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Book, Music and Lyrics by RICK BESOYAN

New York run: Orpheum Theatre, November 18, 1959 (1143 performances) 

Plot Synopsis

Little Mary Sunshine was a witty, melodious takeoff on the Rose-Marie school of robust heroics and excessively aredent love songs. [...] Set in the Colorado Rockies early in the century, the tale is primarily concerned with Mary Potts, proprietress of the Colorado Inn, and valorous Capt. "Big Jim" Warrington of the Forest Rangers, who gets to rescue his beloved from the clutches of the lecherous Indian Yellow Feather just in time for their echoing "Colorado Love Call" duet. 

(Source: Green, Stanley, Broadway Musicals: Show by Show, Hal Leonard Books, 1985, p. 186)


Cast of Characters (ORIGINAL CAST)


Mary Potts Eileen Brennan
Capt. "Big Jim" Warrington William Graham 

Songs from the Show - Act One

Overture Orchestra
The Forest Ranger Captain Jim, Forest Rangers
Little Mary Sunshine Forest Rangers, Little Mary
Look for a Sky of Blue Forest Rangers, Little Mary
You're the Fairest Flower Captain Jim
In Izzenschnooken On the Lovely Essenzook Zee Mme Ernestine
Playing Croquet Ladies
Swinging Ladies, Forest Rangers
Tell a Handsome Stranger Pete, Cora, Slim, Henrietta, Tex, Mabel
Once in a Blue Moon Billy, Nancy
Colorado Love Call Mme Ernestine, Little Mary
Act One Finale Company

Songs from the Show - Act Two

Entr'acte Orchestra
Such a Merry Party Nancy, Ladies, Forest Rangers
Say Uncle General Oscar Fairfax, Ladies
The Forest Rangers (Reprise) Forest Rangers
Me A Heap Big Injun Billy
Naughty Naughty Nancy Little Mary, Ladies
Mata Hari Nancy, Ladies
Do You Ever Dream of Vienna? Mme Ernestine, General Fairfax
A Shell Game Yellow Feather, Billy, Nancy
Coo Coo Little Mary
Colorado Love Call (Reprise) Captain Jim, Little Mary
Finale Company


1982-1983 Production

Presented March 11, 12, 14-19, 1983 at the High School of Commerce Auditorium, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada  

Production Team

Production Coordinator Frank Burke
Director Richard Elichuk
Musical Director Drummond Hudson
Choreographer Susie Bregg
Set/Lighting Designer Margaret Coderre-Williams
Costume Designer Raymond Whitney
Assistant Director Eoin McManus
Accompanist Lorna Rice
Master Carpenter Sid Jelly
Sound Bill Butterworth
Properties Patti Mordasewicz
Stage Manager Kazmier Krzyzanowski
Scenic Artist Jeanie Stewart
Make-Up Artist Penny Coates
Hair Stylist Eva Taylor-Isherwood
Photographer Chris Terry
Show Poster Design David L. Roop


Chief Brown Bear Eddie Nunn
Corporal "Billy" Jester Michael Gareau
Captain "Big Jim" Warrington Al Baldwin
Little Mary Sunshine Barbara Seabright
Mme Ernestine Von Liebedich Janet Tomlinson
Nancy Twinkle Norma Findlay
Fleet Foot Wayne Nolan
Yellow Feather Chris Amott
General Oscar Fairfax Barry Bielby
Ernestine (the child) Ruth Westall
Sigmund (her friend) Andrew Laubstein
Henrietta Jackilyn Campeau
Blanche Debbie Miller
Gwendolyn Phyllis Milburn
Maude Elizabeth Radmore
Phoebe Marilyn Krauskopf
Mabel Judith Froome
Agnes Sheila Shields
Cora Cher Daley
Francis Todd Brazeau
Pete Brian Burke
Buster Chris O'Toole
Slim Alain Mainguy
Tex Stephen Arscott
Chuck Art King
Scotty Jack Wallace
Hank Brian Schecter


Under the direction of Drummond Hudson

Violins Millicent Shaw, Irving Thompson, Keith Milliken, Evelyn Chadwick, Jacques Lalonde
Viola Eliane Milliquet
Cello Pawel Szymczyk-Marjanovic
Bass Michel Des Marchais
Flute Charley Hendricks
Oboe Veronica Milroy
Clarinets Mike Scorah, Dave Ward
Trumpets Sid Arnold, Ken Isles
French Horn Nigel Bell
Trombone Marlene Robertson
Piano Lorna Rice
Percussion Neils Lund

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