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Guys and Dolls

Music and Lyrics by FRANK LOESSER
Based on a Story and Characters by DAMON RUNYON

Plot Synopsis

Guys and Dolls has been called the quintessential Broadway musical. It sets wonderful Loesser music to Damon Runyonland, the Broadway of the 1940's inhabited by gamblers, nightclub performers, and Salvation Army members trying to cure the sins of the Times Square population. The rich plot revolves around a bet made by gambler Sky Masterson with Nathan Detroit, organizer of a floating crap game.

Sky bets Nathan that he can woo any doll Nathan chooses and take her to a romantic Havana getaway. Nathan chooses none other than straight laced Sarah Brown of the Salvation Army.

The status of the bet, the crap game, and the end of the 14-year engagement of Nathan and his girl, Adelaide, result in confusion amidst great song and dance.


Songs from the Show - Act One

Fugue For Tinhorns  
Follow The Fold  
The Oldest Established  
I?ll Know  
A Bushel And A Peck  
Adelaide?s Lament  
Guys and Dolls  
Cuban Scene  
If I Were A Bell  
My Time Of Day  
I?ve Never Been In Love Before  

Songs from the Show - Act Two

Take Back Your Mink  
Adelaide?s Second Lament  
More I Cannot Wish You  
Luck Be A Lady  
Sue Me  
Sit Down, You?re Rockin? The Boat  
Adelaide Meets Sarah  
Marry The Man Today  
Guys And Dolls (reprise)  



2006-2007 Production

Presented March 2-10, 2007 at Centrepointe Theatre, Ottawa, Ontario



Nicely-Nicely Johnson Shaun Toohey
Benny Southstreet J.T. Morris
Rusty Charlie Sean Brennan
Sarah Brown Shawna Morgan
Lt. Brannigan Paul S. Washer
Nathan Detroit Chris Ralph
Angie the Ox Gordon Guest
Miss Adelaide Nicole Milne
Sky Masterson Ben Nowell
Arvide Abernathy Arthur King
Joey Biltmore Walt Conrad
Emcee Charles Russell
Agatha Janet Bruce
Martha Betty Ann Bryanton
Calvin Tim Hillock
General Matilda B. Cartwright Sharron McGuirl
Harry the Horse Jim Robertson
Big Jule Mark Merredew
Liver Lips Louie Jim Morrison
Society Max Philip Sockett
HOT BOX GIRLS Bonnie Bowie, Katie Ciavaglia, Lisa Dalmazzi, Stacey Kilrea, Pamela McIntyre, Trisha McLay, Kara Prost, Ariane Roy, Amanda Shilo, Brenda Solman, Maria Mespolet
GAMBLERS Jamie Ebbs, Lindsay Hill, Howard Kaplan, David McLaughlin, Sylvain Roussel, Charles Russell, Stavros Sakiadis, Rob Singlehurst
DANCERS Pino Dicorato, Jamie Ebbs, Gordon Guest, David McLaughlin, Sylvain Roussel, Charles Russell, Stavros Sakiadis, Rob Singlehurst, Philip Sockett
CHORUS Pino Dicorato, Lindsay Hill, Howard Kaplan, Helen Prochazka, Shannon Robinson, Kate smith



Under the direction of Wendy Berkelaar

Violins Ioan Harea, Janet Roy, Nancy Eadie
Cello Steve Smith
Reed 1 Mike Mullin
Reed 2 Ian Babb
Reed 3 Brian Boggs
Reed 4 Andy Frechette
Reed 5 David Renaud
French Horn Keith Estabrooks
Trumpet Chirs Lane, Carmelo Scaffidi
Trombone Drummond Hudson
Bass Sol Gunner
Percussion Pierre Huneault


Production Personnel

Artistic Director Joe O'Brien
Musical Director Wendy Berkelaar
Choreographer Christa Cullain, Maria Mespolet
Production Coordinator Judy Froome
Production Assistant Patrick Donahue
Assistant PA Gabriel Leury
Stage Manager Paul Arbour
Set Designer/Master Carpenter Elaine McCausland
Scenic Artists Annemarie Zeyl
Costume Designer/Cutter Nancy Solman
Costume Production Manager Helene Rivest
Lighting Designer Rob Puchyr
Properties Glynis Ellens
Sound Designer Cindy Sceviour
Make-up Designer Tracey Lahey
Hair Designer Kerry Price
Social Convenor (Centrepointe Theatre) Scott Kristijanson


