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Was written as a program for CBS TV in 1957


Plot Synopsis

Cinderella is kept virtually as a slave by her cruel step-mother and step-sisters, until her Fairy Godmother comes and allows her to go to the ball to meet the Prince, who becomes infatuated with her. Cinderella loses her slipper on the stair and the Prince searches the kingdom to find her.


Songs from the Show - Act One

Overture Orchestra
The Prince Is Giving a Ball Herald, Townspeople
In My Own Little Corner Cinderella
Your Majesties Chef, Steward, King, Queen
Boys and Girls Like You and Me King, Queen
In My Own Little Corner (Reprise)/  
Fol-de-Rol Cinderella, Godmother
Impossible Cinderella, Godmother
The Transformation Orchestra
It's Possible - Finale Act I Cinderella, Godmother


Songs from the Show - Act Two

Entr'acte Orchestra
Gavotte Orchestra
Ten Minutes Ago Prince, Cinderella
Stepsister's Lament Joy, Portia
Waltz for a Bal (Cinderella Waltz) Chorus
Do I Love You Because You're Beautiful? Cinderella, Prince
Twelve O'Clock Orchestra


Songs from the Show - Act Three

Act III Prelude Orchestra
When You're Driving Through the Moonlight Cinderella, Stepmother, Joy, Portia
A Lovely Night Cinderella, Stephmother, Joy, Portia
A Lovely Night (Code) Cinderella
Do I Love You (Reprise) Queen, Prince
The Search Orchestra
Transition to Palace Orchestra
The Slipper Fits Orchestra
Finale - The Wedding Company


2002-2003 Production

To be presented November 15-23, 2002 at Centrepointe, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada



Joy Kathleen Arbour
Portia Cindy Beaton
Stepmother Linda Feenstra
Marshall Michael Gareau
Queen Sharron McGuirl
Godmother Lesley Osborn
Prince Alain Patry
King Jim Robertson
Cinderella Lauren Zuro
CHORUS Nicola Adams, Jacquelin Blakley, Dominique Bouchard, Lisa Chau, Richard Clement, Karla Combres, Meredith Dixon, Manon Dumas, Ben Durocher, Shannon Farquhar, Gordon Guest, Lindsay Hill, Minna Koch, Gabriel Leury, SarahLynne MacKay, Peter Maitland, Antoine Menard, Robin Monaghan, David A. Paterson, Alyson Shipman, Reba Sigler, Renee Sobering





Production Team

Production Coordinator Drum Hudson
Director Patrick Donahue
Musical Director Marlene Hudson
Choreographer Nancy Blais
Production Assistant Tom Lupiano
Stage Manager Elaine McCausland
Technical Director John Solman
Set Designer Nancy Solman
Scenic Artist Geoff Sangster
Properties Designer Patti Mordasewicz
Costume Designer Ann Ricard
Lighting Designer Chris Amott
Sound Designer Cindy Sceviour
Make-up/Hair Designer Sue Dacey
Master Carpenter Tom Mordasewicz
Accompanist Cheryl Jarvis Woods


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