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Hello, Dolly!

Music and Lyrics by JERRY HERMAN
Based on the play The Matchmaker by THORNTON WILDER
First Performance at the St. James Theatre, New York, January 16, 1964

Plot Synopsis

Dolly Gallagher Levi, a New York matchmaker of the 1890's, succeeds not only in helping three young couples, but also manages to snare a rich Yonkers merchant, Horace Vandergelder, for herself. Dolly's big moment as well as the musical's occurs in the second scene of Act II when the lady makes a grand reappearance at the Harmonia Gardens Restaurant. Despite the multiplicity of credited plot derivations, Hello, Dolly! also claims kinship with the turn-of-the-century musical A Trip to Chinatown. In both productions, young couples, aided by a widow, spend a frantic evening at a gala restaurant trying to avoid detection by a wealthy gentleman. Both shows end with the gentleman stuck with the bills and unable to pay because his wallet is missing.


Songs from the Show - Act One

Call on Dolly Townspeople, Dolly, Ambrose
I Put My Hand In Dolly
It Take a Woman Horace, Cornelius, Barnaby, Men
Put on Your Sunday Clothes Cornelius, Barnaby, Dolly, Ambrose, Ermengarde, Towspeople
Ribbons Down My Back Irene
I Stand for Motherhood, America Dolly, Irene, Minnie, Horace
Dancing Dolly, Cornelius, Barnaby, Irene, Minnie, Dancers
Before the Parade Passes By Dolly, Townspeople


Songs from the Show - Act Two

Entr'acte Orchestra
Elegance Cornelius, Barnaby, Irene, Minnie
Waiters' Galops Waiters
Hello, Dolly! Dolly, Waiters
Polka Dancers
It Only Takes a Moment Cornelius, Defendants, Irene
So Long, Dearie Dolly, Horace
Hello, Dolly! (Reprise) Horace, Dolly


2001-2002 Production

Presented November 16-24, 2001 at Centrepointe Theatre, Ottawa

Ottawa Citizen Review



Dolly Levi Laura Duncan
Horace Vandergelder Jim Robertson
Cornelius Hackl Shaun Toohey
Barnaby Tucker Jonathan Patterson
Irene Molloy Joyce Landry
Minnie Faye Minna Koch
Ermengarde Erin Christie
Ambrose Kemper Tom Friesen
Ernestina Maureen McGovern
Rudolph Hugh Eisenhauer
Mrs. Rose Ellen Asherman
FEMALE CHORUS Ellen Asherman, France Bastien, Dominique Bouchard, Diana Lynn Dalton, Roxanne Delisle, Elizabeth Gillies, Stefanie Iszak, Debbie Kaplan, Patricia Kell, Debra Palmer, Sue Plummer, Cheryl Sheffer, Fiona Stanton
MALE CHORUS Denis Bastien, Richard Clement, Kim Current, Sandy Dale, Gordon Guest, Mike Heimann, Lindsay Hill, Antoine Menard, Alain Patry, Alain Robichaud, Sean Speer, Tim Thorenton, Andy Williams
EXTRAS AT THE HARMONIA GARDENS Walt Conrad, Patrick Donahue, Michael Gareau, Tim Hillock, Tom Lupiano, Pat McAlpine, Gloria Wyse



Under the direction of Terry Duncan

Violins Brigitte Amyot, Nancy Eadie, Janet Roy
Viola Wendy Desserud
Cello Steve Smith
Bass Sol Gunner
Keyboard Cheryl Jarvis Woods
Percussion Art Beers, Don Johnson
Guitar/Banjo Craig Kennedy
Flute/Piccolo/Alto Sax/Clarinet Mike Scorah
Alto Sax/Clarinet Mario Gilbert
Tenor Sax/Clarinet Andre Frechette
Baritone Sax/Bass Clarinet David Renaud
Trumpets Carmelo Scaffidi
Trombones Drummond Hudson, Marlene Hudson


Production Personnel

Director Sue Dacey
Musical Director Terry Duncan
Choreographers Debbie Miller, Lynne Fleury
Assistant Director/Production Assistant Christine Drew
Assistant Director Patrick Donahue
Production Coordinator Randy Allen
Stage Manager Elaine McCausland
Assistant Stage Manager Tom Lupiano
Set Designer John Solman
Scenic Artists Ken Lawson, Twyla Weimer
Master Carpenters Randy Allen, Elaine McCausland
Costume Designer Cheryl Allen
Costume Production Coordinator Sandi Mish
Wardrobe Mistress Helen Lupiano
Properties Designers Mar Langtry, Lorelei Miller
Sound Designer Cindy Sceviour
Lighting Designer Chris Amott
Make-up Designer Catherine Besserer
Hair Designer Vaughan Bauman
Executive Producer John Solman
Accompanist Cheryl Woods



1987-1988 Production

Presented November 27 - December 5, 1987 at the High School of Commerce, Ottawa

Ottawa Citizen Review



Dolly Levi Liane Marshall
Horace Vandergelder Barry Bielby
Cornelius Hackl Heller
Barnaby Tucker Wayne McNamara
Irene Molloy Joyce Landry
Minnie Faye Jacki Campeau
Ermengarde Jennifer Gould
Ambrose Kemper Neil Johnson
Ernestina Sharron McGuirl
Rudolph Jim Robertson
Stanley Wayne Nolan
Two cooks Alan Mainguy, David McCallum
Judge Kindheart Moe Romanow
TOWNSPEOPLE, WAITER, DEFENDANTS, DANCERS Mitch Bourque, Tony Bove, Krista Bugatsch, Barry Daley, Helen Farrell, Wilma Gray, Cindy Harrison, Darcia Kember, Luke LaRue, Kathleen Macready, Neil Minshall, Wayne Nolan, Amy Pressman, Jim Robertson, Michelle Tardif

* Miss Marshall appears by permission of Canadian Actors' Equity Association



Under the direction of Rod Holmes

Violins Irving Thompson, Ioan Harea, Millicent Shaw, Todd Cadieux, John Phran
Viola Eliane Milliquet
Cello Steve Smith
Bass Jamie Gatti
Keyboard Jim Brough, Lorna Rice
Percussion Art Beers, Glenn Robb
Reeds Mike Scorah, John Hilchie, Dave Wards, Gordon Richards
Trumpets Chris Lane, Don Bishop
Trombones Drummond Hudson, Marlene Field


Production Personnel

Artistic Director J.A. Wallace
Musical Director Rod Holmes
Choreographer Susie Bregg-Krzyzanowski
Production Coordinator Malvary J. Cole
Assistant to the Director Susan Fowler
Assistants to the Musical Director Lorna Rice, Joyce Landry
Assistant to the Choreographer Val Keenleyside
Stage Manager Casey Krzyzanowski
Assistant Stage Manager Faye Lavell
Set Designer Peter Woolnough
Costume Designer Millie Mallon
Costume Mistress Rose Little
Properties Mistress Dorothy Shaw
Sound Bill Butterworth, Frank Burke
Lighting Designer Serge Fex
Make-up Design Leslie J. Barkell
Hair Stylist Dorothy Shaw
Master Carpenter John Solman
Workshop Chairman Don Lambton
Accompanists Lorna Rice, Jim Brough
Dance Captain Jennifer Gould

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