1993-1994 Production

Presented November 26-December 4, 1993 at the High School of Commerce, Ottawa, Ontario



Nicely-Nicely Johnson Don Laver
Benny Southstreet Ron Henderson
Rusty Charlie Normand Lalonde
Sarah Brown Tammy Sutherland
Mission Band Jennifer Donnelly, Nikki Fitzpatrick, David Hayes, Bob Legare, Robin Monaghan
The Drunk Abe Schwartz
Lt. Brannigan Joe O?Brien
Nathan Detroit Jim Robertson
Angie the Ox Alex Latoche
Miss Adelaide Carolyn Dunlop
Sky Masterson Al Gordon Baldwin
Arvide Abernathy David Hayes
Joey Biltmore Sam Smith
Emcee Ken Panton
Mimi Cindy Harrison
Agatha Jennifer Donnelly
General Matilda B. Cartwright Heather Monkman
Harry The Horse Moe Romanow
Big Jule Brian Burke
HOT BOX GIRLS Lynne Fleury, Linda Fournier, Cindy Harrison, Aileen Szkwarek, Lucille Warren, Tania Wilson
GAMBLERS Erik Bunkins, Roger Boake, Walt Conrad, Scott Donald, Patrick Donahue, Andrew Hunter, Chris Johnson, Peter Kealey, Alex Latoche, Jim Morrison, Mark Munday, Ken Panton, Sam Smith, Roger Webber-Taylor
LADIES Sheila Craig, Dianna Lynn Dalton, Minna Koch, Anabela Last, Julie, Schwartz



Under the direction of Rod Holmes

Violins Irving Thompson, Kathy Hovey, Ioan Harea, Sophia Pan
Cello Steve Smith
Bass Jamie Gatti
Percussion Art Beers
Keyboard Dave Hildinger
Reeds John Hilchie, Michel Tremblay, Dave Ward,Blenis Pennel, Noel Casey
Brass Sid Holmes, Michel Renwaud, Monty Armitage, Marlene Hudson


Production Personnel

Artistic Director Richard Elichuk
Musical Director Rod Holmes
Choreographer Debbie Miller-Smith
Production Coordinator Donald Lambton
Production Assistant Peter Messier
Stage Manager Carol Chaimberlain
Assistant Stage Manager Malvary Cole
Set Designer Leslie Hutchins
Scenic Artists Judy Givon, Steve Kerstetter, Melva Scott, Henry Traub
Costume Designer Judith Froome
Costume Mistress Millie Mallon
Lighting Designer Gerry Austin
Properties Anne McGuire
Sound Designer Bill Butterworth
Make-up Designer Barbara Seeton, Melva scott
Hair Designer Larry Armstrong
Master Carpenter Tom Mordasewicz
Accompanist Lorna Rice
Dance Captain Cindy Harrison


1980-1981 Production

Presented November 21, 22 & 24-29, 1980 at the High School of Commerce, Ottawa, Ontario


Mime Sequence

Liver Lips Louie Bob Riddell
Harry The Horse Alan Mainguy
Newsstand Attendant Robert Corrigan
New York Policeman Ron Proulx
Rusty Charlie Barry Potvin
Sightseeing Guide Paul Keast
Sailors Michael Trent, Roger Proulx
Bobbie Soxers Barbara Bird, Vivian Joynt
Street Walkers Debbie Miller, Peggy Hewson
Hot Box Girls Gail Sturgeon, Janie Patterson
Apple Annie Liliane Winter
Sightseeing Texan and Wife Paul Baker, Joan Foster
Sidewalk Photographer Giles Cote
Actress and Actor Val Keenleyside, Jack Wallace
Vendor Assistant Cher Daley, Geoffrey Paterson
Prize fighter Reg Prevost
Manager of Prize fighter Wayne Nolan
Model Saskia Meuffeis
Blind Man Dan Sigler
Gigolo Daniel Johnson
Tourists Christina Thompson, Annette Brand



