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screen_shot_2014-09-21_at_1.05.37_am.pngMusic by JERRY BOCK
Original Production Directed and Choreographed by JEROME ROBBINS 


Fiddler on the Roof is a musical theatre tradition, winning 10 Tony Awards when it debuted in 1965. Touching audiences worldwide with its humor, warmth and honesty, this universal show is  a staple of the musical theatre canon!

Set in the little village of Anatevka, the story centers on Tevye, a poor dairyman, and his five daughters. With the help of a colorful and tight-knit Jewish community, Tevye tries to protect his daughters and instill them with tradition in the face of changing social mores and the growing anti-Semitism of Czarist Russia. Rich in historical and ethnic detail, Fiddler on the Roof’s universal theme of tradition cuts across barriers of race, class, nationality and religion, leaving audiences crying tears of laughter, joy and sadness.

“This musical is about tradition, joy, heartache, change, faith, family, and most of all...LIFE!”
- broadwayworld.com

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2014-2015 Production

November 21 - 30, 2014 at Centrepointe Theatres, Ottawa ON


Tevye, the dairyman Christopher Mallory
Golde, his wife Catherine Clark
Tzeitel, their eldest Nicole Tishler
Hodel, their second Joyanne Rudiak
Chava, the third Rhyanna Melanson
Shprintze, the fourth Marie Pier Jean
Bielke, the fifth Sarah Olberg
Yente, the matchmaker Laura Duncan
Lazar Wolf, the butcher John Litster
Motel, the tailor Michael Kavcic
Perchik, the student Andrew Portolesi
Fyedka, the Russian Tim Robillard
Avram, the bookseller Rick Burk
Boris, the Russian Constable Jim Murchison*
Solomon, the rabbi Brian Schecter
Mendel, the rabbi’s son Doug Thicke
Yussel, the hatter Bryan Jesmer
Mordcha, the innkeeper Mike Kennedy
The ghost of Grandma Tzeitel Laura Burk
The ghost of Fruma-Sarah Sonja Milsom
Nachum the beggar Matthew Gordon
Dmitry, the Russian Priest Austin Fogarty
Isaiah, a villager Antonio Di Rienzo
Efraim, the shoemaker Kim Current
Valentin, a Russian tenor Alain Paquette
Sasha, a Russian Michael David
Aaron, a young student Jake Hamilton
Asher, a young student Adam Linton
Martha, a dressmaker Erynn Paton
Isabel, the bookseller’s daughter Caitlin Elmslie
Rifka, a fishmonger Alexandra Green
Shaindel, Motel’s mother Cheryl Dubois
Ruchel, the shoemaker’s daughter Sandrine Lessard-Blais 
Mirala, a fabric seller Sharye Marcus
Aviva, the bagel seller Micah Steffler
Esther, Mirala’s daughter McKenna Mellon
Kemuel, the Fiddler Danny Albert
*Appearing by permission of Canadian Actors' Equity Association
Violin                             Sophia Pan 
Violin Galina Rezaeipour
Violin Alla Perevalova
Viola Sonya Probst
Cello Steve Smith
Bass Tom McMahon
Flute/Piccolo Beverley Robinson
Clarinet Sylvie Duchesneau
Clarinet, Bass Clarinet Dave Renaud
Oboe, English Horn Angela Casagrande
Bassoon Jo Ann Simpson
Trumpet 1 Michelle Ash
Trumpet 2 Chris Lane
French Horn Keith Estabrooks
Trombone Drummond Hudson
Guitar Craig Kennedy
Accordion Gary Racicot
Percussion Scott Latham


Artistic Director Michael Gareau
Musical Director Marylen Milenkovic
Choreographer & Assistant Director Debbie Guilbeault
Assistant to the Choreographer Gayle Brennan
Executive Producer Steve Jones
Producer Lisa Hopkins
Apprentice Producer Andréa Black
Production Assistant Fabian Santos
Technical Director John Solman
Stage Manager Heather Forsyth
Apprentice Stage Manager Rob Puchyr
Assistant Stage Manager Maritie Lord, Jim Robertson
Set Designer/Scenic Artist Christy Bindhardt 
Assistant Scenic Artist Shea Spafford
Apprentice Set Designer Sally McIntyre
Master Carpenter Tom Mordasewicz
Costume Designer Susan Cole
Assistant Costume Designer Carmella Gehrels
Costume Production Manager Linda Sabourin
Wardrobe Supervisor Wendy Blakey
Co-Cutters Rita Paterson, Sarah Trottier
Lighting Designer David Magladry
Sound Designer John Cybanski
Co-Props Designers Anne McGuire, Patti Mordasewicz
Make-up & Hair Designer Tiffany Korejwo
Rehearsal Accompanist Aviva Lightstone
Volunteer Coordinator Kirsten Gelevan
Social Convenor, Theatre Food Coordinator  Jean Meldrum

