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Opened at the Palace Theatre, New York City
August 21, 1983

Music and Lyrics by JERRY HERMAN
Based on the play La Cage aux Folles by JEAN POIRET

Plot Synopsis

In its original inception, the French play La Cage aux Folles was a comical farce, full of sight gags and wildly drawn characters. It took the combined talents of Jerry Herman (Mame, Hello, Dolly!) and Harvey Fierstein (Torch Song Trilogy) to give the story its heart. In the words of playwright Harvey Feirstein: "La Cage aux Folles is a love story, the tale of a marriage of 20 years almost ruined by a son's thoughtlessness. Here is the age-old triangle of mother, father and child. What child has not at some point in its life been ashamed to introduce its parents to friends? What parent has not wondered, 'where did we go wrong?' What marriage has not been tested in these familial flames?" 


Cast of Characters


Georges Gene Barry
Chantal David Cahn
Monique Dennis Callahan
Dermah Frank DiPasquale
Nicole John Dolf
Hanna David Engel
Mercedes David Evans
Bitelle Linda Haberman
Lo Singh Eric Lamp
Odette Dan O'Grady
Angelique Deborah Phelan
Phaedra David Scala
Clo-Clo Sam Singhaus
Francis Brian Kelly
Jacob William Thomas, Jr
Albin George Hearn
Jean-Michel John Weiner
Anne Leslie Stevens
Jacqueline Elizabeth Parrish
Renaud Walter Charles
Mme Renaud Sydney Anderson
Paulette Betsy Craig
Hercule Jack Neubeck
Etienne Jay Pierce
Babette Marie Santell
Colette Jennifer Smith
Tabarro Mark Waldrop
Pepe Ken Ward
Edouard Dindon Jay Garner
Marie Dindon Merle Louise

Songs from the Show - Act One

We Are What We Are  
A Little More Mascara  
With Anne on My Arm  
With You on My Arm  
The Promenade  
Song on the Sand  
La Cage aux Folles  
I Am What I Am  

Songs from the Show - Act Two

Song on the Sand (Reprise)  
Look Over There  
Cocktail Counterpoint  
The Best of Times  
Look Over There (Reprise)  
Grand Finale  

1996-1997 Production

Presented March 7-15, 1997 at Centrepointe Theatre, Nepean, Ontario  

Production Team

Artistic Director Wayne Nolan
Musical Director Marlene Hudson
Choreographer Susie Bregg-Krzyzanowski
Executive Producer John Solman
Production Coordinator Walt Conrad
Assistant Director Shelagh Mills
Choreographer's Assistant Lisa Bishop
Apprentice Musical Director Heather MacIntosh
Stage Manager Marylin Day
Assistant Stage Managers Carol Chamberlain
Set Designer & Scenic Artist Jennifer Donnelly
Costume Designer Jill Thompson
Assistant Costume Designer Michael Fortier
Wardrobe Mistresses Carole Quirk, Helene Rivest
Sound Designer Wayne Chomik
Lighting Designer Mike Jotoff
Make-up Designer Sue Dacey
Hair Designer Lawrence Finnie
Master Carpenter Tom Mordasewicz
Technical Adviser Casey Krzyzanowski
Accompanists Lynn Becking, Cheryl Woods
Production Assistant Patti Mordasewicz
Properties Anne McGuire
Dance Captain Tanya Chang


Georges Ted Mann
Chantal Tom Wilkinson
Monique Roger Webber-Taylor
Dermah Michael Fortier
Nicole Jason O'Brien
Hanna Rejean Dinelle-Mayer
Mercedes Michael Donovan
Bitelle Lucille Warren
Lo Singh Tanya Chang
Odette Shaun Toohey
Angelique Mary Lou Foley
Phaedra Tony Bove
Clo-Clo Rachel Hauraney
Francis Don Lapierre
Jacob Jefferson Guzman
Albin Dan Baran
Jean-Michel Patrick McCann
Anne Laura Patriquin
Jacqueline Carol Jamieson
Renaud Richard Clement
Mme Renaud Jane Gale
Paulette Laura Charles
Hercule Jason Nesrallah
Etienne Jim Robertson
Colette Miriam Khalil
Tabarro Terry Duncan
Guy Guy Dube
Jacques Liam Nicholson
Pepe Patrick Donahue
Minou Ada Timmins
Edouard Dindon Lawrence Evenchick
Marie Dindon Christine Burton


under the direction of Marlene Hudson 

Violins Janet Roy, Irving Thompson, Kevin James, Doug Brierley
Cello Steve Smith
Flute/Piccolo Charles Hendricks
Oboe/English Horn Angele Casagrande
Flute/Clarinet/Alto Sax Mike Scorah
Clarinet/Tenor Sax David Ward
French Horn Keith Estabrooks
Trumpets Sid Holmes, Michel Renaud
Trombones Drummond Hudson, Murray Cuthbert
Accordion Gary Racicot
Piano Frank Burke
Bass Sol Gunner
Drums Don Johnson
Percussion Art Beers 

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