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Music and Lyrics by STEPHEN SONDHEIM
New York run: Alvin Theatre, April 26, 1970


Plot Synopsis

Originally a collection of one-act plays written by librettist George Furth, Company was eventually shaped into a musical thanks to the vision of legendary director Harold Prince. At Prince's suggestion, Furth reworked these one-acts into a libretto examining the pros and cons of marriage, and Stephen Sondheim was brought in to provide the music. To tie all the pieces together, Furth added the character of Robert, a bachelor whose 35th birthday party provides the occasion to bring all of Furth's characters together at the opening of the play. It seems everyone but Robert is married or getting married, and they are all eager for their bachelor friend to follow in their footsteps, but Robert isn't quite ready to take the plunge. He's sure that "Someone Is Waiting", the perfect girl just for him, and until she makes herself known, he is content to amuse himself with the countless women who come to New York every day.

Meanwhile, Robert has the opportunity to observe the lives of all of his married friends, and what he sees does not exactly fill him with encouragement. They fight, plan affairs, talk of divorce, and take refuge in pot and alcohol. It's enough to make Robert question whether he ever wants to join the ranks of the married. In the end, however, in spite of all his friends' failings, he comes to the conclusion that there is no point in "Being Alive" unless one has someone to share it with.


Songs from the Show - Act One

Company Robert and Company
The Little Things You Do Together Joanne and Company
Sorry-Grateful Harry, David, Larry
You Could Drive a Person Crazy April, Kathy, Marta
Have I Got a Girl for You Larry, Peter, Paul, David, Harry
Someone Is Waiting Robert
Another Hundred People Marta
Getting Married Today Amy, Paul, Jenny, and Company


Songs from the Show - Act Two

Side by Side by Side Robert and Company
What Would We Do Without You? Robert and Company
Poor Baby Sarah, Jenny, Susan, Amy, Joanne
Tick Tock [Instrumental; Danced by Kathy]
Barcelona Robert and April
The Ladies Who Lunch Joanne
Being Alive Robert


2001-2002 Production

Presented March 1-9, 2002 at Centrepointe Theatre, Ottawa

"Orpheus musical offers several happy surprises - Production of Company: a cut above community theatre." Ottawa Citizen review



Robert Dean McNeill
Sarah Christine Drew
Harry Dennis Van Staalduinen
Susan Jenne Wason
Peter Andy T. Williams
Jenny Cindy Beaton
David Shaun Toohey
Amy Nicole Williams
Paul Kris Lizuck
Joanne Dianna Reneacutee Yorke
Larry Mark Morton
Marta Kelly Whelan
Kathy Shawna Morgan
April Marie-France Arcilla



Under the direction of John McGovern

Violins Ioan Harea, Brigitte Amyot
Viola Nancy Eadie
Cello Steve Smith
Bass Sol Gunner
Reeds Mike Scorah, Mario Gilbert, David Renaud
Trumpet Carmelo Scaffidi
Trombone Drummond Hudson
Keyboards Wendy Berkelaar
Percussion Art Beers


Production Personnel

Production Coordinator Bill Rankin
Director Bob Lackey
Musical Director John McGovern
Choreographer Debbie Miller
Assistant Director Ken Lawson
Assistant Musical Director/Accompanist Wendy Berkelaar
Production Assistant Maureen Speer
Set Designer Tricia Baldwin
Scenic Artist Minna Koch
Costume Designer/Wardrobe Mistress Joy Lackey
Costume Production Manager Helen Lupiano
Cutter Jill Thompson
Lighting Designer John Solman
Properties Anne McGuire
Sound Designer Duncan Baird
Stage Manager Carol Chamberlain
Assistant Stage Managers Ken Wright, Robin Monaghan
Master Carpenter Steve Jones
Make-up Designer Carol-Anne Parlatto
Hair Coordinator Jillian Lackey


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