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Conceived and Written by:

Plot Synopsis

In the fall of 1979, Nancy Turner, Paul Gaffney and Frank Burke approached the Orpheus Board of Directors with the idea of presenting a show commemorating Orpheus' 75 years of continuous service to the Ottawa Community. This production, to be called OPENING NIGHT - THE FIRST 75 YEARS, would feature music from various Orpheus shows and would highlight the different phases that Orpheus went through. The Board, under the presidency of Tony Keenleyside readily accepted the concept and Spring of 1982 was selected as the date of presentation. 

The choice of shows would prove to be extremely difficult as there were over 120 to choose from. During its 75 years, Orpheus had presented Glee Club Recitals (1906-16), Operettas (1917-54) and Broadway musicals from 1955 to the present. To further complicate the author's problems, the production would have to have balanced appeal - retaining as many of the shows and as much of the memorable music as possible. After a lengthy period of discussion, sometimes argument and often, compromise, a final program emerged - representing 42 productions with nearly 50 musical numbers - and still managing to get the audience out of the theatre at a respectable hour.

The writers also decided to present historical events using film clips and still projections, and bits of nostalgia. These would serve as continuity - setting the mood for the upcoming "Opening Night" - and presented by the show's hosts. 

Research into the historical aspects of the production was to prove time consuming. Mr. Burke's degree in history and Miss Turner's in journalism would prove to be of invaluable assistance. While the search was continuing, Mr. Gaffney was attempting to put the material together and provide continuity for the chosen numbers. 

Technically, the production of OPENING NIGHT - THE FIRST 75 YEARS will be exciting as well as entertaining. Each show will be introduced by a slide giving its name and the date of its "Opening Night" and the film clips and pictures should prove to be evocative as well as historically illuminating. CBC Designer, Ken Ross, has created the show's graphics. Settings designed by J. Barry Ryan together with Susan Loignon's costumes, have been conceived to complement and support the central theme - words and music. In summary, we at Orpheus are extremely excited about our 75th Anniversary production and look forward with great pride to presenting the work of the very talented trio of Nancy Turner, Paul Gaffney and Frank Burke. 


Songs from the Show


Opening Night * 

2. GLEE CLUB, January 15, 1907

Departure, Love is Meant to Make us Glad, The Maple Leaf Forever - Michael Gareau, Andr� McArdle, Maureen Quinn McGovern, Vivan McGuire, Nick Michelis, Chorus

3. IOLANTHE, April 16, 1917

A Little Liberal - Myles Foster 

4. THE YEOMEN OF THE GUARD, Febuary 27, 1918

A Man Who Would Woo a Fair Maid - Wanda Bosada, Garth Hampson, Jean Hudson 

5. THE GONDOLIERS, March 7, 1919

When A Merry Maiden Marries - Sharron McGuirl, Chorus 

6. TOM JONES, March 31, 1921

The Barley Mow - Paul Baker, Vern Fraser, Craig Kennedy, Maureen Quinn McGovern, Sheila Shields, Jocelyn Spaull 

7. MERRIE ENGLAND, February 25, 1926

In England, Merrie England - Chorus 

8. THE GEISHA, February 3, 1930

The Amorous Goldfish - Holly Laroque 

9. H.M.S. PINAFORE, December 26, 1935

When I Was A Lad - Myles Foster, Chorus

I'm Called Little Buttercup - Jocelyn Spaull 

10. THE PIRATES OF PENZANCE, December 26, 1936

Whan A Felon's Not Engaged - Jeffry Morgan, Chorus 

11. ALIBABA AND THE FORTY THEIVES, December 26, 1939

The Washing On The Siegfried Line - Bob Lackey, Chorus 

12. THE MIKADO, April 24, 1946

Three Little Maids From School Are We - Josie Machacek, Sylvia McArdle, Barbara Seadbright

13. NAUGHTY MARIETTA, April 16, 1947

I'm Falling In Love With Someone and Ah! Sweet Mystery Of Life - Wanda Bosada, Nick Michelis 

