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Based on Charles Dickens' "Oliver Twist"
Book, Music and Lyrics by LIONEL BART

New York run: Imperial Theatre, April 6, 1963

Plot Synopsis

Adapted from Charles Dickens' Oliver Twist, the musical stage version tells the tale of an orphan boy who dares to ask for more food at the workhouse where he and his fellow orphans are treated horribly. Oliver is thrown out of the workhouse and, while on the street, encounters the Artful Dodger who takes him under his wing and into the seedy underside of London where he joins a band of pickpockets who are controlled by Fagin. Eventually, Oliver is rescued from his life of crime by a wealthy and kind gentlemen, Mr. Brownlow, who turns out to be Oliver's grandfather.


Songs from the Show - Act One

Overture Orchestra
Food, Glorious Food Boys, Oliver
Oliver Boys, Mr. Bumble, Widow Corney
I Shall Scream Widow Corney, Mr. Bumble
Boy For Sale Mr. Bumble
That's Your Funeral Mr. Sowerberry, Mrs. Sowerberry, Mr. Bumble
Where Is Love? Oliver
Consider Yourself The Artful Dodger, Oliver, Boys, Chorus
Pick A Pocket Or Two Fagin, Boys
It's A Fine Life Nancy, Bet, Boys
I'd Do Anything The Artful Dodger, Nancy, Oliver, Bet, Fagin, Boys
Be Back Soon Fagin, The Artful Dodger, Oliver, Boys

Songs from the Show - Act Two

Oom-Pah-Pah Nancy, Bet, Chorus
My Name Bill Sikes
As Long As He Needs Me Nancy
Where Is Love? (Reprise) Mrs. Bedwin
Who Will Buy? Oliver, Street Criers, Chorus
It's A Fine Life (Reprise) Nancy, Bill Sikes, Fagin, The Artful Dodger
Reviewing The Situation Fagin
As Long As He Needs Me (Reprise) Nancy
Reviewing The Situation (Reprise) Fagin
Finale Company


2004-2005 Production

Presented June 3-11, 2005 at Centrepointe Theatre, Ottawa



Oliver Twist Sebastian Mayer
Fagin Barry Daley
Nancy Cindy Beaton
Bill Sikes Klaas van Weringh
Artful Dodger Alessia Lupiano
Mr. Bumble Michael Schilder
Widow Corney Lori Jean Hodge
Mr. Brownlow Jim Robertson
Mr. Sowerberry Lawrence Evenchick
Mrs. Sowerberry Maureen Speer
Noah Claypole Jonathan Harris
Charlotte Caroline Stevens
Mrs. Bedwin Samantha Biron
Bet Margaret Evraire
Dr. Grimwig Jim Tanner
Barnaby Jeffery Burge
Dismal Jenny Viviane Cleacutemot-DuPont
Brittles Nicolas Lynch
Charley Bates Nathan Haller
Affery Sebastian Gamache-Howard
Toby Crackitt Roy de Rosenroll
Jo Brady Millett
Chuffey Warner McQueen
Jerry Cruncher Ryan Sincennes
Bitzer Sam Donald
Kit Nubbles Megan Robinson
Tip Sarah McKay
Noddy Leah Munger
Tom Chitling Sarah Swire
WORKHOUSE DENIZENS, PAUPER ASSISTANTS, STREET VENDORS, LONDON TOWNSFOLK: Kim Current, Debbie Kaplan, Howard Kaplan, Alexandra Leafloor, Jim Morrison, Michelle Nash, Tony Patterson, Ariane Roy, Meaghan Stewart



Under the direction of Terry Duncan

Violins Ioan Harea, Brigitte Amyot, Sophia Pan
Viola Janet Roy
Cello Steve Smith
Flute/Piccolo Tina Fedeski
Clarinet/Bass Clarinet David Renaud
Oboe/English Horn Angela Casagrande
Bassoon Jo Ann Simpson
French Horn Keith Estabrooks
Trumpets Carmelo Scaffidi, Peter Vogelsang
Trombone Drummond Hudson
Trombone Marlene Hudson
Bass Sol Gunner
Drums Don Johnson
Percussion Art Beers