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1999-2000 Production

Presented November 12-20, 1999 at Centrepointe Theatre, Nepean, Ontario


Tevye, the dairyman Ken Lawson
Golde, his wife Maureen Speer
The Fiddler Ioan Harea
Tzeitel, Tevye's eldest daughter Roxane Delisle
Hodel, daughter Tricia Lackey
Chava, daughter Lauren Zuro
Shprintze, daughter Reba Sigler
Bielke, daughter Marielle McGovern
Yente, the matchmaker Christine Drew
Lazar Wolf, the butcher Brian Cano
Motel, the tailor Shaun Toohey
Perchik, the student Kris Lizuck
Fyedka Jonathan Patterson
Mordcha, the innkeeper Chris Roberts
Rabbi Hugh Eisenhauer
Mendel, the Rabbi's son Peter Meyer
Avram, the bookseller Laurie Dickson
Nachum, the beggar Barry Caiger
Grandma Tzeitel/Surcha Ellie Glantz
Fruma Sarah/Aziel Tara Heft
Constable Al Baldwin
Shandel, Motel's mother Ellen Asherman
Yussel Jim Robertson
THE VILLAGERS Denis Bastien, Ursula Beben, John Connolly, Hyman Cooper, Ann Marie Crawford, Kim Current, Diana-Lynn Dalton, Sarah Doubt, Jordan Fallak, Danny Faulkner, Ellie Glantz, Tara Heft, Lindsay Hill, Erin Johnson, Debbie Kaplan, Gary King, Megan Lawson, Bob Legare, Elaine Lowe, Jim Morrison, Rachel Renton, Lee-Pierre Shirey, Sam Smith, Caroline Williams
THE RUSSIANS Sheldon Butler, Andrew Burkett, Mark Fleming (Russian solo), Erin Johnson, Derek Lawrence, Eugene Oscapella
BOTTLE DANCERS Sheldon Butler, Andrew Burkett, Mark Fleming (Russian solo), Erin Johnson, Derek Lawrence, Eugene Oscapella


Under the direction of Marlene Hudson

Violins Ioan Harea, Nancy Eadie, Brigitte Amyot
Cello Steve Smith
Flute/Piccolo Charles Hendricks
Clarinet Mike Scorah
Clarinet/Bass Clarinet David Renaud
Bassoon Jo Ann Simpson
Trumpets Carmelo Scaffidi, Sid Holmes
Trombone Drummond Hudson
Accordion Gary Racicot
Guitar Craig Kennedy
Bass Sol Gunner
Percussion Art Beers

Production Team

Artistic Director Richard Elichuk
Musical Director Marlene Hudson
Choreographer Tanya Chang
Production Coordinator Stan Fenwick
Production Assistant Bill Rankin
Assistant Directors Barb Seabright-Moore, Lena Triebe
Stage Manager Lena Triebe
Apprentice Stage Manager Graham Galway
Assistant Stage Manager Wendy Berkelaar
Technical Director Elaine McCausland
Co-Technical Director Jason McCoy
Set Designer John Seccombe
Scenic Artist Maureen Chaume
Costume Designer Richard Clement
Wardrobe Mistress Sandy Mish
Properties Lorelei Miller
Sound Designer Derek Hilton
Lighting Designer Graham Price
Make-up Designer Catherine Besserer
Hair Designer Sue Dacey
Master Carpenter Don Lambton
Accompanist Cheryl Woods
Dance Captain Jonathan Patterson


1984-1985 Production


Tevye, the dairyman James G. Mimnagh
Golde, his wife Sharron McGuirl
The Fiddler Kevin James
Tzeitel, Tevye's eldest daughter Christina Barris
Hodel, daughter Jacki Campeau
Chava, daughter Liz Carr
Shprintze, daughter Libby Livingstone
Bielke, daughter Adrienne Gould
Yente, the matchmaker Elsa Pickthorne
Lazar Wolf, the butcher Richard Elichuk
Motel, the tailor Robert Gould
Perchik, the student Barry Daley
Fyedka Robert Lackey/Eugene Oscapella
Mordcha, the innkeeper Chris Roberts
Rabbi Brian Silcoff
Mendel, the Rabbi's son Tony Maiorino
Avram, the bookseller Gary Smith
Nachum, the beggar Gary King
Grandma Tzeitel/Surcha Joyce Wagland
Fruma Sarah/Aziel Luisa Appolloni
Constable Tony Patterson
Shaindel, Motel's mother Eleanore Warren
Yussel Jack Wallace
THE VILLAGE WOMEN Janet Clark, Christine Drew, Carol Dupuis, Judith Froome, Wilma Gray, Lisa Harris, Robin Monaghan, Sarah Marquardt, Louise Mulvihill, Pamela Reynolds, Sandy Seary, Tony Starratt, Dianna Renée Yorke
THE VILLAGE MEN & THE RUSSIANS Nick Michelis (Russian solo), Tom Fleming, Bevan Hughes, Brian Levesque, John Mackay, Alan Mainguy, Jonathan Maiorino, Michael Vermeersch, Jack Wallace, Steve Hill (Schmeril), Brian Burke (Schloime), Robert Torn (Moishe), Don Palmer (Herschel)
THE CHILDREN Aaron Fransen, Sandra Fransen, Jennifer Gould, Jonathan Gould, Kenny Mills, Anjali Sastri, Bobby Wagland
RUSSIAN DANCERS Marc Dubois, Sylvain Desforges, Yuri Polonski, Mark Zayachkowski
BOTTLE DANCERS Janet Clark, Robert Torr, Steve Hill

