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Singin' in the Rain

Based on the 1952 MGM Film
Screenplay and Adaptation by BETTY COMDEN and ADOLF GREEN
Original Choreography by GENE KELLY and STANLEY DONEN

Originally Produced on Broadway by Maurice Rosenfeld, Lois F. Rosenfield and Cindy Pritzker, Inc.

Plot Synopsis

The story begins in 1927 at the Graumann's Chinese Theater Premiere of Monumental Pictures' The Royal Rascal. Fans are gathered to catch a glimpse of thier favourite celebrities as leading film columnist, Dora Bailey, hosts a live radio broadcast in front of the theatre. Finally, the film's stars, Don Lockwood and Lina Lamont, arrive with Don's life-long friend, Cosmo Brown. We see a flashback as Don tells Dora the story of his "success".

As he is avoiding mobbing fans, Don meets Kathy Selden. When Monumental Pictures moves to talking pictures, Kathy not only becomes the voice of Lina Lamont, but replaces her as Don's leading lady.

While this is happening, not everything runs perfectly smoothly. But, in the end, true love prevails and everyone, except Lina, lives happily ever after.


Cast of Characters

Don Lockwood
Kathy Selden
Cosmo Brown
Lina Lamont
Roscoe Dexter
Dora Bailey
R.F. Simpson


Songs from the Show

Overture  Entr'acte
Fit as a Fiddle  Lin'as Film "Would You"
You Stepped Out of a Dream  Kathy's "Would You"
All I Do Is Dream of You  Don's "Would You"
You Stepped Out of a Dream (Reprise)  What's Wrong With Me
Make 'Em Laugh  Broadway Melody
Beautiful Girl  Would You (Finale)
Lucky Star  Lina's "Would You"
You Were Meant For Me  Lucky Star (Reprise)
Moses Supposes  Singin' in the Rain (Reprise)
Moses Supposes (Reprise)  
Good Mornin'  
Singin' in the Rain  




1998-1999 Production

Presented November 13-21, 1998 at Centrepointe Theatre, Nepean, Ontario


Production Team

Artistic Director Richard Elichuk
Musical Director Drummond Hudson
Choreographer Tami-Lynn Caloia
Assistant to the Choreographer Shawna Eisenstat
Assistant Director & Production Assistant Sue Dacey
Production Coordinator Rob Henderson
Set Designer Christy Bindhardt
Scenic Artist John Seccombe
Costume Designer Emily Fuhrman
Wardrobe Mistress Inez Gowsell
Apprentice Costume Designer Richard Clement
Lighting Designer John Solman
Apprentice Lighting Designer Gerry Corcoran
Sound Designer Mike Brown
Apprentice Sound Designer Jason McCoy
Apprentice Sound Designer Cindy Sceviour
Stage Manager Lena Triebe
Assistant Stage Manager Elaine McCausland
Assistant Stage Manager Robin Monaghan
Camera/Video/Post-production Elaine McCausland
Technical Director Stephane Boyer
Co-Master Carpenter Graham Galway
Co-Master Carpenter Robert Hayman
Properties Mistress Anne McGuire
Hair Designer Sue Dacey
Make-up Designer Catherine Besserer
Accompanist Wendy Berkelaar
Accompanist Cheryl Jarvis Woods



Dora Bailey Ellen Asherman
Charlie Chaplin Andrew Galligan
Tom Mix Derek Lawrence
Zelda Zanders Debbie Miller
Olga Mara Mary Lou Foley
Mary Margaret Monique Henri-Evans
R.F. Simpson Pat McAlpine
Roscoe Dexter Jim Robertson
Cosmo Brown Shaun Toohey
Lina Lamont Barbara Seabright-Moore
Don Lockwood Sweeney MacArthur
Young Don Gabriel Wolinsky
Young Cosmo Michael Falcucci
Villain Jason Nesrallah
Lady-in-Waiting Jane Gale
Roz Linda Feenstra
Kathy Seldon Nicole Williams
Policeman Tim Hillock
1st Assistant Director Jason Nesrallah
2nd Assistant Director Paul Major
3rd Assistant Director Scott E. Jackson
Wardrobe Mistress Lorna Middleton
The Tenor Brian Donahue
Sid Phillips Geoff White
Miss Dinsmore Monica Poirier
Professor Thomas Franzky
Sound Engineer Derek Lawrence
DANCERS Andrea Black, Laura Braslins, Tanya Chang, Charles Dubuc, Jane Gale, Erin Johnson, Karen MacKinnon, Debbie Miller, Debbie Millett, William Moreno, Marc Ouimet, Jonathan Patterson, Stephanie Ramphos, Lucille Warren
CHORUS Lindsey Burke, Jacqueline Cerroni, Erin Christie, Walt Conrad, Christina Dunn, Lisa Figgures, Mary Lou Foley, Thomas Franzky, Anemone Fritzen, Andrew Galligan, Ellie Glantz, Monique Henri-Evans, Lindsay Hill, Tim Hillock, Danielle Holden, Scott E. Jackson, Magda Koszegi, Derek Lawrence, Paul Major, Lorna Middleton, Jason Nesrallah, Monica Poirier, Trudi Reaume, Geoff Scovell, Steve Smallwood, Jo-Ann Tremblay, Al Woodhouse, Emmanuelle Zeesman
HECKLERS Sandy Dale, Marylin Day, Chris Roberts



under the direction of Drummond Hudson

Keyboard Wendy Berkelaar, Franke Burke, Mark Ferguson
Piccolo/Flute/Clarinet/Alto Saxophone Michael Scorah
Flute/Clarinet/Tenor Saxophone Mario Gilbert
Clarinet/Bass Clarinet/Baritone Saxophone David Renaud
Trumpet Carmelo Scaffidi, John Harrison
Trombone Art Katona, Marlene Hudson
Bass Sol Gunner
Percussion Art Beers


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