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Anything Goes

Music and Lyrics by COLE PORTER
First opened in New York at the Alvin Theatre, November 21, 1934


Plot Synopsis

"Lovestruck Billy Crocker stows away on a Britain-bound liner in an attempt to chat the lovely Hope Harcourt out of the arms of her English Lord and into his own. Of course, the stowaway has to keep one step ahead of the pursuing purser, and so Billy is put through a series of disguises, helped both by a fondly friendly chanteuse called Reno, and by a minor criminal who has obligingly loaned him a much more successful criminal's ticket and berth. Billy and his crook pal end up exposed and in the brig, but they get out in time to tie up the happy ending." (Ganzl, Kurt, Musicals, Carlton Books Limited, 1995, p.148)


Songs from the Show - Act One

I Get a Kick Out of You Reno and Billy
Bon Voyage Ensemble
All Through the Night Hope and Billy
Sailors' Chanty The Foursome
Where Are the Men? Bonnie, Angel, Petty Officer and Girls
You're the Top Reno and Billy
Anything Goes Reno, Foursome and Ensemble

Songs from the Show - Act Two

Public Enemy Number One Passengers
Blow, Gabriel, Blow Reno and Ensemble
Be Like the Bluebird Doctor Moon
Reprise: All Through the Night Hope and Billy
Buddy, Beware Reno
The Gypsy in Me Hope and Girls
Finale Entire Company



2000-2001 Production

Presented November 10-18, 2000 at Centrepointe Theatre, Ottawa 

Reviews from OttawaTheatre.com, CBC Radio One review, FYIOttawa review



Captain Ken Lawson
Steward Kris Lizuck
Purser Marek Dziedzic
Elisha Whitney Jim Robertson
Reporter Martin Hankes-Drielsma
Photographer Randy Allen
Sir Evelyn Bob Lackey
Mrs. Harcourt Sharron McGuirl
Hope Harcourt Shawna McSheffrey
Bishop Laurie Dickson
Ching Greg MacIntosh
Ling Renee Manning
Reno Sweeney Barbara Seabright-Moore
Reno's Angels Lisa Batson, Jennifer Schinzel, Ada Timmins, Nicole Williams
Billy Thomas Franzky
Moonface Martin Shaun Toohey
Bonnie Maureen McGovern
Gabriel Carmelo Scaffidi
CHORUS Denis Bastien, Tanya Chang, Rick Chase, Tiffany Cross, Patrick Gallagher, Debbie Kaplan, Tricia Lackey, Jenna Montuoro, Johanna Neuman, Jonathan Patterson, Heather-Lynn Sigler, Reba Sigler, Brianne Tucker, Lucille Warren, Jonathan Wilson, Gabe Wolinsky

Many thanks to Jessica Cody for her contribution to the show



Under the direction of Marlene Hudson

Flute/Oboe/Clarinet/Alto Saxophone Mike Scorah
Clarinet/Baritone Saxophone/Tenor Sax David Renaud
Trumpet Carmello Scaffidi
Trombone Drummond Hudson
Guitar/Banjos Craig Kennedy
Bass Sol Gunner
Percussion Art Beers
Keyboard Cheryl Woods


Production Personnel

Artistic Director Debbie Miller
Musical Director Marlene Hudson
Choreographer Joan Scarcella
Production Coordinator Drummond Hudson
Production Assistant Elsie Liota
Assistant to the Director York Davis
Stage Manager Elaine McCausland
Assistant Stage Manager Robin Monaghan
Set Designer Tricia Baldwin
Costume Designer Joy Lackey
Properties Mistress Anne McGuire
Sound Designer Derek Hilton
Lighting Designer John Solman
Hair Designer Sue Dacey
Make-up Designer Catherine Besserer
Master Carpenter Peter Wilson
Accompanist/Apprentice Musical Director Cheryl Jarvis Woods
Audition Accompanist Wendy Berkelaar
Dance Captain Tanya Chang


1983-1984 Production

Presented March 16-24, 1984 at the High School of Commerce, Ottawa



Captain Art King
Steward Michael Gareau
Purser Rob Schock
Cruise Director Cheryl Arscott
Whitney Barry Bielby
Reporter Pat Faloon
Cameraman Stephen Arscott
Sir Evelyn John Taylor
Mrs. Harcourt Sheila Shields
Hope Harcourt Heather Tod
Bishop Myles Foster
Ching Wayne Nolan
Ling Raymond Whitney
Reno Sweeney Liane Marshall*
Reno's Angels Sharon Bosley, Norma Findley, Lorrie Penn, E. Lana Nakonechny
Billy Crocker Tim O'Ray
Moonface Martin Al Baldwin
Bonnie Stephanie Wolfe
Gabriel Don Bishop
PASSENGERS ABOARD THE S.S. AMERICAN Chris Amott. Stephen Arscott, Lynn Baltzer, Carol Billingham, Mark Bosley, Jacki Campeau, Gilles C, Pat Faloon, Colin Gray, Debbie Miller, Louise Mulvihill, Eugene Oscapella, Bob Riddell, Karen Rogers-Sim, J. Barry Ryan, Christine Snow, Vanessa Thomas, Helen van der Pyl, Cindy Walls

*Appearing by permission of Canadian Actors' Equity Association.



Under the direction of Drummond Hudson

Strings Irving Thompson, Niela Dickenson, Millicent Shaw, Jacques Lalonde, Florence Dunne, Eliane Milliquet, Steve Smith
Rhythm Lorna Rice, Neil Bateman, Champ Champagne, Neils Lund
Brass Sid Holmes, Don Bishop, Marlene Robertson
Reeds Jeff Goodspeed, Mike Scorah Pat Kent, Bob Piche


Production Team

Production Co-ordinator Barry Bielby
Director Eoin McManus
Musical Director Drummond Hudson
Choreographer Bob Riddell
Assistant to Mr. McManus Wayne Nolan
Set Designer Eoin McManus
Costume Designer Ann Ricard
Lighting Designer David Magladry
Properties Mistress Patti Mordasewicz
Accompanist Lorna Rice
Sound Technician Bill Butterworth
Hair Stylist Mandie McConnel
Make-up Artist Billie Langtry
Dance Captain Debbie Miller
Stage Manager Myles Foster
Master Carpenter Gerry Reynolds
Workshop Chairman Tom Shields
Production Photographer Chris Terry
Publicity Director Wayne Nolan
Programme Director Eoin McManus
Ticket Manager Sheila Shields
House Manager (Orpheus) Art Whitehead
House Manager (Commerce) Ted Walker
Social Director Sandy Seary
Production Secretary Lesley Ullyett
Poster Designer Nigel Hart



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