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Fame: The Musical


New York run: November 18, 1974 (John Golden Theatre)

Plot Synopsis

"Set during the last years of New York City's celebrated High School for the Performing Arts on 46th Street (1980-1984), Fame: The Musical is bittersweet but ultimately inspiring story of a diverse group of students as they commit to four years of grueling artistic and academic work. With candor, humor and insight, the show explores the issues that confront many young people today: issues of prejudice, identity, self-worth, literacy, sexuality, substance abuse and perseverance."

[Plot synopsis from http://www.mtishows.com ]


Songs from the Show

Hard Work Company
I Want To Make Magic Nick
Can't Keep It Down Joe, Students
Tyrone's Rap Tyrone
There She Goes/Fame Carmen, Students
Let's Play A Love Scene Serena
Bring On Tomorrow Schlomo, Carmen
The Teacher's Argument Miss Bell, Miss Sherman
Mabel's Prayer Mabel, Girls
Think Of Meryl Streep Serena
Dancin' On The Sidewalk Tyrone, Students
These Are My Children Miss Sherman
In L.A. Carmen


2008-2009 Production

Presented November 2008 at Centrepointe Theatre, Ottawa



Carmen Diaz Andrea Black
Tyrone Jackson Sami Botros
Iris Kelly Jacquelin Blakey
Nick Piazza Michael Lobsinger
Serena Katz Lucy Bamforth
Mabel Carmella Wilson
Joe Vegas D.J. Eyamie
Grace Lamb Christyane Wall
Goody Max David
Schlomo Greg Delmage
Esther Sherman Lesley Osborn
Greta Bell Barb Seabright-Moore
Mr. Sheinkopf Jim Tanner
Mr. Myers Tim Oberholzer


Drama Students Emily Reid, Charlotte Hayes
Music Students Hayley Swanton, Scott Labonte, Lauren McGee
Dance Students Chad McNamara, Katie Ciavaglia, Corey Tomicic, Cari Leslie, Jeffrey Burge, Gabrielle Legault, Kristy Allen, Rachel Ostroff
Pit Chorus Monique Hache, Claude Hache, Maureen Brannan, Heather Walsh, Micha Barriault, Gabe Leury, Marty Black, Eugene Oscapella

Chad McNamara and D.J. Eyamie appeared by permission of Canadian Actor's Equity Association.



Under the direction of Drummond Hudson

Flute, Clarinet, Alto & Tenor Saxophones Mike Mullin
Trumpet Carmelo Scaffidi
Trombone Marlene Hudson
Keyboard 1 Ruth Kwan
Keyboard 2 Paul Legault
Bass, Violin Sol Gunner
Guitar Craig Kennedy
Percussion Art Beers


Production Personnel

Executive Producer Steve Jones
Producer Brian Boggs
Director Judy Follett-Johns
Musical Director Drum Hudson
Choreographer Nick Nasrallah
Production Assistant Gabriel Leury
Stage Manager Rory Ingram
Technical Director Charles Russell
Set Designer Nancy Solman
Scenic Artist Nancy Solman
Properties Designer Rob Puchyr
Costume Designer Allison Hamilton
Wardrobe Mistress Janet Quirt
Costume Production Manager Sandi Mish
Lighting Designer John Solman
Sound Designer John Cybanski
Make-up/Hair Designer Kerry Price
Master Carpenters Peter Wilson, Tom Mordasewicz
Accompanist Ruth Kwan
Apprentice Musical Director Murray Doggett
Dance Captain Bonnie Bowie
Social Convenors Danine May, Sharye Marcus


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