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Johnny Belinda

Book & Lyrics by MAVOR MOORE
Music, Orchestration and Original music direction by JOHN FENWICK

Based on the play Johnny Belinda by ELMER HARRIS
(Musical adaptation suggested by K. Blumenkranz & B. Spiro)

First presented in 1968 by the Charlottetown Festival, Prince Edward Island under the direction of and with choreography by Alan Lund. Johnny Belinda played on the Mainstage in 1968, 1969, 1974, 1975, 1997 and 1998.

Plot Synopsis

An idealistic doctor comes to a small maritime village in Canada and transforms the world of a deaf-mute girl by teaching her sign language. But, just as it appears that her life has improved, she is raped by one of the men in the town and ends up pregnant. When the rapist threatens to take Belinda's child, the young mother is driven to murder her attacker, and a gripping trial ensues.

Songs from the Show - Act One

Oh, It Was in Souris Dingwell
Early in the Morning Locky, Fergus, Floyd
A Fine Catch Mrs. Lutz & Chorus
The Girls are a Thing I'm Fond of Locky, Fergus, Floyd
I'm Savin' Up for my Trousseau Stella
The Sign Song Dr. Jack
Belinda Black MacDonald
THe Miller's Wheel Goes Round and Round Black, Maggie
The Sign Song (Reprise) Black, Dr. Jack
Barn Dances All but Black & Maggie
The Rape Belinda, Locky

Songs from the Show - Act Two

Lessons Are Like Love Dr. Jack, Belinda
Song Without Words Belinda
What Have THey Done to Ye? Maggie
Bad Luck! Black
The Shivaree Fergus, Floyd & Chorus
Who Am I To Be Your Saviour? * Dr. Jack
Dr. Davidson's Skipped the Town Mrs. McKee & Chorus
I'm Lost and I'm Lonely * Stella
Psalm 128 Father, Mrs. McKee, Mrs. Lutz
You're My Darlin' Baby Stella
Oh, It Was In Souris (Reprise) Chorus
A Fine Catch (Reprise) Floyd, Fergus & Chorus
Oh, It Was in Souris (Reprise) Dingwell
* Music by Mavor Moore  


2003-2004 Production

Presented February 27-March 6, 2004 at Centrepointe Theatre, Ottawa

"Actress Minna Koch does a wonderful job, chiefly through sign and dance, of expressing Belinda's joys and fear. Terry Duncan is wholly likable and convincing as the miracle-working doctor, while Lawrence Evenchick ably provides the villainous foil, Locky, with nary a drop of remorse or doubt."
(Bruce Deachman, The Ottawa Citizen - Theatre Review, "Johnny Belinda a meaty subject for Orpheus to tackle", March 1, 2004)


 2004 Johnny Belinda Production


Belinda MacDonald Minna Koch
Dr. Jack Davidson Terry Duncan
John ("Black") MacDonald, Belinda's father Bob Lackey
Maggie MacDonald, Belinda's aunt Joyce Landry
Stella Maguire Cindy Beaton
Locky McCormick Lawrence Evenchick
Mrs. Louisa McKee Caroline Gowdy-Williams
Mrs. Lutz Lesley Osborn
Jimmy Dingwell Jim Robertson
Fergus McGuigan Gordon Guest
Floyd McGuigan Andrew Wiseman
Hector McGuffey Tony Bove-Dallas
Lizzie Thompson Tanya Chang
Mary Downer Rachel Cyr
Hazel Malone Caroline Stevens
Father Shaughnessy, village priest David Paterson
Pacquet, the storekeeper Jim Morrison
Judge Walt Conrad
TOWNSPEOPLE OF SOURIS Kathleen Arbour, Corinne McDonald, Alessia Lupiano, Samantha Read, Alex Kirkpatrick-Wahl, Sara Rushforth

 2004 Johnny Belinda Production


Under the direction of Brian Boggs

Violins Ioan Harea, Brigitte Amyot, Nancy Eadie
Viola Janet Roy
Cello Steve Smith
Flute/Piccolo Tina Fedeski
Oboe Angela Casagrande
Clarinets Mario Gilbert, Andreacute Freschette
French Horn Keith Estabrooks
Trumpets Carmelo Scaffidi, John Harrison
Trombones Drummond Hudson, Marlene Hudson
Bass Sol Gunner
Keyboard Meredith Dixon
Percussion Art Beers

 2004 Johnny Belinda Production

Production Personnel

Director Laura Duncan
Musical Director Brian Boggs
Choreographer Robin Guy
Production Coordinator Bill Rankin
Apprentice Director Shawna Morgan
Accompanist Meredith Dixon
Stage Manager/Technical Director Carol Chamberlain
Apprentice/Assistant Stage Manager Paul Arbour
Set Designer Nancy Solman
Scenic Artist Jana Jaros
Costume Designer Cynthia Sanoy
Costume Production Manager Sandi Mish
Lighting Designer John Solman
Sound Designer Cindy Sceviour
Master Carpenter Peter Wilson
Properties Anne McGuire

 2004 Johnny Belinda Production

2004 Johnny Belinda Production 

2004 Johnny Belinda Production



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