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Lyrics by TIM RICE

The first performance of the Canadian production took place at the Elgin Theatre, Toronto, Canada, on June 18, 1992.

Plot Synopsis

Andrew Lloyd Webber and Tim Rice's very first musical collaboration tells a timeless tale of sibling rivalry, family strife and suffering, all with an eventual happy ending. Our rendition takes place in a Sunday School class in Anywhere, North America, circa late 1960s - the years during which Lloyd Webber and Rice wrote the original concert piece from which the stage version of Joseph took shape. The "action" represents the children's imagining of the story their teacher tells them one Sunday morning. 

Joseph has gone through several different incarnations over the last thirty years. From a twenty-minute choral concert piece written in 1967, to a small-scale stage production in London's West End in the early 1970s, to a very campy Broadway and North American touring production in the late 1970s and early 1980s, to the glitz and glamour of Livent's Joseph of the 1990s.


Cast of Characters


Joseph Donny Osmond
Narrator Janet Metz/Connie Kunkle
Jacob/Potiphar Michael Fletcher
Pharaoh Johnny Seaton
Butler Rufus Bonds, Jr.
Baker Trent Kendall
Mrs. Potiphar Karen Holness
Reuben Lee Lobenhofer
Simeon Jeff Blumenkrantz
Levi Timothy J. Alex
Napthali Avery Saltzman
Issachar Trent Kendall
Asher Vance Avery
Dan Michael Berresse
Zebulun Glen Kerr
Gad Rufus Bonds, Jr.
Benjamin Timothy Howar
Judah Mark Cassius Ferguson/Edwin Louis Battle
Reuben's Wife Kim Scarcella
Simeon's Wife Kiri-Lyn Muir
Levi's Wife Cara Hunter
Napthali's Wife Karen Holness
Issachar's Wife Linda Talcott
Asher's Wife Deboarah Leamy
Dan's Wife Jacquie Holroyd
Zebulun's Wife Anne Gingras
Gad's Wife Jody Ripplinger
Benjamin's Wife Susan Gattoni
Judah's Wife Marianne McCord


Christine Donato, Steve Girardi, Janet Kelley, Connie Kunkle

Children: The combined choirs of


Songs from the Show - Act One

Jacob and Sons/Joseph's Coat  
Joseph's Dream  
Poor, Poor Joseph  
One More Angel in Heaven  
Close Every Door  
Go, Go, Go Joseph  

Songs from the Show - Act Two

Pharaoh's Story  
Poor, Poor Pharaoh/Song of the King  
Stone The Crows  
Those Canaan Days  
The Brothers Come to Egypt  
Who's the Thief  
Benjamin Calypso  
Joseph All The Time  
Jacob in Egypt  
Any Dream Will Do  

1997-1998 Production

Presented June 5-13, 1998 at Centrepointe Theatre, Nepean, Ontario 

Production Team

Artistic Director Debbie Miller-Smith
Musical Director Drummond Hudson
Choreographer Tami-Lynn Caloia
Executive Producer John Solman
Production Coordinator Michael Fortier
Assistant Director Sue Dacey
Apprentice Musical Director Mary Lou Foley
Choreographer's Assistant Shawna Eisenstat
Stage Manager Carol Chamberlain
Apprentice Stage Manager Elaine McCausland
Assistant Stage Manager Graham Galway
Set Designer Jennifer Walden
Scenic Artists Jennifer Walden, Margaret Coderre-Williams
Set Design Consultant Margaret Coderre-Williams
Costume Designer Nancy Solman
Apprentice Costumer Designer Emily Fuhrman
Properties Anne McGuire
Accompanists Wendy Berkelaar, Cheryl Jarvis Woods
Sound Designer Michael Brown
Lighting Designer Chris Amott
Master Carpenter Terry Dacey
Apprentice Master Carpenter Jason McCoy
Hair Designer Joanne Dupuis
Makeup Designer Catherine Besserer
Wardrobe Mistress Cheryl Woods


Joseph Michael Torontow
Narrator Cindy Beaton
Narrator understudy Carolyn Henderson
Jacob/Narrator Malcolm Wall
Pharaoh Sweeney MacArthur
Potiphar Shaun Toohey
Mrs. Potiphar Rachel Hauraney
Butler Robert Hoag
Baker Ken Lawson
Reuben Thomas Franzkey
Simeon Marty Black
Levi Eugene Oscapella
Napthali Scott E. Jackson
Issachar Jim Morrison
Asher Sandy Dale
Dan Terry Duncan
Zebulun/Joseph understudy Michael Flynn
Gad Marc Ouimet
Benjamin Jason Nesrallah
Judah Michael Donavan


Tanya Chang, Fawn Fritzen, Jane Gale, Robin Guy, Angela Laturnus, Shawna McSheffrey, Monica Poirier, Joan Pratt, Trudi Reaume, Mary Tevlin, Ada Timmins 


Andrea Black, Laura Braslins, Andrew Burkett, Andrew Clegg, Lauren Ehrenworth, Bridget Evoy, Rachel Hauraney, Robert Hoag, Ken Lawson, Sweeney MacArthur, Jonathan Patterson, Chris Roberts, Geoff Scovell, Shaun Toohey 


Kira Balson, Megan Beadle, Calla Brisbin, Montana Brisbin, Laurel Carlton, Alexandra Carr, Jonathan Chamaillard, Jennifer Chappell, Jessica Clausen, Sara Corbett, Victoria Coulthart, Meagan Dargavel, Lindsey Gorfine, Nora Hammond, Samantha Handy, Kelsey Hickson, Chris Hudson, Mark Hudson, Rebecca Huntley, Maddie Kessel, Emily Kipp, Theodora Koulouris, Gabrielle Lazarovitz, Esther Lee, Jenny Leroy, Amy Lester, Meghan Lindsey, Amy Lockwood, Samantha Mason, Hayley Masterson, Kim McIntosh, Jennifer Morgan, Tessa Morris, Anne Murphy, Lauren Murphy, Chelsea Ogilvie, Praveeni Perera, Jackson Proctor, Katie Rider, Julia Roberts, Elsbeth Sare, Scot Secord, Anna Simonsen, Vincent Singh, Frances Stewart, Mary Jane Tingley, Ivy Tooley, Anique Wallace, Carrie Wallace, Kristi Wallace, Ben Walsh, Leah Werk, Kelsey Witiuk (Orpheus Liasion: Marlene Hudson, Choir Directors: Brenda Joe-Packman & Cheryl Jarvis Woods) 



under the direction of Drummond Hudson

Flute, Piccolo, Clarinet Michael Scorah
Clarinet, Soprano Sax, Bass Clarinet David Renaud
Trumpet Sid Holmes
French Horn Keith Estabrooks
Keyboard 1 Frank Burke
Keyboard 2 Mark Ferguson
Guitar, Banjo Craig Kennedy
Electric Bass Sol Gunner
Drum Set Don Johnson
Percussion Art Beers

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