Nicely-Nicely Johnson Glenn Pettinger
Benny Southstreet Tony Keenleyside
Rusty Charlie Barry Potvin
Sarah Brown Barbara Delon
Arvide Abernathy David Hayes
Agatha Vivian McGuire
Pricilla Diana Watters
Calvin Art King
Harry The Horse Alan Mainguy
Lt. Brannigan Brian Burke
Nathan Detroit Barry Bielby
Joey Biltmore Paul Keast
Angie the Ox Reg Prevost
Society Max Daniel Johnson
Liver Lips Louie Bob Riddell
Nick The Greek Roger Proulx
Scanton Slim Paul Baker
Brandy ? Bottle Bates Gilles Cote
Cigarette Girl Cher Daley
Waiter Wayne Nolan
Hot Box MC Paul Baker
Miss Adelaide Liane Marshall*
Sky Masterson George Wilson
Mimi Debbie Miller
General Matilda B. Catwright Sharron McGuirl
Big Jule Gary Smith
Havana Waiters Geoffrey Paterson, Paul Keast, Reg Prevost
Curtain Girls Cher Daley, Saskia Neuffels
THE HOT BOX GIRLS AND CUBAN DANCERS Joan Foster, Peggy Hewson, Val Keenleyside, Janie Patterson, Gail Sturgeon, Debbie Miller, Barbara Bird, Annette Brand, Michael Trent, Roger Proulx, Ron Proulx, Bob Riddell, Jack Wallace, Robert Corrigan, Gilles Cote



Under the direction of Nina Tobias Alexandor

Violins Margaret Anderson, Niela Dickenson, Florence Dunne, Ed Kirkwood, Keith Milliken, Millicent Shaw
Bass Stewart Smith
Cello Steve Smith
Piano Lorna Rice
Trumpets Sid Holmes, Ed Hall
Trombone Drummond Hudson
French Horn Stephan Richards
Percussion Niels Lund
Reeds Graziano Brescacin, Bill Lupp, George Kovar, Duke McGuirl, Rob Pearson


Production Personnel

Production Coordinator Judith Froome
Artistic Director Jim Terrell
Director's Assistant Margaret Mahony
Musical Director Nina Tobias Alexander
Choreographer Roberta Sametz
Set Designer J. Barry Ryan
Costume Designer Michael Gareau
Scenic Artist J. Barry Ryan
Assistant To Costume Designer David Roop
Lighting Designer Nancy Turner
Accompanist Lorna Rice
Workshop Chairman Donald Lambton
Master Carpenter John Solman
Sound Bill Butterworth
Properties Carol Chamerblain
Stage Manager John Solman
Assistant Stage Manager Gerry Reynolds
Make-up Designer Billi Langtry
Hair Designer Eva Isherwood
Show Photographers Sandye Hayes, Chris Terry
Publicity Director Geoffrey Paterson
Programme Director Michel T. Lalonde
Ticket Manager Sheila Shields
Social Director Terry Moran
Show Illustration Tom Barradas
Show Poster Dorothy Shaw
Programme Cover Michel T. Lalonde
House Manager (Orpheus) Dick Elichuk
House Manager (Commerce) Marylin Day
Prompter Sheila Watkins


1969-1970 Production

Presented November 27-29 & December 4-6, 1969 at the High School of Commerce, Ottawa, Ontario



Nicely-Nicely Johnson Don Laver
Benny Southstreet Len Morin
Rusty Charlie Jack Wallace
Sarah Brown Josie Machacek
Arvide Abernathy David Hayes
Mission Band Diane Stevenson, Pat Kelly, Jean Halley, Helen Miller
Harry The Horse David Hyman
Lt. Brannigan Pierre Landry
Nathan Detroit Ed Yeatman
Angie the Ox James Bee
Miss Adelaide Pat Fraser
Sky Masterson George Wilson
Joey Biltmore Gerry Morris
Mimi Joan Galbraith
General Matilda B. Catwright Sharron McCormick
Liver Lips Louie Marcel Carriere
Society Max John Powell
Meyer Marmalade Vern Fraser
Scranton Slim Robert Carriere
Big Jule Don Shaw
Drunk Rick Matheson
Apple Annie Liliane Winter
Policemen Wally Chopowick, Brian Morin
THE HOT BOX GIRLS Isabel Amey, Joan Galbraith, Marion MacDonald, Gay Patten, Joy Phillips, Denise Smith, Jean Wheeler, Barbara White
THE CUBAN DANCERS Gay Patten, Denise Smith, Laurie Winges, Marcel Carriere, Dario Echeverri, Vern Fraser
CUBAN SCENE CHORUS Sandy Bell, Linda Chapman, Janice Fraser, Carol Hill, Jill Luxton, Elaine McGrath, Mary MacKay-Smith, Brian Morin, Barbara Patterson


