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Rose Marie


First opened on Broadway September 2, 1924 at the Imperial Theatre

Plot Synopsis


The scene depicts the salon in Lady Jane's Hotel where the inhabitants of the northern town of Fond du Lac are accustomed to gather for an evening's entertainment. In attendance on Lady Jane is Sergeant "Bull-dog" Malone of the RCMP, who has been trying unsuccessfully to persuade her to marry him for some time. In town are two prospectors, Jim Kenyon and his partner, Hardboiled Herman. Jim is in love with Rose Marie La Flamme, whose fur trader brother, Emile, has more ambitious matrimonial plans for her in the form of the wealthy and unscrupulous Edward Hawley. Hawley is genuinely in love with Rose Marie, and is attempting to end his affair with Wanda, half-breed wife of Black Eagle, and Indian prospector, whose land borders on that of Jim Kenyon. Rose Marie and Jim have a few moments alone, and agree to see each other again at her summer home near Koontenay Pass the following week. The act ends as Rose Marie teaches Jim a traditional Indian love-call.


That night, Jim arrives at Black Eagle's cabin hoping to settle a boundary dispute, and finding Black Eagle absent, leaves an explanatory map with Wanda. Later Black Eagle discovers Wanda and Hawley alone together in his cabin and, in the ensuing fight, Wanda saves her lover by stabbing her husband. The following week, Rose Marie, Emile and Hawley have arrived at Kootenay Pass. Hawley enlists the aid of his friend Ethel Brander to try to persuade Rose Marie to come to Quebec with him, in the hope that a taste of luxury may bring her to feel more favourably towards him. Wanda, who has followed Hawley to the Totem Pole Hotel, informs him that she has accused Jim Kenyon of the murder of Black Eagle. Meanwhile, Lady Jane, who has fallen in love with Herman, has followed him and Jim Kenyon south to Kootenay Pass. This romance develops, and Lady Jane and Herman decided to get married. Jim receives a long-awaited telegram offering him a mining job in Brazil which requires him to leave at once if he is to accept. He asks Rose Marie to come with him and she joyfully consents. However, because he is aware of Hawley's offer, as he goes to his cabin to pack, he tells Rose Marie that if she should change her mind, she need only sing to him the Indian love-call and he would understand, and go away alone. Sergeant Malone arrives, looking for Jim to arrest him for the murder of Black Eagle. Emile threatens Rose Marie that he will reveal Jim's whereabouts unless she goes to Quebec with Hawley. As the act ends, Rose Marie sings the Indian love-call ostensibly to Hawley, knowing that when Jim hears it, he will go away to safety.


One year later, at Quebec, the scene is the newly-acquired dress salon of Herman and LadyJane, who has become Mrs. Herman. Preparations for Rose Marie's wedding to Hawley are in full swing. Jim arrives on the scene unexpectedly, bringing Wanda with him in the hope that she might be persuaded to clear his name. Rose Marie, overjoyed at first, misunderstands Wanda's presence, and sends Jim away, reaffirming her decision to marry Hawley. Later, as the wedding is about to take place, Wanda, in her anger at Hawley, reveals the truth about the killing, absolving Jim of all guilt. As the curtain falls, Jim and Rose Marie are reunited at last.


Songs from the Show - Act One

Prelude and Opening - Vive La Canadienne


`Hard Boiled Herman'


`Rose Marie'


`The Mounties'


`Lak Jeem'


`Rose Marie' Reprise


`Indian Love Call'




Songs from the Show - Act Two

Camp Fire Impression


`Pretty Things'


`Spring Time Dance'


`Why Shouldn't We'


`Totem Tom Tom'




Songs from the Show - Act Three

`Pretty Things'


`Only A Kiss'




Empire March




Minuet of the Minute


Bridal Procession


`Door of my Dreams'


`Bridal Finale'




1954-1955 Production

Presented April 13-16, 1955 at the Ottawa Technical High School, Ottawa, Ontario

Production Team

Produced and Directed by

Bernard McManus

Musical Director

Joseph B. Herdman

Sets by

W.E. Fancott

Cover by

Douglas Johnson

Costumes by

Malabar, Toronto

Stage Manager

Alfred Papineau

Assistant to the Dramatic Director

Betty Cowan


C. Mc. Allen

Chorus Leader(off stage)

Eva Herdman

Dances By

Nesta Toumine


Girl Guides Association of Ottawa


Sergeant Malone

Angus McDonald

Lady Jane

Betty Cowan

Black Eagle

Tim Hynes

Half Breed

Sam Crivellaro

Emile La Flamme

Jim Ingram

Edward Hawley

Phil Weigand


Raymonde Decelles

Hard-Boiled Herman

Clesson Goodhue

Jim Kenyon

Charlie Kerr

Rose-Marie La Flamme

Freda Lyon

Ethel Brander

Margaret Leahy

A Man

Charlie Ogilvie


Joanne Ashe, Gay Weir, Ann Chambers, Beverley Bourguignon, Merle Wallack, David Marrani, Gerry Desbeins, Eddie Osborne.


Kaye Adams, Dorothy Beale, Norma Besserer, Margot Carmen, Daisy Mae Checkley, Rheina Dagenais, Audrey Gignac, Dorothy Gough, Louise Grigon, Margaret Lang, Barbara Lepine, Jean Lorrain, Rose MacCullum, June Pritchard, Ruby Rutkosky, Sylvia Smith, Marion Taylor, Eunice Tubbe


Mary Allen, Norma Coll, Ruth Ferguson, Madeline Gratton, Cara Joy Hughes, Inika Janecek, Greta Jensen, Mildred Ker, Mary Morris, Barbara Morrison, Audrey Stewart.


Samuel Crivellaro, David Dale, William Dunning, Ted Hothersall, Earle Ingram, Doug Johnson, Steve Rolko, Richard Romhild.


Gerry Belisle, Lloyd Burton, Des Gibson, Eric Norman, Jim Philliben.


William Dunning, Doug Johnson, Gerry Belisle, Lloyd Burton, Des Gibson, Jim Philliben


Barbara Morrison, Audrey Stewart, Mary Morris, June Pritchard, Louise Grignon


Under the direction of Joseph B. Herdman


Winifred Canty


Robert Flemming


Niels Lund

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