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From the German of A. M. WILLNER

Opened October 17, 1911 at the Globe Theatre, New York

Plot Synopsis

Zorika, daughther of Niklas a wealthy proprietor, is to be married to Fedor, a half brother of Jozsi, a Gypsy violinist. She meets Jozsi in the Chateau Park and is fascinated by his violin playing. Niklas is anxious to marry Ilma, a young widow, and has placed himself in the hands of Moschu, a beauty specialist to be rejuvenated. The wedding guest arrive and Fedor is about to kiss his bride when Jozsi appears and interferes with a Gypsy warning. A quarrel ensues and the guests depart for the Banquet Hall. Lilia wants her uncle to find her a husband also. Niklas refuses but Moschu promises her one; Kaspar arrives and Lilia proceeds to cure him of his bashfulness. Ilma helps which ends in Kaspar declaring he loves Lilia. Zorika meest Jozsi and asks him to take her away with him. This is overheard by Sacha, her nurse, who reminds her it is St. Agnes's Eve and implores her to drink of the magic waters of Czerna that she may see the future more clearly. She accepts the goblets and after drinking lets it drop in the stream as she sinks back to slumber in which she hears Jozsi's violin which changes to the song of the Water Sprites as the curtain slowly falls.

The scene changes to the Czarda a Hungarian Inn. Andor is deploring his bad business when he suddenly hears Jozsi playing outside and calls him in. Jozsi enters and entertains the guests. Zorika who has followed him for two years now desires she shall be married by a clergyman and in a Church. They pledge the wedding in Tokay and leave the room. As they do, Niklas offers to sing for Ilma. She laughs at him and confesses it is Jozsi's music which alone has captured her heart. Jozsi assures Ilma he loves her and desires to embrace her. She tells him to wait as a Gypsy wedding is to take place. He tells her he is the bridegroom. Ilma shows anger at the news and runs away followed by Jozsi. The wedding is about to take place and Zorika implores Jozsi to be married in Church. He declares he will have a Gypsy marriage or none. Seeing her father she appeals to him, but Niklas repulses her. Overcome with emotion as Ilma embrases Jozsi, her despair changes to anger and seizing his violin rushes toward him to strike him as the curtain closes the scene.

The third act opens in the Chateau Park. Jozsi enters calling for Zorika and is answered by Ilma. Jozsi invites her to elope with him and they leave the Park as Fedor enters looking for Zorika who in her sleep dreams of stabbing Jozsi, and awakes to find herself in Fedor's arms and all her previous suffering was a dream. Filled with joy they enter the Chateau. Lilia makes Kaspar compromise her with a kiss before a witness. Ilma accepts Niklas, and Kaspar marries the persistent Lilia as the curtain descends on the happy couples.

Songs from the Show - Act One

Opening Chorus


Entrance Song (Zorika)


There is a Land of Fancy (Duet; Zorika & Jozsi)


Mirror Number (Ilma and female chorus)




Love is like the Rose (Fedor, Zorika & Chorus)


Love's Sorcery (Ilma and Chorus)


Lessons in Love (Trio; Ilma, Lilia and Kaspar)


The Melody of Love (Zorika and Chorus)


Finale, Act 1


Songs from the Show - Act Two

Opening Chorus


Drinking Song (Andor and Chorus)


Gyspy Love (Jozsi)


Trio (Zorika, with Jozsi & Andor)


When I'm Waltzing with You (Ilma, Niklas & Chorus)


Baby Duet (Lilia and Kaspar)


Duet (Zorika and Fedor)


Finale, Act 2


Songs from the Show - Act Three

Opening Chorus (Female voices)


Chorus behind Scene


Reminiscence (Fedor)


Matrimony (Sextette, Ilma, Lilia, Kaspar, Niklas, Andor and Moschu)


Finale, Act 3



1953-1954 Production

Presented April 21-24, 1954 at Ottawa Technical High School, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Production Team

Produced and Directed by

Bernard McManus

Musical Director

Joseph B. Herdman

At The Piano

Winifred Canty

Set Designed by

Edward Fancott

Costumes by

Malabar, Toronto

Stage Manager

Eare Ingram

Dances arranged by

Lillian Horrocks

Chorus Leader (off stage)

Eva Herdman


Girl Guides Association of Ottawa

Prompt Book

Christine McCulloch Allan

House Manager

Ken Meyer


Roy Sylvester

Business Manager

Bert Thomas


ZORIKA, Daughter of Niklas

Freda Lyon

JOZSI, A Gypsy Musician

Bill Dunning

SACHA, Zorika's Nurse

Rose McCallum

MOSCHU, A tonsorial Artist, and Beauty Doctor

Charlie Kerr

NIKLAS, Zorika's Fatherm, a Wealthy Proprietor

George Wetzstein

ILMA, A Young Widow

Eileen Mahoney Wright

FEDOR, Zorika's Betrothed

Gerry Belisle

LILIA, Neice of Niklas, A School Giles

Janet Giles

KASPAR, A Bashful Youth, Son of the Burgomaster

Bill Wright

ANDOR, Proprietor of an Inn

Des Gibson

TONY, A Waiter

Stan Hicks

DIMIRTI, The Burgomaster

George Winship

Solo Violin

Ibolyka Gyarfas


Dorothy Ardley, Marilyn Arthur, Mary Barrette, Louise Cameron, Margot Carman, Daisy Mae Checkley, Norma Coll, Marion Deavy, Audrey Gignac, Jean Gilchrist, Dorothy Gough, Jean Goulet, Louise Grignon, Lean Halley, Lillian Horrocks, Inika Janecek, Greta Jensen, Mildred Ker, Margaret Mahony, Margaret McIlhinney, Margaret Meagher, Pearle Moore, Mary Morris, June Prichard, Ruby Rutkowsky, Aileen Ryan, Sylvia Smith, Lucienne St. Cyr


Rock Aubry, Georges Berniquez, Lloyd Burton, Albert Hanna, Stan Hicks, Ted Hothersall, Malcolm Hughes, James Ingram, Fred Jackson, Douglas Johnson, Bob King, Gustav Klawonn, Gordon Longstreet, Ivan Mitchell, Bill Murray, James Philliben, Richard Romhild, George Winship


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