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Book and Lyrics by BOB GARDINER
Arrangement and Orchestration by KEN CAMPBELL

An Orpheus commissioned show 

Plot Synopsis

(from the 1973 Orpheus programme for Glengarry Days)

AUTHORS' COMMENT: "'Well', someone said to me somewhere along the way, 'the men of Gelngarry are hardly typical are they?' Sure they are. Ralph Connor found the same type crawling all over the West. More recently, a bunch just like them took to the rink in the Canada-Soviet Russia hockey series. 

"Grace and style we've always lacked. This country is no Camelot. But Camelot didn't work - neither Arthur's nor JFK's.

"Glengarry worked. Canada worked. Putting together a bunch of overly vain, under-conditioned hockey players in a hurry worked - once they realized they were playing for something more than bucks or headlines. Macdonald Bhain would understand why Jean Paul Parise - one of the most gentlemanly players in the NHL - lifted his stick to an official or why a kid from Kingston would disgrace himself on TV with an ugly gesture to no one in particular.

"The men of Glengarry were sloppy, wild, unpredictable and at times, uncontrollable. So was Team Canada..... So is a loving heart." 


Cast of Characters

Mamie St. Clair Cathy Patton
Robbie Wilf Dube
Kate Raymond Jocelyn Crain
MacDonald Bhain James Mimnag
Big Mack Don Shaw*
Yankee Jim Mark Stanton*
Bella Janet Lister
Albert Michael Gareau
Eugene St. Clair Ed Nunn
Black Hugh Gerry Morris
Kirsty Dorothy Gough
Mrs. Murray Beatrice Brace
Rev. Alex Murray Larry Sullivan

Songs from the Show - Act One

We Can't Lose Chorus, Dancers
Glengarry Days Chorus
Song of the River Murphy, Yank, Male Chorus
Ho Ro Male Dancers
My Mack Bella and Women
Glengarry Women Women's Chorus, Dancers
Look at Me Robbie
Love's the Main Necessity Kate and Men
The Sugaring Off mpbell, Chorus & Dancers
Mack de Bergerac Mack, Albert
I'll Never Forget You Mamie, Robbie
Unto the Hills/Thoe Old 100th Chorus

Songs from the Show - Act Two

Homecoming Shantymen, Uncle, Dowager, Chorus
Look at Me (Reprise) Robbie
Saints and Sinners Mack, Albert, Yank
Football Fever Chorus
My Kind of Man Kate
Lament for Mack Yank, Elders
Glengarry Days (Reprise) Chorus
Song for Sad Lovers Robbie
Finale Chorus


1973-1974 Production

Presented December 7-15, 1973 at the Ottawa High School of Commerce Auditorium, Ottawa, Ontario  

Production Team

Director Joseph L. Shaver
Musical Director Derek Stannard
Choreographer Marjorie Bishop
Production Coordinator Marcel Carriere
Assistant to the Director Richard Elichuck
Set Designer Ann Goetz
Scenic Artist Margot Rothwell
Costume Designer Norma Coll
Lighting Designer Gordon Lussier
Audio Peter Vandesande, Paul Isaacs
Stage Manager Hans Van Wijk
Assistant Stage Manager Zen Strzelczyk
Master Carpenter Wally Chopowick
Properties Master Len Boone
Make-up Artistry Elizabeth Ciesluk
Chorus Master Frank Burke
Dance Captain Marnie Edwards
Accompanist Lorna Rice 


Col. Thorp Gary Smith
Harry St. Clair Rick Crepin
Albert Michael Gareau
Black Hugh Gerry Morris
MacDonald Bhain James Mimnag
Big Mack Don Shaw*
Kirsty Dorothy Gough
Rev. Alex Murray Larry Sullivan
Mrs. Murray Beatrice Brace
Monsignor Vern Fraser
Father Regan Gerry Sheehan
Murphy Bill McKinnon
Yankee Jim Mark Stanton*
Robbie Wilf Dube
Bella Janet Lister
Mrs. Findlay Cathy McLaughlin
Kate Raymond Jocelyn Crain
Mamie St. Clair Cathy Patton
Campbell Nick Michelis
Eugene St. Clair Ed Nunn
Lt. Delacy Andy Breslin
Shantyman Frank Burke
Dandies Tony Keenleyside, Vern Fraser
Dowager Jean Wheeler
Sir Charles Goderham Gerry Sheehan
Donald Ross Frank Burke
Peter McRae Jack Wallace
Kenny Crubach Rick Matheson
Station Master Ron Gareau


Peggy Burgess, Marnie Edwards, Joan Foster, Jean Halley, Dorothy Holtz, Holly Larocque, Mimi Lefebvre, Josie Machacek, Christine McClymont, Cathy McLaughlin, Joanne O'Meara, Pamela Payant, Joy Phillips, Maureen Quinn, Fran Smith, Sonya Sobrian, Gail Sturgeon, Jean Wheeler


Frank Burke, Vern Fraser, Ron Gareau, Tony Keenleyside, Jim Kerr, Rick Matheson, Nick Michelis, Graeme McKenna, Eoin McManus, Jim McNabb, John Powell, Gerry Sheehan, Brad Smith, Jack Wallace, Paul Young


Lynn and Serge Leblanc

*appearing by permission of Actors' Equity Association 



Under the direction of Derek Stannard

Strings Ray Flowers, Jeff Hunter, Conrad Sabourin, George Sandor, Chris Stamos, Irving Thompson, Joan Zelkowicz
Reeds Paul Emond, Joe Darwen, Don Russell, Mike Skora, Tony Venuta, Roger Zelnicek
Brass Sid Holmes, Jim Richardson, Gordon Rushworth, Art Very
Piano Lorna Rice
Percussion Neils Lund
Bass Basil Cullen