Production Personnel

Production Coordinator Rick Matheson
Dramatic Director Joseph L. Shaver
Assistant to Mr. Shaver Dorothy Bell
Production Assistant Jean Haynes
Prompter Marilyn Day
Musical Director John Murdie
Assistant Musical Director Rod Holmes
Accompanist Lorna Rice
Choreographer Judy Hayes
Set Designer Ann Goetz
Stage Manager Bill Steen
Workshop Foreman David Goddard
Lighting Designer Nancy Turner
Audio and Sound Effects Ken Woolley
Make-up June Wood
Hair Stylist Beryl Elliot
Properties Marion Lemmon
House Manager Ray Amey
Social Chairman John Powell
Publicity Deanna Rutherford
Printed Programme Rod Holmes, Howard Gay
Cover Design Viviane Villneuve
Photography Reg. Bruce-Mount
Ticket Manager Faye Lavell
Assistant to Mrs. Lavell Mark Brooks
Costume Co-ordinator Vi Galvin
Canteen Kathy and Brian Morin


1959-1960 Production

Mime Sequence

Liver Lips Louie Eugene David
Harry The Horse Larry Malham
Newsstand Attendant Derek Clark
New York Policeman Bob Weish
Rusty Charlie James Harker
Sightseeing Guide Malcolm McCallum
Sailor Glenn Scullion
Bobbie Soxers Pauline Matthews, Jean Sholds
Street Walkers Anne Hyde, Jacqueline LeBlanc
Hot Box Girls Norma Coll, Judy Gimblett
Apple Annie Rose McCallum
Sightseeing Texan and Wife Milton Wright, Mary Harvey
Sidewalk Photographer Len Webb
Hungry Actor and Actress George Anderson, Margaret Mahony
Paper Doll Vendor and Lady Assistant Time Hynes, Doris Rogers
Happy Drunk Earl Smyth
Prizefighter Bill Mason
Manager of Prizefighter Nat Clavier
Spinster Librarian Carole Meyers
Tired Man Ed. Barrette
Camera Bug Ronald Craig
Ladies Club Member Audrey Jordan
Eager Woman Kay Kirby
Model Mary Ellen Weber
Pickpocket Maurice Bigras
Blind Man Blair Pickthorne
Broadway Star Claire Johnston
Gigolo Don Duff



Nicely-Nicely Johnson Barry Stewart
Benny Southstreet David Dale
Rusty Charlie James Harker
Sarah Brown Joan Emard
Arvide Abernathy David Hayes
Agatha Mary Allen
Mission Band Nora Carpenter, Debra Mirsky, Jean Halley, Jean Wheeler, Margaret Mahony
Harry The Horse Larry Malham
Lt. Brannigan Bernard McManus
Nathan Detroit Jim Terrell
Joey Biltmore Nat Clavier
Angie the Ox Bill Mason
Society Max Jim Whitehead
Liver Lips Louie Eugene David
Nick The Grick (Greek) Tim Hynes
Scanton Slim Denis St. Jean
Brandy ? Bottle Bates Irwin Horsey
Other Gamblers (Whistler) Derek Clark, Bob Taylor, Tom Kent, Ken Musgrove
Waiter Len Webb
Hot Box MC Tim Hynes
Miss Adelaide Betty Zimmerman
Sky Masterson Sal Pantalone
Mimi Judy Gimblett
General Matilda B. Catwright Muriel Azmier
Big Jule David Battle
Little Jule Brian Gordon
Orcutt O?Brien Gail Lacharity
Havana Waiters Nat Clavier, Maurice Bigras
THE HOT BOX GIRLS Norma Coll, Sue Cottrell, Judy Gimblett, Mary Hodder, Kay Kirby, Claire Johnston, Gail Lacharity, Jacqueline LeBlanc, Pam Paddon, Mary Ellen Webber
THE CUBAN DANCERS Gordon Allinghan, Sheila Lavoie, Richard Patterson


Production Personnel

Artistic Director Stan White
Assistant Director Douglas Hartt
Mime Sequence Douglas Davidson
Musical Director John Murdie
Choreographer Bill and Arlene Dick
Stage Manager Jack Dacey
Scenery Director Penny Geldart
Scenic Art Milton Wright, Ted Fancott
Assistants to Mr. White Nancy Turner (Lighting), Marlon Wilcox (Prompt book)
House Manager Michael Rees
Accompanist Winnifred Canty
Assistant Accompanist Percy Scobie


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