Band  


2003-2004 Production

Presented November 14-22, 2003 at Centrepointe Theatre, Ottawa

"Nicole Milne's performance in the title role was effervescent and engaging; (she) sang, danced and acted her way into the hearts of the audience. Choreographer Debbie Kaplan deserves great praise for the eye-catching dance numbers."
(Bruce Deachman, The Ottawa Citizen - Theatre Review, "For openers, Sweet Charity hits the spot", November 17, 2003)



Charity Hope Valentine Nicole Milne
Nicky Debbie Millett
Helene Lisa Chisholm
Oscar Lindquist Chad Wardman
Herman John Collins
Victorio Vidal Nestor Amaya
Carman Judy Follett-Johns
Rosie Minna Koch
Frenchy Jenni Bennett
Betsy Andreacutea Black
Elaine Roxane Delisle
Suki Tanya Chang
Viviane Christa Cullain
Ronnie Sherrill Sutherland
Frug Dancer Jacqueline Blakey
Singing Chorus Angela Cruz
Frug Dancer Christa Cullain
Ice Cream Seller/Assistant to Big Daddy #2/Waitress Meredith Dixon
Woman with hat/Good Fairy/YMCA customer Christine Drew
Frug Dancer Eleri Evans
Woman/Panhandler/Singing Chorus Melissa Ferland
Frug Dancer Saraa Filiatrault
Baseball Player/Big Daddy Brubeck Paul Grant
Customer/Frug Dancer Gordon Guest
Singing Chorus Lindsay Hercus-Cahil
Married Man/Singing Chorus Lindsay Hill
Customer/Singing Chorus Gabriel Leury
Charlie Dark Glasses/Singing Chorus Peter Maitland
2nd woman/Panhandler/YMCA girl Assistant to Big Daddy #1/Alice Sonja Milsom
Frug Dancer Natalie Moore
Ursala March Meghan Nordquist
First Cop/Singing Chorus David Paterson
Marvin/Second Cop/Singing Chorus Jim Robertson
Dirty Old Man/Singing Chorus John vander Werf
1st Young Man/Frug Dancer Andrew Wiseman



Under the direction of John McGovern

Violins Ioan Hara, Brigitte Amyot, Nancy Eadie
Cello Steve Smith
Woodwinds Mario Gilbert, David Renaud, Angela Casagrande, Andreacute Freschette, Gordon Price
Trumpets Carmelo Scaffidi, Kenneth Iles
Trombones Drummond Hudson, Marlene Hudson
Bass Sol Gunner
Electric/Accoustic Guitars Craig Kennedy
Keyboard Phillip Hallman
Drum Set Don Johnson
Percussion Art Beers


Production Personnel

Director Shaun Toohey
Musical Director John McGovern
Choreographer Debbie Kaplan
Production Coordinator Walt Conrad
Production Assistant/Apprentice Director Cindy Beaton
Accompanist/Assistant Musical Director Cheryl Jarvis Woods
Apprentice Musical Director Phillip Hallman
Stage Manager Heather Forsyth
Technical Director John Solman
Set Designer Nancy Solman
Scenic Artist Geoff Sangster
Costume Designer Guylaine Roy
Master Carpenter Sean Speer