14. FLORODORA, April 19, 1949

Tell Me, Pretty Maiden - Chorus 

15. THE MERRY WIDOW, December 5, 1950

Maxim's - Garth Hampson

Vilia - Jean Hudson

I Love You So - Garth Hampson, Jean Hudson, Monica Jeffrey, Dancers 

16. THE VAGABOND KING, December 4, 1951

Song Of The Vagabonds- Tony Keenleyside, Chorus 

17. THE CHOCOLATE SOLDIER, April 15, 1952

My Hero - Jean Hudson 

18. THE RED MILL, December 2, 1953

The Streets Of New York - Chorus 

19. ROSE MARIE, April 13, 1955

Indian Love Call - Nick Michelis, Jocelyn Spaull 

20. OKLAHOMA!, November 23, 1955

The Surrey With The Fringe On Top - Michael Gareau, Sylvia McArdle 

21. KISS ME KATE, April 3, 1956

Another Op'nin', Another Show - Chorus 




22. CAROUSEL, December 3, 1957

June Is Bustin' Out All Over - Chorus 

23. THE PAJAMA GAME, April 8, 1958

Steam Heat - Marnie Edwards, Ron Proulx, Bob Riddell 

24. FINIAN'S RAINBOW, December 1, 1959

How Are Things In Glocca Morra? - Liane Marshall 

25. L'IL ABNER, April 11, 1961

The Country's In The Very Best Of Hands - Chorus 

26. CAN-CAN, April 15, 1963

Maidens Typical Of France and Can-Can - Chorus 

27. THE MUSIC MAN, November 29, 1963

Seventy-six Trombones - George Wilson and Chorus 

28. MY FAIR LADY, November 25, 1966

The Rain In Spain - Holly Larocque, Bill Luxton, Eddie Nunn 

29. WEST SIDE STORY, April 7, 1967

America - Chorus 

30. THE SOUND OF MUSIC, March 29, 1968

The Sound Of Music - Josie Machacek 

31. GUYS AND DOLLS, November 27, 1969

Guys And Dolls - Michael Gareau and Bill Luxton 

32. MAGGIE FYLNN, April 23, 1971

Mr. Clown - Vern Fraser, Liane Marshall, Chorus 

33. FIDDLER ON THE ROOF, November 12, 1971

Matchmaker, Matchmaker - Pat Current, Sylvia McArdle, Maureen Quinn McGovern

34. CAMELOT, March 17, 1972

C'est Moi! - Garth Hampson 

35. GLENGARRY DAYS, December 7, 1973

Glengarry Days - Chorus

Glengarry Women - Chorus

Song Of The River - Andr� Montsion, Chorus

36. ANNIE GET YOUR GUN, June 7, 1974

Can't Get A Man With A Gun - Liane Marshall

37. CANTEBURY TALES, December 5, 1975

Pilgrims' Song - Chorus

Love Will Conquer All - Sharron McGuirl, Vivian McGuire


Everybody Ought To Have A Maid - Tony Keenleyside, Paul Baker, Vern Fraser, Heller

39. ANNE OF GREEN GABLES, November 26, 1976

Summer - Chorus

40. THE BOYS FROM SYRACUSE, March 9, 1979

Sing For Your Supper - Jocelyn Spaull, Pat Current, Liane Marshall 

41. SEASAW, March 20, 1981

It's Not Where You Start - Chorus 

*Music and lyrics by Frank Burke


1981-1982 Production

Presented June 4, 5, 7-12, 1982 at the High School of Commerce Auditorium, Ottawa, Ontario

Production Team

Directed by Frank Burke, Paul Gaffney, Nancy Turner
Choreographer Marnie Edwards
Set Designer J. Barry Ryan
Costume Designer Susan Loignon
Lighting Designer Michael Jotoff
Production Co-ordinator Marcel Carriere
Accompanist/Assistant Conductor Lorna Rice
Assistant to Choreographer Merle Adams
Wardrobe Mistress Libby Gaffney
Workshop Chairman and Master Carpenter Terry Moran
Sound Technician Bill Butterworth
Properties Mistress Faye Lavell
Stage Manager Marylin Day
Assistant Stage Manager Faye Lavell
Make-Up Artist Elizabeth Ciesluk
Hair Stylist Ryan Gomes
Photographer Chris Terry
Publicity Director Richard Elichuk
Program Director Ann Marie Snell
House Manager (Commerce) Ted Walker
House Manager (Orpheus) Art Whitehead
Ticket Manager Sheila Shields
Social Director Art Whitehead


Host Holly Larocque*
Host Bob Lackey


Chris Amott, Paul Baker, Wanda Bosada, Amy Cameron, Tassie Cameron, Marcel Carriere, Pat Current, Dario Echeverri, Marnie Edwards, Myles Foster, Corey Fraser, Pat Fraser, Vern Fraser, Judith Froome, Adrianne Gaffney, Virginia Gaffney, Michael Gareau, Derek Graham, Garth Hampson, Nigel Hart, Heller, Danielle Hubbard, Jean Hudson, Monica Jeffery, Tony Keenleyside, Craig Kennedy, Brenda Kimmel, Joyce King, Bill Luxton, Josie Machacek, Gail MacKay, Alan Mainguy, Liane Marshall*, Andr� McArdle, Sylvia McArdle, Maureen Quinn McGovern, Vivian McGuire, Sharron McGuirl, Nick Michelis, Andr� Montsion, Jeffry Morgan, Eddie Nunn, Ron Proulx, Bob Riddell, Carolyn Russell, Barbara Seabright, Sheila Shields, Karen Smale, Shirley Smith, Christine Snow, Jocelyn Spaull, Bill Stevens, John Sulley, Christina Thompson, Valerie van Veen, Joey Walker, Jack Wallace, George Wilson, Heather Wilson.

*Holly Laroque and Liane Marshall appear by permission of Canadian Actor's Equity Association.



under the direction of Frank Burke

Alto Sax/Flute/Piccolo Graziano Brescacin
Tenor Sax/Oboe/Flute/Clarinet Michael Scorah
Baritone Sax/Bass/Clarinet/Flute/Piccolo Charles Hendricks
Trumpet Sid Holmes
Trombone Drummond Hudson
Piano/Asst. Conductor Lorna Rice
Organ Gilles Champagne (Champ)
Guitar Frank Koller
Bass Michael Desmarchais
Drums Glenn Robb
Percussion Neils Lund