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Adapted from George Bernard Shaw's Pygmalion
Book and Lyrics by ALAN JAY LERNER

Produced at the Mark Hellinger Theater, New York, 15 March 1956 

Plot Synopsis

Professor Henry Higgins, the brilliant, irascible bachelor and England's leading phoneticist, first encounters Eliza Doolittle outside the Royal Opera House in Covent Garden late one evening. She is a Cockney flower girl and Higgins, together with Colonel Hugh Pickering, a noted linguist, chooses her as his next project. She moves into his London flat, together with Pickering, to be transformed into a "lady"; Higgins thus responding to Pickering's challenge. 

After weeks and weeks of drilling, Eliza finally improves and Higgins introduces her to his mother and her snobbish friends at the Ascot races. The son of one of these friends, Freddy Eynsford-Hill, falls hopelessly in love with Eliza, despite her unladylike cheering at the races. 

Higgins' final test of his experiment comes at the Embassy Ball where Karpathy, a Hungarian phonetics expert comments on the pureness of her English. After Higgins and Pickering engage in a rollicking celebration over "their" success, Eliza storms out, meets Freddy and rages at him and spends the rest of the night wandering aimlessly around London. She encounters her father, Alfred P. Doolittle who is about to marry Eliza's stepmother and is celebrating that occasion with his friends.

Higgins discovers that he is hurt by Eliza's sudden departure and goes to his mother's flat for comfort. Eliza is there, getting advice. They argue, and she storms out. Higgins finally admits to himself that he will have difficulty getting on without her and, back at his flat, sinks, dejectedly, into the sofa. Eliza emerges from the shadows and Higgins, sighing contentedly, gently asks her for his slippers. 

Cast of Characters

Professor Henry Higgins Rex Harrison
Eliza Doolittle Julie Andrews
Alfred Doolittle Stanley Holloway
Freddie Eynsford-Hill John Michael King
Colonel Pickering Robert Coote

Songs from the Show - Act One

Overture and Opening Scene  
Why Can't the English?  
Wouldn't It Be Loverly?  
With a Little Bit of Luck  
I'm an Ordinary Man  
With a Little Bit of Luck (Reprise)  
Just You Wait  
The Servants' Chorus  
The Rain in Spain  
I Could Have Danced All Night  
Ascot Gavotte  
On the Street Where You Live  
Eliza's Entracne  

Songs from the Show - Act Two

The Embassy Waltz  
You Did It  
Just You Wait (Reprise)  
On the Street Where You Live (Reprise)  
Show Me  
The Flower Market & Wouldn't It Be Loverly (Reprise)  
Get Me to the Church on Time  
Hymn to Him  
Without You  
I've Grown Accustomed to Her Face  

1983-1984 Production

Presented November 18-26, 1983 at the High School of Commerce Auditorium, Ottawa, Ontario


Production Team

Production Co-ordinator Varry Bielby
Artistic Director Nancy Turner
Musical Director Jeffry Morgan
Choreographer Valerie van Veen
Assistant to the Director J.A. Wallace
Dialect Coach Barry Caiger
Set Designer J. Barry Ryan
Costume Designer Norma Coll
Assistant Costume Designers Bev Whitehead, Raymond Whitney, Joan Foster
Lighting Designer Mike Jotoff
Scenic Artist Sandy Seary
Properties Mistress Malvary J. Cole
Sound Technician Bill Butterworth
Hair Stylist Gary Thibert
Make-Up Artist Jacqueline Lambert
Accompanist Lorna Rice
Dance Captain Debbie Miller
Assistant Rehearsal Pianists Jim Brough, Richard Richardson
Prompter Pat Fraser
Stage Manager Terry Moran
Master Carpenter John Solman
Workshop Chairman Alf Davies, Tom Shields 


Buskers Debbie Miller, Michael McManus, Roger Proulx
Eliza Doolittle Holly Larocque
Freddy Eynsford-Hill York Davis
Mrs. Eynsford-Hill Helen van der Pyl
Colonel Pickering Desmond Hanlon
A Bystander Louise Mulvihill
Henry Higgins Bill Luxton
Costermongers Michael Gareau, Richard Richardson, Chris Amott, David Hayes
Bartender John Powell
Alfred P. Doolittle Barry Caiger
Harry Vern Fraser
Jamie Paul Baker
Mrs. Hopkins Cher Daley
Mrs. Pearce Elsa Pickthorne
Servants Michael McManus, Shawne Beames, Marilyn Krauskopf, Stephen Arscott, Penny Coates, Tina Robinson
Mrs. Higgins Gwen Taschereau McCormick
Two Stewards Raymond Whitney, Robert Gould
Lord Boxington John Taylor
Lady Boxington Pam Reynolds
Flower Girl Liliane Winter
Two Footman John Powell, Greg Fougegravere
Zoltan Karpathy James G. Mimnagh
Queen of Transylvania Norma Coll
Prince Consort Roger Proulx
Maid Louise Mulvihill


