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From an original story by MISS LENNART

New York run: Winter Garden Theatre; opened March 26, 1964; ran for 1348 Performances 

Plot Synopsis

The funny girl of the title refers to Fanny Brice, and the story, told mostly in flashback, covers the major events in the life of the celebrated comedienne -- her discovery by impresario Florenz Ziegfeld, her triumphs in the Ziegfeld Follies, her infatuation with and stormy marriage to smooth-talking con man Nick Arnstein, and the breakup of that marriage after Nick has served time for masterminding the theft of Wall Street securities.




Fanny Brice Barbra Streisand
Nick Arnstein Sydney Chaplin



Songs from the Show - Act One

Overture Orchestra
Poker Chant No. 1 Mrs. Brice and Mrs. Strakosh
If A Girl Isn't Pretty Mrs. Strakosh, Brice, Meeker, and O'Malley, Eddie, Heckie, Workmen and Chorus
I'm The Greatest Star Fanny
Cornet Man Fanny & Chorus
Nicky Arnstein No. 1 Fanny
Who Taught Her Everything? Eddie & Mrs. Brice
His Love Makes Me Beautiful Ziegfeld, Chorus, and Fanny
I Want To Be Seen With You Tonight Nick & Fanny
Nicky Arnstein No. 2 Fanny
Henry Street Chorus
People Fanny
Poker Chant No. 2 Mrs. Brice and Mrs. Strakosh
You Are Woman, I Am Man Nick & Fanny
Don't Rain On My Parade Fanny

Songs from the Show - Act Two

Entr'Acte Orchestra
Sadie, Sadie Fanny & Chorus
Find Yourself A Man Eddie, Mrs. Brice, Mrs. Strakosh
Rat-tat-tat-tat Eddie, Jenny, Fanny & Chorus
Who Are You Now? Fanny
Don't Rain On My Parade Nick
The Music That Makes Me Dance Fanny
Finale Act Two Fanny

1992-1993 Production

Presented November 27-December 5, 1992 at the High School of Commerce Auditorium, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada  

Production Team

Production Coordinator Drummond Hudson
Artistic Director Richard Elichuk
Musical Director Rod Holmes
Choreographer Linda Fournier
Dance Captain Lynne Fleury
Accompanist Pat McKinna
Set Designer Tricia Macneil
Asst. to Set Designer Duncan Morgan
Costume Designer Millie Mallon
Asst. to Costume Designer Bev Whitehead
Lighting Designer Tricia Macneil
Properties Mistress Anne McGuire
Stage Manager Neil Monkman
Master Carpenter Tom Mordasewicz
Workshop Chairman John Solman
Make-up Artist Melva Scott


Fanny Brice Dianna Renee Yorke
John, Stage Manager Brian Schecter
Emma Robin Monaghan
Mrs. Brice Cayla Baylin
Mrs. Strakosh Christine Drew
Mrs. Meeker Heather Monkman
Mrs. O'Malley Cher Daley
Tom Keeney Joe O'Brien
Eddie Ryan Peter Coon
Nick Arnstein Al Baldwin
Florenz Ziegfeld Abe Schwartz
A Tenor Nick Michelis
Mr. Renaldi Dennis Bowman


Louise Adolph, Cathy Comerford, Stephanie Coward-Goddard, Sheila Craig, Janet Devine, Lynne Fleury, Heather Jopling, Anabela Last, Mae Thorpe, Susan Reid, Guylaine Roy, Lucille Warren


Walt Conrad, David Hayes, Bob Legare, Norm Lalonde, Jim Morrison, Mark Munday, Moe Romanow  


Under the direction of Rod Holmes

Strings Irving Thompson, Kathy Hovey, Sophia Pan, Kevin James, Steve Smith, Sol Gunner
Reeds John Hilchie, Michael Tremblay, David Ward, Blenis Pennell
Trumpets Sid Holmes, Michel Renaud
Brass Drummond Hudson, Marlene Hudson
French Horn Brenda Cook
Percussion Art Beers
Piano Lorna Rice

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