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Lyrics by LEE ADAMS
New York run: Martin Beck Theatre, April 14, 1960


Plot Synopsis

Bye Bye Birdie tells the story of a rock and roll singer: Conrad Birdie, a young Elvis Presley type, who is about to be inducted into the army. His agent, Albert Peterson, faces bankruptcy without his star, not to mention only, client. The fun starts when Rose Alvarez, Albert's faithful secretary/fiance, concocts the iea of a national publicity stunt before Birdie leaves for boot camp - he will bid a typical American teenage girl goodbye with the song "One Last Kiss" - leaving Almaelou Music Company with a hit song to tide them over while Conrad serves his country.

Kim MacAfee of Sweet Apple, Ohio, wins the honour. The telephones in town are buzzing because Kim has just been "pinned" to Hugo, a local boy. Needless to say, the arrival of Conrad Birdie causes a much larger buzz, as well as spontaneous swooning, with young an dold alike. Kim's household is completely upset by the visiting celebrity. To add to the commotion, it is decided that Birdie will give away his "One Last Kiss" on the Ed Sullivan Show. Kim's father, who has been lamenting the whole situation, changes his tune when he learns that he is to be included on the television broadcast. The big night finally arrives... only to turn into a fiasco when Birdie is knocked out by Kim's jealous boyfriend on national television.

Back at the MacAfee home, Conrad is fed up with the trappings of celebrity and sprints out on the town with the teenagers. The parents of Sweet Apple commiserate as they reflect on the younger generation. Meanwhile, Rosie, still waiting for a band of gold from Albert after eight years, decides to have some fun as the Latin spitfire she is painted as by Albert's catastrophe-ridden mother. She crashes a Shriners' meeting and disrupts it completely as "Spanish Rose".

But don't worry. In the time honoured musical tradition everything is eventually sorted out and everybody ends with the partners they deserve.


Cast of Characters

Conrad Birdie Dick Gautier
Albert Peterson Dick Van Dyke
Rose Grant Chita Rivera
Kim MacAfee Susan Watson
Hugo Michael J. Pollard
Mr. MacAfee Paul Lynde
Albert's Mother Kay Medford

Songs from the Show - Act One

Overture Orchestra
An English Teacher Rose Alvarez
The Telephone Hour et Apple Teens
How Lovely to be a Woman Kim
Put on a Happy Face Albert and Kids
A Healthy, Normal American Boy Rose, Albert and Chorus
One Boy Kim, Ursula, Alice and Rose
Honestly Sincere Conrad and Citizens of Sweet Apple
Hymn for a Sunday Evening The MacAfees and Chorus
Hundred Ways Ballet Rose, Albert and Chorus
One Last Kiss Conrad, Male Quartet, Albert, Chorus 

Songs from the Show - Act Two

Entr'acte Orchestra
What Did I Ever See In Him Rose, Kim
A Lot of Livin' To Do Conrad, Kim, Teens
Kids Mr. and Mrs. MacAfee
Baby, Talk to Me Albert and Male Quartet
Shriner's Ballet Rose and Adult Chorus
Kids (Reprise) Adult Chorus, Randolph, Mr. and Mrs. MacAfee
Spanish Rose Rose
Rosie Albert and Rose
Finale Company

1989-1990 Production

Presented March 2-10, 1990 at the High School of Commerce Auditorium, Ottawa, Ontario  

Production Team

Director Barry Bielby
Musical Director Neil Bateman
Choreographer Chris Amott
Production Coordinator Faye Lavell
Assistant Director Michael Gareau
Set Designer Malvary Cole
Costume Designer Bonnie Hanham
Costume Mistress Rose Little
Lighting Designer David Magladry
Assistant Lighting Designer Bruce Morrison
Sound Technician Bill Butterworth
Master Carpenter Syd Jelley
Workshop Chairman Tom Shields
Stage Manager Marylin Day
Assistant Stage Manager Hugh Livingstone
Properties Master Al Hussey
Hair Design Walter Young, Marc Lefebvre, Pierrette Loyer, Jean-Guy Foucault
Makeup Design Melva Scott, Barbara Seeton
Accompanist Lorna Rice
Dance Captains Carole Billingham, Debbie Jones, Aileen Szkwarek 


Albert Peterson Sylvain Landry
Rosie Alvarez Cindy Harrison
Conrad Birdie Al Baldwin
Kim MacAfee Amy Pressman
Mr. MacAfee Robert Gould
Randolph MacAfee Jonathan Gould
Mrs. MacAfee Christine Drew
Ursula Ruth Casey
Mrs. Peterson Sharron McGuirl
Hugo Peabody Brian Hall
Gloria Carole Billingham
Maude, The Bartender Alan Mainguy
Mayor of Sweet Apple Brian Schecter
Mayor's Wife Heather Monkman 


Under the direction of Neil Bateman

Strings Irving Thompson, Ioan Harea, Steve Smith, Jamie Gatti
Reeds Tom Brawn, Michael Scorah, Dave Ward
Brass Sid Holmes, Chris Lane, Marlene Field, Drummond Hudson
Percussion Art Beers
Guitar Stephen Fisk


Vivian Asfar, Tia Bates-Tremblay, Brad Burgess, Amanda Drew, Frank Duern, Heather Evenchick, Laurie Graham, Melanie Hudson, Debbie Jones, Jacki Leclerc, Marc Lefebvre, Melodie MacDonald, Lesia Mackowycz, Robert McColman, Shannon Mercer, Jim Morrison, John Murray, Laurie Nichol, Kathryn Romanow, Tom Spooner, Sarah Strange, Derek Strokon, Aileen Szkwarek, Walter Young 

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