Production Team

Director Christine Drew
Musical Director Terry Duncan
Choreographer Debbie Millett
Production Coordinator Bill Rankin
Production Asst Philip Sockett
Exec Producer Lena Triebe
Accompanist Teresa van den Boogaard
Audition Accompanist Paul Legault
Asst Choreographer Rachel Cyr
Apprentice Choreographer Andrew Wiseman
Set Designer Nancy Solman
Scenic Artist Annemarie Zeyl
Master Carpenter Mike Madore
Costume Designer Cynthia Sanoy
Costume Production Coordinator Sandi Mish
Cutter Karole Kidd-Witiuk
Wardrobe Mistress Cheryl Allen
Lighting Designer John Solman
Sound Designer Michael Brown
Properties Designer Anne McGuire
Stage Manager Lena Triebe
Assistant Stage Managers Reba Sigler, Rory Ingram
Technical Director Elaine McCausland
Makeup Designer Tracey Lahey
Hair Designer Kyle Albert


1987-1988 Production

Presented May 27-June 4, 1988 at the High School of Commerce Auditorium, Ottawa



Oliver Twist Joshua Lovejoy
Fagin Dan Baran
The Artful Dodger Kirsten Smith
Nancy Dianna Reneacutee Yorke
Bill Sikes Al Baldwin
Mr. Bumble Barry Caiger
Widow Corney Sharron McGuirl
Mr. Sowerberry David McCallum
Mrs. Sowerberry Patricia Easter
Mr. Brownlow Peter Messier
Bet Alanis Morissette
Charlotte Christine Drew
Noah Claypole Tony Bove
Mrs. Bedwin Judith Cragg
Dr. Grimwig Moe Romanow
Old Sally Jane Beraskow
Charley Bates Wade Morissette
WORKHOUSE CHILDREN/FAGIN'S GANG Christopher Bell, Daniel Finestone, Wade Morissette, Jennifer Brackenbury, Devon Gomes, Andrew Morphew, Harry Crane, Adrienne Gould, Blair Ritchie, Erin Derrick, Jonathan Gould, Kirsten Smith, Stephen Eisenhauer, Jordan Lindeijer, Ian Stephenson, Alanis Morissette
MEN AND WOMEN OF LONDON Cynthia Bates, Patricia Easter, Céleste Heffler, Hélène Boisvert, Nancy Egan, Andrew Hill, Tony Bove, Helen Farrell, Kevin Kelly, Stephanie Coward, Ken Farrell, Lionel King, Judith Cragg, Susan Fowler, Heather MacKinnon, Chris Cullen, Ken Glover, David McCallum, Shannon Doern, Robert Gould, Robin Monaghan, Christine Drew, Brendan Hanna, Brian Schecter, Sam Smith



Under the direction of John McGovern

Strings Irving Thompson, John Pohran, Steve Smith
Reeds Liliane Depocas, Veronica Milroy, Mike Scorah, Jo Ann Simpson
Brass Vic Young, Drummond Hudson
Bass Jamie Gatti
Percussion Art Beers, Glenn Robb
Piano Lorna Rice


Production Team

Director Sheila Shields
Musical Director John McGovern
Choreographer Debbie Miller-Smith
Production Coordinator Malvary J. Cole
Assistant to Director Wayne Nolan
Set Designer/Scenic Artist Nancy Solman
Costumer Designer Judith Froome
Lighting Designer John Solman
Sound Bill Butterworth, Terry Moran
Master Carpenter Tom Shields
Workshop Chairman Gerry Reynolds
Stage Manager Donald Lambton
Assistant Stage Manager Carol Chamberlain
Pinrail Caroline Heaton, Gerry Reynolds
Properties Mistress Vivan Joynt
Hair Stylist Cher Daley
Makeup Artists Melva Scott, Barbara Seeton
Production Photographer Sam Smith
Assistant Photographer Pam Reynolds
Accompanist Lorna Rice
Dance Captain Nancy Egan
Children's Co-ordinator Donna Murdock


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