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Meet Me In St. Louis

Music and Lyrics by HUGH MARTIN and RALPH BLANE
Based on "Kensington Stories" by SALLY BENSON
and the MGM Motion Picture, "Meet Me In St. Louis" (1944)

Broadway Revival: November 2, 1989 to June 10, 1990 at the Gershwin Theatre

Plot Synopsis

St. Louis 1903. The well-off Smith family has four beautiful daughters, includin g Esther and little Tootie. 17-year old Esther has fallen in love with the boy next door who has just moved in, John. He however, barely notices her at first. The family is shocked w hen Mr. Smith reveals that he has been transfered to a nice position in New York, which means that the family has to leave St. Louis and the St. Louis Fair.

[Plot synposis from Imdb.com ]


Songs from the Show - Act One

Meet Me In St. Louis
The Boy Next Door
Whenever I'm With You
You'll Hear a Bell
A Raving Beauty
Skip to My Lou
Drunk Song
Under the Bamboo Tree
Over the Banister
The Trolley Song

Songs from the Show - Act Two

A Touch of the Irish
The Boy Next Door (reprise)
A Day in New York
You'll Hear a Bell (reprise)
Wasn't It Fun
Christmas Waltz
The Banjo
Auld Lang Syne - The First Noel Chorus
You Are For Loving
Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas
The Trolley Song (reprise)
Meet Me in St. Louis (reprise)


2005-2006 Production

To be presented November 18-26, 2005 at the Centrepointe Theatre, Ottawa



The Smith Family  
Mr. Alonso Smith Ken Tucker
Mrs. Anna Smith Fiona McKinnon
Lon Smith Jonathan Harris
Rose Smith Kara Prost
Esther Smith Lindsey Burke
Agnes Smith Megan Robinson
Tootie Smith Kelleagh Moore
Grandpa Prophater Michael Wenzowski
John Truett Paul Grant
Warren Sheffield Michael Kavcic
Katie Cheryl Dubois
Lucille Ballard Carley Cloutier
Eve Sarite Harris
Postman Jim Tanner
Motorman Nigel High
Clinton Badger Gordon Guest
Peewee Drummond Pino Dicorato
Sidney Purvis Jay Landreville
DANCE COUPLES Jeffery Purge, Ana Machado Pino Dicorato, April Cruz Phillip Sockett, Allison Boudreau Gordon Guest, Penny Staats Nick Amott, Sharye Marcus Jay Landreville, Tanya Chang
CHORUS Viviane Clemot-Dupont, Sarah-Marie Ingram, Lindsay Hill, Lorne Landreville, Dawn Miller, Jim Morrison, Skye Nommik, Ariane Roy



Under the direction of Marlene Hudson

Violins Ioan Harea, Brigette Amyot, Nancy Eadie
Cello Steve Smith
Reeds Tina Fedeski, Mike Mullin, Brian Boggs, David Renaud
French Horn Keith Estabrook
Trumpet Chris Lane
Trombone Drummond Hudson
Guitar/Banjo Craig Kennedy
Bass Sol Gunner
Keyboard Cheryl Jarvis Woods
Percussion Art Beers


Production Personnel

Executive Producer Lena Triebe
Director Judy Follet-Johns
Musical Director Marlene Hudson
Choreographer Debbie Miller
Accompanist Cheryl Jarvis-Woods
Production Coordinator Drum Hudson
Production Assistant Ruth Haller
Stage Manager Lena Triebe
Assistant Stage Manager Rory Ingram
Master Carpenter Tom Mordasewicz
Set Designer Jennifer Donnelly
Scenic Artist Annemarie Zeyl
Costume Designer Ann Ricard
Cutter Karole Kidd-Witiuk
Costume Production Manager Sandi Mish
Lighting Designer Rob Puchyr
Properties Mistress Anne McGuire

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