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Conceived and Developed by NANCY TURNER, FRANK BURKE and PAUL GAFFNEY

An Orpheus commissioned show


Plot Synopsis

(from the 1977 Orpheus programme for S.A.M.)

ABOUT THE SHOW AND THE AUTHORS: In 1975, our Board of Directors was casting about for a show that we could stage in honour of the American bicentennial in 1976. Finding nothing which appealed, the Board of Directors decided to produce Orpheus' own tribute to Broadway. From the experience gained during our previous major commissioned work, Glengarry Days, it soon became apparent, however, that an original work would not be ready for presentation in 1976. We thus changed the concept from a bicentennial salute, to an historical salute to the American musical (S.A.M.).

Writers Paul Gaffney, Frank Burke and Nancy Turner were commissioned to research and write the script and select the musical numbers (some 50) illustrating the evolution of the American musical, from its accident-inspired beginning to the present day multi-million dollar business which has become an integral part of our North American culture.

The greatest problem in writing S.A.M., as the authors will attest, was not what to put in, but rather what - due to performance time limitations - had to be left out. Our S.A.M. could quite easily be written another two or three times over, featuring different shows and musical illustrations. While our selections may not include all your personal favourites, we feel sure you will agree that the numbers in tonight's show do, indeed, Salute the American Musical.

Songs from the Show - Act One

You Naughty, Naughty Men (The Black Crook)


The Bowery (A Trip to Chinatown)


After the Ball (A Trip to Chinatown)


El Capitan (El Capitan)


You're a Grand Old Flag (George Washington Jr.)


Harrigan (Fifty Miles from Boston)


Give My Regards to Broadway (Little Johnny Jones)


Italian Street Song (Naughty Marietta)


Every Day is Ladies' Day With Me (The Red Mill)


A Pretty Girl is Like a Melody (Ziegfeld Follies, 1919)


Button Up Your Overcoat (Follow Through)


You're the Cream in My Coffee (Hold Everything)


The Best Things In Life Are Free (Good News)


Varsity Drag (Good News)


Drinking Song (The Student Prince)


Serenade (The Student Prince)


Deep in My Heart (The Student Prince)


Thou Swell (A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court)


Can't Help Lovin' That Man (Showboat)


Make Believe (Showboat)


Ol' Man River (Showboat)


Songs from the Show - Act Two

Love Is Sweeping the Country (Of Thee I Sing)


Sing Me a Song With Social Significance (Pins and Needles)


Nobody Makes a Pass at Me (Pins and Needles)


Anything Goes (Anything Goes)


Slaughter on Tenth Avenue (On Your Toes)


Oklahoma! (Oklahoma!)


Twin Soliloquies (South Pacific)


Some Enchanted Evening (South Pacific)


Fugue for Tinhorns (Guys and Dolls)


Abbondanza (Most Happy Fella)


Wouldn't It Be Loverly? (My Fair Lady)


Why Can't The English? (My Fair Lady)


Prologue (West Side Story)


Gee, Officer Krupke (West Side Story)


Somewhere (West Side Story)


Pick A Little, Talk A Little (The Music Man)


If I Were a Rich Man (Fiddler on the Roof)


Try to Remember (The Fantasticks)


Aquarius (Hair)


Beautiful Girls (Follies)


You Gotta Have a Gimmick (Gypsy)


Side By Side (Company)


Send in the Clowns (A Little Night Music)


Applause (Applause)



1976-1977 Production

Presented May 27-June 4, 1977 at the Ottawa High School of Commerce Auditorium, Ottawa, Ontario

Production Team


James G. Mimnagh

Musical Director

Frank Burke


Nicolaas Hilferink

Associate Choreographer (Movement)

Judy Hayes

Production Coordinators

Rick Matheson, Chris Terry, Nancy Turner

Set Designer/Scenic Artist

Margo Rothwell

Show Curtain Designer

Ed Yeatman

Costume Designer

Norma Coll

Lighting Designer

Neil Spicer

Sound Technician

Peter Vandesande

Stage Manager

Terry Moran

Assistant Stage Manager

Tom Shields

Master Carpenter

Casey Krzyzanowski

Workshop Chairman

Sid Jelly

Properties Mistress

Linda Pratt

Hair Stylist

Cher Daley

Make-up Coordinator

Margaret Mahony

Assistant to Directors/Librarian

Fran Smith

Assistant to Musical Director

Nina Alexandor

Assistant to Choreographer

Maki Kabayama

Associate Choreographer ("Anything Goes")

Marjorie Bishop

Costumer ("Ziegfeld")

Giselle Poirier

Assistant Set Designer

Jeanie Stewart


Lorna Rice

Associate Accompanists

Helen Greenough, Monica Herron, Fran Smith


DALE SCHWARTZ hosts our Salute to the American Musical featuring

Nina Alexandor

Bo Light

Judy Best

Bill Luxton

Martha Collins

Stuart MacKinnon*

York Davis

Sharron McGuirl

Michael Gareau

Nick Michelis

David Hayes

James G. Mimnagh

Beverley James

Cathy Patton*

Jim Kerr

Meredith Lee Pudney

Marion Landry

Sheila Shields

Pierre Landry*

Jocelyn Crain Spaull

Holly Larocque

Mark Wiskemann

Don Laver

Karen Wood

Peter Barlett

Gail Leibovitch

David Beckett

Heather Lyon

Les Bonhower

Josie Machacek

Lloyd Burton

Ron MacKenzie

Mary Courneyea

Bob Major

Robert Duncan

Kathy Manion

Cheryl Fitzpatrick

Wendy McCutcheon

Vicki Forrester

Cathy Miller

Judy Froome

Debbie Miller

Dorothy Gough

Louise Mongeon

Bill Grano

Brian K. Moore

Jean Halley

Mara Lynn O'Connor

Mitzi Hauser

Dennis O'Hara

Monica Herron

Barry Patrick

Joan Hocken

Joy Phillips

Cor Hogeveen

John C. Powell

Isabel Hornstein

Gary Revine

David Howden

Heather Rutenberg

Mark Hudson

Barbara Severin

Alison Irons

Gail Sturgeon

Bill Johnston

Susan Taylor

Mimi Kampouris

Valerie van Veen

Tony Keenleyside

Dale Vikanes

Art King

Roger Webber-Taylor

Faye Lavell

Sheila Weeks

Denis Laviolette

Jean Wheeler


Helen Wygoda

*appearing by permission of Actors' Equity Association


Under the direction of Frank Burke


Joan Zelkowicz, Florence Dunn, Eliane Milliquet, Steve Smith


Duke McGuirl, Graziano Brescacin, George Kovar


Sid Holmes, Ed Hall, Drum Hudson, Ted Cosstick


Lorna Rice, Robert Speer, Phil Barrette, Rod Elias, Neils Lund

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