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First Performance at the Prince of Wales Theatre, London - 30th March, 1993

Plot Synopsis

Author's Forward

City of Angels, is about a book being turned into a screenplay being made into a movie within a musical. Confused? Well, don't worry because we hope to make it clear. In this musical, we hear of the story of Stine who wrote the book which is being transformed into the screenplay. The story takes place in 1940's Los Angeles. The book is about a private eye named Stone and his dealings with the Kingsley clan.

Stine comes to L.A. to write the screenplay for one of his novels (City of Angels), in which Stone is the leading character. Only when he gets here to L.A. does he find out that producer/director Buddy Fiddler is really the man in charge. Two story lines are threaded throughout the musical - what is happening to Stine in real life and what his characters are doing in the screenplay which he is trying to write to the producer's satisfaction.

Unlike any other musicals, City of Angels uses something like a split-screen technique in which one side of the stage portrays the characters in Stine's book. As Stine's screenplay unfolds and is re-written, the characters are subject to his scribbles. On the other side of the stage, we have reality.


Cast of Characters

Stone Roger Allam
Stine Martin Smith
Buddy Fidler/Irwin S. Irving Henry Goodman
Oolie/Donna Haydn Gwynne
Alaura Kingsley/Carla haywood Susannah Fellows
Gabby/Bobbi Fiona Hendley
Munoz/Pancho Vargas David Schofield
Jimmy Powers Maurice Clarke
Mallory Kingsley/Avril Raines Sarah Jane Hassell
Luther Kingsley/Werner Krieger Robert Wilson
Barber/Dr. Mandril Geoffrey Rose
Big Six/Studio Cop Mike Tezcan
Sonny/Studio Cop Louis Hammond
Peter Kingsley/Gerald Pierce Andrew Halliday
Mortimer/Cinematographer Billy J. Mitchell
Orderly/Pasco/Gene Jonathan Avery
Orderly/Mahoney/Del Dacosta Matt Zimmerman
Shoeshine/Ganes Derek Richards
Anna/Margie Jeanette Ranger
The Angel City 4 Ben Parry, Neil Rutherford, Zoe Tyler, Annette Yeo
Margaret Joanne Farrell
Bootsie Debra McCulloch
Swings Stuart De La Mere, Lesley Windsor

Songs from the Show - Act One

Prologue - Overture The Angel City 4
Double Talk Sone, Alaura
Double Talk Buddy, Stine
What You Don't Know About Women Gabby, Oolie
Ya Gotta Look Out for Yourself Jimmy Powers & The Angel City 4
The Buddy System Buddy
With Every Breath I Take Bobbi
The Tennis Song Stone Alaura
Ev'rybody's Gotta Be Somewhere Stone & The Angel City 4
Lost and Found Mallory
All Ya Have To Do Is Wait Munoz, Mortimer, Mahoney & Officer Pasco
You're Nothing Without Me Stine & Stone

Songs from the Show - Act Two

Stay With Me Jimmy Powers & The Angel City 4
You Can Always Count On Me Donna
The Party & Alaura's Theme Buddy, Del Dacosta & Company
It Needs Work Gabby
L.A. Blues Stone, Madam Margie
With Every Breath I Take (Reprise) Stone, Bobbi
Funny Stine
I'm Nothing Without You (Reprise) Stone, Stine, Gabby & Company
Exit Music The Angel City Band

1993-1994 Production

Performed May 27-June 4, 1994 at the Adult High School Auditorium, Ottawa, Ontario 

Production Team

Artistic Director Lorraine St. Laurent
Musical Director/Sound Design Drummond Hudson
Choreographer Susie Bregg-Krzyzanowski
Production Coordinator Carol Chamberlain
Production Assistant Patti Mordasewicz
Production Assistant John Burgess-Murray
Fight Coordinator Geoff Gruson
Stage Manager Marylin Day
Assistant Stage Manager Caroline Heaton
Set Designer Nancy Solman
Costume Designer Jill Thompson
Lighting Designer Margaret Coderre-Williams
Properties Mistres Malvary J. Cole
Hair Designer Larry Armstrong
Make-up Desinger Melva Scott, Barbara Seeton
Master Carpenter/Workshop Chairman John Solman
Accompanist Paul Legault


Movie Actor Actor L.A. Character
  Eugene Oscapella Stine
Alan Gordon Baldwin Stone  
Oolie Stone's Secretary Martha Milne Donna/Buddy's Secretary
Alaura Kingsley Diane Coulterman Carla Haywood
Bobbi/Stone's girlfriend Dianna Renee Yorke Gabby/Stine's Wife
Irwin S. Irving Brian Smyth Buddy Fidler
Mallory Kingsley Guylaine Roy Avril Rainesr
Lieutenant Munoz Michael Gareau Pancho Vargas
Jimmy Powers Frank Duern Jimmy Powers
  Cathy-Jo Thompson  
  Rob Henderson  
  Lawrence Evenchick  
Luther Kingsley Eddie Nunn Werner Krieger
Peter Kingsley Actor L.A. Character
Movie Actor Shaun Mullally Gerald Pierce
Dr. Mandril Peter Messier Barber/Soundman
Big Six Joe Bedford Studio Cop
Sonny Bob Donatucci Studio Cop
Margie Lisa Bishop Masseuse/Make-up Artist
Gaines/Butler Jim Robertson Shoeshine/Propman
Munoz Trio/Mahoney Chris Cullen Del Dacosta/Nephew
Munoz Trio/Coroner Alex Latoche Cameraman
Munoz Trio/Pasco Ken Panton Gene
Maid Leslie Toope Movie Stand-In
Bootsie Nancy Blais Hooker/Hairdresser


Under the direction of Drummond Hudson

Reeds Michael Scorah, John Hilchie, Dave Ward, Bob Picheacute;
Brass Sid Holmes, Michel Renaud, Marlene Hudson, Murry Cuthbert
Bass Sol Gunner
Percussion Art Beers
Keyboards Dave Hildinger

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