Production Team

Artistic Director Brian O'Leary
Musical Director Duke McGuirl
Choreographer/Assistant Director Merle Adams
Production Coordinator Gerry Reynolds
Assistant to the Director Marilyn Day
Stage Manager Marilyn Day
Assistant Stage Managers Ginny Wright, Tom Mordasewicz
Set Designer Margaret Coderre-Williams
Scenic Artist Jeanie Stewart
Costume Designer Nancy Solman
Wardrobe Mistress Bev hitehead
Properties Malvary Cole
Sound & Sound Effects Bill Butterworth
Lighting Designer John Solman
Make-up Artist Judi Cragg
Workshop Chairman Bill Williams
Master Carpenter Alf Davies
Pinrail Chief Caroline Heaton
Accompanist Jane Hawkes, Fran Smith
Production Photographer Steve Gilchrist
Publicity Director Chris Amott
Programme Director Helen Van Der Pyl
Social Director Jocelyne LeBlanc
House Manager (Orpheus) Art Whitehead
House Manager (Commerce) David Hayes


1971-1972 Production

Presented November 12, 13, 16-20, 1971 at High School Of Commerce, Ottawa, Ontario


Tevye, the dairyman James G. Mimnagh
Golde, his wife Sharron McCormick
Tzeitel Christine Pearson
Hodel Cathy Patton
Chava Maureen Quinn
Shprintze Shatzy Galbraith
Bielke Janice McGuirl
Yente, the matchmaker Lorraine St. Laurent
Motel Kamzoil, the tailor Michael Gareau
Perchik, a student Len Morin
Lazar Wolf, the butcher Larry Sullivan
Mordcha, the innkeeper Bob Munson
Rabbi Bill Polsky
Mendel, the Rabbi's son Lewis Levin
Avram, the bookseller Keith Pearson
Grandma Tzeitel Lynn Fairweather
Fruma Sarah Louella Molot
Fyedka Richard Neville
Constable Richard Elichuk
Sasha Peter Parkinson
Shandel, Motel's Mother Norma Coll
Yussel Michael O'Gorman
The FIDDLER Vern Fraser
VILLAGERS John Powell, Robert Pelchat, Paul Diggins, Jack Wallace, Roger Webber-Taylor, Peggy Burgess, Kim Graham, Carol Marsh, Pamela Payant, Roberta Sametz, Alice Stewart, Aline Daykin, Sandye Hayes, Dorothy McDonald, Joy Phillips, Fran Smith, Liliane Winter
CHILDREN Jennifer Pfitzer, Mary Ward, Amelia Taylor, Mary-Anne Taylor, Joanna Taylor, Jeff O'Shaughnessy, Brad Smith
RUSSIANS Nick Michelis, Alan Dawson, George Evans, Richard Elichuk, Richard Neville, Peter Parkinson
DANCERS (Chava Sequence) Roberta Sametz
Bottle Dance Robert Pelchat, Roger Webber-Taylor, Paul Diggins
MUSICIANS Jim Ross, Charlie Stevens

Production Team

Production Coordinator Marcel Carriere
Assistant Production Coordinator Nancy Turner
Dramatic Director Faith Ward
Assistants to Mrs. Ward & Prompter Judy Froome
Musical Director Norman "Duke" McGuirl
Accompanist Lorna Rice
Choreographer Judy Hayes
Set Designer Milt Wright
Scenic Artist Ed Yeatman
Stage Manager Bill Steen
Assistant Stage Manager Tom Hamelin
Set Construction Wally Chopowick
Lighting Designer Gerry Austin
Costume Designer Bertha Bower
Audio and Sound Effects Ken Woolley, Peter Vandesande
Make-up Designer June Wood
Hair Styling Beryl Elliott
Properties Mistress Joan Galbraith
House Manager Henry Winter
Social Chairman Judy Froome
Publicity Rick Matheson
Printed Programme Len Morin
Programme Advertising Len Morin, Ed Yeatman
Programme cover degisn Ed Yeatman
Photography Peter Maundrell
Ticket Manager Faye Lavell
Benevolent Committee Christine Allan

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