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Lyrics by FRED EBB
First opened in New York at the Broadhurst Theatre, November 20, 1966

Plot Synopsis

It is pre-war Berlin as the Twenties are drawing to a close. The Master of Ceremonies welcomes us with "Willkommen" and assures us that all our troubles will be forgotten at the Cabaret. (His songs provide wry commentary throughout the show.) 

While travelling to Berlin on the train, American writer Cliff Bradwhaw meets German Ernst Ludwig. Ernst surprises Cliff by placing his briefcase among Cliff's already- checked baggage at the German border. In return for his discretion, Ernst gives Cliff an address sin Berlin where he is sure to find a place to stay Fraulein Schneider's rooming house.

New Year's Eve. Ernst had mentioned a place called the Kit Kat Klub. To Cliff this sounds a lot more inviting than an evening with his typewriter, so he's off to celebrate. At the cabaret, he meets the club's singer and hostess, Sally Bowles, who takes to him instantly. The very next day, as Cliff is giving Ernst an English lesson, Sally arrives with all her belongings her friend Max has thrown her out. She manages to talk her way into Cliff's room and his heart.

As the weeks go by, Cliff's novel is getting nowhere and Sally soon tells him that she is expecting their child. She wants to go back to work at the Kit Kat Klub, but Cliff won't hear of it and thinks he should become the breadwinner. Ernst offers to pay Cliff well for smuggling something across the broder for him from Paris. Knowing that he needs the money so that he can marry Sally, Cliff accepts the offer. In the meantime his landlady, Fraulein Schneider, becomes engaged to Herr Schultz, a Jewish fruit seller.

At the engagement party in honour of Fraulein Schneider and Herr Schultz, Cliff realized that his Paris errand will serve to help fund the Nazi Party and refuses Ernst's payment. Sally, to avoid confrontation, accepts it. The party turns sour as Ernst advises Fraulein Schneider against marriage to Herr Schultz. After agonizing over her decision, she decides to call off the engagement.

Cliff decides that he and Sally should go to America but she does not want to leave Berlin. He packs to go home hoping that she will change her mind. Leaving Berlin, his memories haunt him as if in a nightmare. He begins his long overdue book. It will tell the tale of Sally Bowles and of the people of Berlin in that heartbreaking and tumultuous era leading up to the Third Reich.

Cast of Characters

The Emcee Joel Grey
Clifford Brashaw Bert Convy
Fraulein Schneider Lotte Lenya
Herr Schultz Jack Gilford
Sally Bowles Jill Haworth 

Songs from the Show - Act One

Wilkommen Emcee & Company
Welcome to Berlin Emcee
So What? Fraulein Schneider
Telephone Song Telephone Girl
Don't Tell Mama Sally & The Kit Kat Girls
Telephone Dance The Company
Perfectly Marvellous Sally & Cliff
Two Ladies Emcee & Two Ladies
It Couldn't Please Me More Fraulein Schneider & Herr Schultz
Tomorrow Belongs To Me Head Waiter, Cabaret Staff & Emcee
Why Should I Wake Up? Cliff
Sitting Pretty Emcee & Ladies of the Company
Married Fraulein Schneider & Herr Schultz
Fruit Shop Dance The Company
Meeskite Herr Schultz & Sally
Tomorrow Belongs To Me (Reprise) Fraulein Kost, Ernst & Company

Songs from the Show - Act Two

Entr'acte The Cabaret Orchestra
If You Could See Her The Kit Kat Girls
Married (Reprise) Herr Schultz
If You Could See Her (Reprise) Emcee & Gorilla
What Would You Do? Fraulein Schneider
Cabaret Sally
Finale The Company

1994-1995 Production

Presented May 25-June 3, 1995 at the Adult High School, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada 

Production Team

Artistic Director Michael Gareau
Musical Director John McGovern
Choreographer Kathryn Romanow
Production Coordinator Donald Lambton
Production Assistant Jill Thompson
Set Designer Ann Goetz
Costumer Designers Brenda Schroh, Sandra Ponech
Lighting Designer David Magladry
Properties Ann McGuire
Sound Designer Chris Johnson
Stage Manager Neil Monkman
Assistant Stage Manager Terry Dacey
Master Carpenter Ernie Forsen
Workshop Chairman John Solman
Make-up Designers Melva Scott, Robin Monaghan
Hair Designer Angel Richer, David Bertrand
German Accent Coaching Karl Koch
British Accent Coaching Jill Thompson
Accompanist Lorna Rice
Dance Captain Vivian Burns
Box Office Manager Tricia MacNeil Ballotta
House Manager (Orpheus) Art Whitehead
House Manager (Adult High School) Karen Murphy 


The Emcee Rejean Mayer
Clifford Brashaw Rob Henderson
Ernst Ludwig Chris Cullen
Fraulein Schneider Sharon O'Neil
Fraulein Kost Christine Moran
Herr Schultz Barry Caiger
Sally Bowles Carolyn Dunlop
Max Alex Conelly
Two Ladies Anabela Vieira, Pamela Wong
Head Waiter Paul Melsness
Gorilla Gordon Guest
German Sailors Dan Boucher, Alex Latoche, Tim St-Louis
Customs Officer Patrick Donahue
Telephone Girl Suzanne Castanza
Mitzi Robin Guy
Greta Anabela Vieira
Heidi Lucille Warren
Marta Sarah Doubt
Fritzi Lynne Fleury
Inge Vivian Burns


Dan Boucher, Vivian Burns, Suzanne Castanza, Alec Connelly, Amanda Corber, Shona Cranston, Patrick Donahue, Sarah Doubt, Lynne Fleury, Michael Fortier, Jane Gale, Gordon Guest, Robin Guy, Ian Kendall, Minna Koch, Alex Latoche, Paul Melsness, Mark Munday, Marc Ouimet, Tim St-Louis, Anabela Vieira, Lucille Warren, Pamela Wong  


Under the direction of John McGovern

Violins Irving Thompson, Ioan Harea, Sophia Pan
Viola Kevin James
Cello Steve Smith
Reeds Mike Scorah, John Hilchie, Dave Ward, Andy Frechette
Trumpets Sid Holmes, Michel Renaud
Trombones Marlene Hudson, Drummond Hudson
Piano Davie Hildinger
Accordian Laurie Rosewarne
Bass Sol Gunner
Guitar Craig Kennedy
Percussion Art Beers 

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