Chris Amott, Stephen Arscott, Shawne Beames, Carol Billingham, Janet Burn, Penny Coates, Cher Daley, Dario Echeverri, Joan Foster, Greg Fougļæ½re, Michael Gareau, David Hayes, Marilyn Krauskopf, Michael McManus, Debbie Miller, Robin Monaghan, Louise Mulvihill, John Murray, Sandra Nicholls, Eugene Oscapella, Cheryl Pollock, John Powell, Roger Proulx, Pam Reynolds, Richard Richardson, Tina Robinson, John Taylor, Helen van der Pyl, Cindy Walls, Raymond Whitney

1997-1998 Production

Presented October 31 - November 8, 1997 at Centrepointe Theatre, Nepean, Ontario 

Production Team

Artistic Director Richard Elichuk
Musical Director Rod Holmes
Choreographer Lisa Chisholm
Executive Producer John Solman
Assistant Director/Production Coordinator Susan Dacey
Assistant Director/Production Assistant Peter Tomashewski
Assistant Musical Director Terry Duncan
Set Designer Nancy Solman
Costume Designer Judith Froome
Technical Director Robert Hayman
Stage Manager Lena Harrington Triebe
Apprentice/Assistant Stage Manager Elaine McCausland
Sound Designer Wayne Chomik
Lighting Designer John Solman
Wardrobe Mistress Millie Mallon
Make-up Designer Melva Scott
Hair Designer Joanne Zarco
Master Carpenter Tom Mordasewicz
Properties Mistress Penny Koch
Accompanist Lynn Howes


Mrs. Eynsford-Hill Judy Follett
Freddy Eynsford-Hill Dean McNeill
Eliza Doolittle Joyce Landry
Henry Higgins Dan Baran
Colonel Pickering Hugh Eisenhauer
First Cockney Walt Conrad
Second Cockney Bob Legare
Third Cockney Sandy Dale
Fourth Cockney Andrew Clegg
Hoxton Man Jamie Ilagan
Selsey Man Mike Goral
Bystanders Sam Smith, Monica Poirier, Jim Robertson
George, the Bartender Jim Robertson
Alfred P. Doolittle Christopher O'Toole
Jamie Jason Nesrallah
Harry Malcolm Wall
Angry Woman Heather Monkman
Angry Man Sam Smith
Mrs. Pearce Carolyn Henderson
Mrs. Hopkins Laura Charles
Butler Lawrence Evenchick
Footman Jim Morrison
Maids Christine Drew, Corinne McDonald, Dana Pement, Rachel Proudfoot
Mrs.Higgins Jennifer Wilson
Lord Boxington Walt Conrad
Lady Boxington Vivian Asfar
Constable Cliff Taylor
Flower Girl Robin Guy
Embassy Footman Walt Conrad
Sir Reginald Tarrington Cliff Taylor
Lady Tarrington Pat MacDonald
Prof.Zoltan Karpathy Jefferson Guzman
Dr. Themistocles Stephanos Jim Robertson
Madame Stephanos Heather Monkman
Queen of Transylvania Lorna Middleton
Cockney Kraig Paul Proulx
Cecil, the Bartender Cliff Taylor
Mrs. Higgins' Maids Robin Guy, Angela Laturnus
Gardeners Sandy Dale, Sam Smith


Vivian Asfar, Ellen Asherman, Cindy Beaton, Tanya Chang, Laura Charles, Andrew Clegg, Walt Conrad, Sandy Dale, Christine Drew, Lawrence Evenchick, Judy Follett, Mike Goral, Robin Guy, Jefferson Guzman, Jamie Ilagan, Angela Laturnus, Bob Legare, Pat MacDonald, Corinne McDonald, Lorn Middleton, Heather Monkman, Jim Morrison, Jason Nesrallah, Sasja Nieukerk, Cara Pantalone, Dana Pement, Monica Poirier, Rachele proudfoot, Kraig Paul Proulx, Jim Robertson, Sam Smith, Cliff Taylor, Malcolm Wall


under the direction of Rod Holmes

Violins Irving Thompson, Sophia Pan, Ioan Harea, Douglas Brierley
Viola Kevin James
Cello Steve Smith
Flute/Piccolo Charles Hendricks
Oboe/English Horn Angela Casagrande
Clarinets Michael Scorah, David Renaud
Bassoon Jo Ann Simpson
Trumpets Sid Holmes, Christopher Lane
French Horn Keith Estabrooks
Trombone Marlene Hudson, Drummond Hudson
Percussion Art Beers

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