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Based on the Patrick Dennis novel and the play "Mame" by Lawrence and Lee
Music and Lyrics by JERRY HERMAN

New York run: Winter Garden Theatre; opened May 24, 1966; ran for 1508 Performances

Plot Synopsis

Mame is a happy happening. She is well-to-do, lives in New York at the peak of the Twenties, and is surprised by a "wonderful present": an orphan nephew named Patrick.

Now, twelve-year-old Patrick needs his aunt, and this is something new for Mame -- to be needed. It changes her life. It brings her into sharp conflict with her best friend, Ver Charles, a multi-martini grande dame of the legitimate theatre -- for Vera can't stand children. The man Mame is about to marry is perfectly willing to take on the boy as a bonus, but Mame doesn't think she'll have time for marriage -- "I'll be too busy being a mother!" 

The boy's nanny, Agnes Gooch, doesn't approve of the irrepressible things which go on in Mame's Beekman Place apartment, and yet she inevitably falls under Mame's spell.

Eye to eye, toe to toe, Mame battles Babcock, the Babbitt-ish banker who wants to make young Patrick the prisoner of the Establishment and puts chains of conformity around him. With the balloon-burst of the Depression, it looks as if Babcock is going to have his way. Mame loses all her money, and she loses jobs as quickly as she finds them. (Mame's gift is giving, not working for hire!) In a brief adventure as a manicurist, she meets Beau -- wealthy scion of the South. He takes Mame to his plantation for the begrudging approval of his family. They are astounded at her fox hunt exploits (she befriends the fox). Of course, Beau proposes in the bouncing title song, which sings the praises of Mame! 

The story rushes headlong into the Thirties and Forties. Vera stands by her Bosom Buddy when Mame returns to Beekman Place after Beau's sudden death. Patrick, now in college, and Mame's former suitor, Lindsay Woolsey, prompt Mame into writing her memoirs. Gooch has been primed in secretarial school to type up Mame's pearls of wisdom, but an experiment in a liberated life has a transforming impact on Patrick's nanny. 

The maturing Patrick seems to be slipping away from Mame's ideal of freedom. When he declares his engagement to a famous blonde "with the IQ of a dead flashlight battery", Mame is in despair. What did she do wrong? What would she do differently, "If he had walked into my life today?" 

But the lady's resources are endless. Just as Patrick rescued her from the shallow trap of the Twenties, she helps the boy to save himself from a life of Darien drabness and snobbery. Ingeniously, she foils the Establishment and life goes on, not with Auntie Mame but with Grandauntie Mame rescuing another youngster from the toils of conformity.



Mame Angela Lansbury
Vera Charles Beatrice Arthur

Songs from the Show - Act One

Overture Orchestra
St. Bridget Agnes, Patrick
It's Today Mame, Chorus
It's Today (Reprise #1) Patrick, Mame, Chorus
Open A New Window Mame, Chorus, Patrick
The Moon Song Vera, Girls, Mame
My Best Girl Patrick, Mame
We Need A Little Christmas Mame, Agnes, Ito, Patrick
We Need A Little Christmas(Reprise) Mame, Agnes, Ito, Patrick, Beau

Songs from the Show - Act Two

The Fox Hunt Uncle Jeff, Patrick, Cousin Fan,Mother Burnside, Sally Cato, Chorus
Mame Beau, Chorus
Letter To Mame Younger Patrick, Older Patrick
My Best Girl (Reprise) Patrick
Bosom Buddies Mame, Vera
Bosom Buddies (Reprise) Mame, Vera, Agnes
Gooch's Song Agnes
That's How Young I Feel (Jitterbug) Chorus
If He Walked Into My Life Mame
It's Today (Reprise #2) Mame, Chorus, Vera
My Best Girl (Reprise #2) Patrick
Finale Mame

1988-1989 Production

Presented November 25-December 3, 1988 at the High School of Commerce Auditorium, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada 

Production Team

Production Coordinator Maivary J. Cole
Artistic Director Jack Wallace
Asst. to Director Sue Fowler
Musical Director Brian Boggs
Accompanist Lorna Rice
Choreographer Karen Belanger
Co-choreographer Nancy Egan
Set Designer and Scenic Artist Nancy Solman
Costume Designer Bev Whitehead
Lighting Designer John Solman
Properties Mistress Anne McGuire
Sound Technician Bill Butterworth
Stage Manager Don Lambton
Master Carpenter Gerry Reynolds
Workshop Chairman Tom Shields
Make-up Artists Melva Scott and Barb Seeton
Hairdresser Walter Young


Patrick, Age 12 Ian Stephenson
Agnes Gooch Cynthia Bates
Mame Dennis Patricia Easter
Ito Wayne Nolan
Ralph Devine Craig Rowe
M. Lindsay Woolsey Walt Conrad
Vera Charles Cayla Baylin
Dwight Babcock Brian Schecter
A Leading Man Craig Rowe
A Stage Manager Steve Kerstetter
Madame Banislowski Cher Daley
Gregor Peter Mitchell
Beauregard Burnside Bob Lackey
Uncle Jeff Moe Romanow
Cousin Fan Shannon Doern
Mother Burnside Sheila Shields
Sally Cato Carolyn Kelso-Bell
Patrick Dennis, Age 21-32 Eugene Oscapella
Claude Upson Jim Robertson
Mrs. Upson Cher Daley
Gloria Upson Christine Zimmerly
Pegeen Ryan Karen Edge
Peter Dennis Evan Steingarten


Keavin Amyot, Carol Billingham, Chris Cullen, Patrick Cunningham, Nancy Egan, Pat Egan, Angle Egarhos, Helen Farrell, Anne Gravelle, Cleste Heffler, Andrew Hill, Lynda Jackson, Debbie Jones, Melodie Macdonald, Lawrence Mahusky, Robin Monaghan, Martha Morofsky, Jim Morrison, John Murray, Hugh Spence, Tony Starratt, Phoebe Webber, Evelyn Wyness 


Under the direction of Brian Boggs

Reeds John Hilchie, Rush Ledge, Bob Pich?, Michael Scorah, David Ward
Piano Lorna Rice
Bass Jamie Gattie
Brass Marlene Field, Sid Holmes, Drummond Hudson, Chris Lane
Percussion Art Beers
Guitar/Banjo Neil Bateman 

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