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November 20-29, 2015 at Centrepointe Theatres, Ottawa ONanneofgg.png

Book by Donald Harron
Music by Norman Campbell
Adapted from the novel by L. M. Montgomery
Lyrics by Donald Harron and Norman Campbell
Additional Lyrics by Mavor Moore and Elaine Campbell


Anne of Green Gables is a story that draws deeply on the spirit of a place where integrity is as natural as the roll of the tide, and the sincere encouragement of friend and neighbour fits seamlessly into a contented landscape of furrowed hills that, like those who work them, remember to reach up and embrace a sunset.

Anne Shirley comes to Avonlea having already learned to live by imagination and fancy, full of romantic ideas, poetic notions, and equipped with a tongue "that must be hung in the middle, it flaps so" in order to cope with the tragedies of her life thus far.

It is the honesty of her survivor's soul that prevents us from seeing her as a precocious child. Anne needs to belong, to be accepted, and to be loved but, as the years unfold, her temper and her stubbornness continue to stand in the way. Until she learns to control her temper, show forgiveness, and trust her own worth, Anne cannot find that for which she longs.

2015-2016 Production

Presented November 20-29, 2015 at Centrepointe Theatres, Ottawa ON


Anne Shirley Caroline Baldwin
Marilla Cuthbert Laura Duncan
Matthew Cuthbert Jim Robertson
Rachel Lynde Maureen McGovern
Diana Barry Kate Boone
Gilbert Blythe Storm Davis
Mrs. Pye Laura Burk
Mrs. Sloane Micah Steffler
Mrs. Barry Jennifer Grimsey
Mrs. Blewett/Miss Arsenault Christine Drew
Mrs. MacPherson Andrea Kinsley
Lucilla Mary Ellen Vice
Mrs. Gillis/Miss Stacey Jennifer Cecil
Mrs. Spencer Maureen Speer
Prissy Andrews Selina McDonell
Josie Pye Sarah Olberg
Stationmaster/Farmer Sloane Bryan Jesmer
Mr Phillips Evan Huus
Mr. Allan Rick Burk
Earl the Mailman Murray Doggett
Cecil Andrews Rob McLeish
Fisherman Boulter Morris Rothman
Farmer Joe John Litster
Charlie Sloane Marco Walker-Ng
Moody MacPherson Brandon Nguyen
Tommy Sloane Jason Wong
Allan Gillis Xander Sen
Elizabeth Gillis Samantha Clarke
Ruby Gillis Paige Harrison
Sara Gillis Michelle Sangalli
Tillie Boulter Mirana Rambelo
Gertie Pye Maya Harris-Harb
Jane Andrews Kayleigh Doggett
Mary Spencer Madeline Hore-Kelman


Violins Sophia Pan, Alla Perevalova, Galina Rezaeipour
Viola Sonya Probst
Cello Steve Smith
Bass Tom McMahon
Flute Piccolo Beverley Robinson
Clarinets Sylvie Duchesneau, Mike Mullin
Oboe Angela Casagrande
French horn Keith Estabrooks
Trumpets Michelle Ash, Nick Cochrane
Trombones Drummond Hudson, Marlene Hudson
Keyboard John McGovern
Percussion Pierre Huneault


Artistic Director Joyce Landry
Musical Director Terry Duncan
Choreographers Debbie Guilbeault
Apprentice Choreographer Jasmine Lee
Executive Producer Steve Jones
Producer Lisa Hopkins
Apprentice Producer Fabian Santos
Production Assistant Monique Ecroyd
Stage Manager Carol Chamberlain
Assistant Stage Managers Kim MacDonald, Rob Puchyr
Technical Director Steve Jones
Set Designer Tony Walker
Scenic Artist Tony Walker
Costume Designer Judy Froome
Costume Production Manager Karole Kidd Witiuk
Co-Cutters Pauline Doggett, Raven E. Drake
Wardrobe Supervisor Wendy Blakey
Lighting Designer John Solmon
Sound Designer John Cybanski
Makeup Designer Tracey Lahey
Hair Designer Kim Shields
Master Carpenter Steve Jones
Rehearsal Accompanist John McGovern
Audition Accompanist John McGovern
Props Designers Anne McGuire, Patti Mordasewicz
Props Carpenter Tom Mordasewicz
Orpheus Social Convenor Jean Meldrum
Theatre Food Coordinator Jean Meldrum
Volunteer Coordinator Kirsten Gelevan


1998-1999 Production

Presented June 4-12, 1999 at Centrepointe Theatre, Nepean, Ontario

Production Team

Artistic Director Laura Charles
Musical Director Terry Duncan
Choreographer Debbie Millett
Executive Producer Elaine McCausland
Production Coordinator Walt Conrad
Assistant Director Christine Drew
Assistant Choreographer Lucille Warren
Set Designer & Scenic Artist Deb Fortin
Costume Designer Millie Mallon
Technical Director Jason McCoy
Stage Manager Elaine McCausland
Assistant Stage Manager Christine DeWitt
Assistant Stage Manager Heather Forsyth
Sound Designer Wayne Chomik
Lighting Designer Dennis Bond
Wardrobe Mistress Sandi Mish
Assistant Costume Designer Lisa Phypers
Make-up Designer Brawnwin McKelvey
Hair Designer Susan Dacey
Master Carpenter Peter Wilson
Properties Mistress Patti Mordasewicz
Hat Designer Sheila Anderson
Accompanist Wendy Berkelaar
Audition Accompanist Cheryl Jarvis Woods


Mrs. McPherson Ellen Asherman
Jane Andrews Jennie Aunger
Anne Shirley Cindy Beaton
Ruby Gillis Natalie Bercovitz
Gertie Pye Genevieve Bourgeois
Minnie McPherson Cleo Clatney
Mr. Phillips Sandy Dale
Earl, a mailman Michael Fortier
Mrs. Barry Jane Gale
Tommy Sloane Andrew Galligan
Mrs. Sloane Ellie Glantz
Rachel Lynde Caroline Gowdy Williams
Diana Barry Robin Guy
Tillie Bouler Magda Koszegi
Mrs. Allan Andrea Kryski
Prissy Andrews Tricia Lackey
Miss Muriel Stacy Joyce Landry
Mrs. Spencer Angela Laturnus
Gilbert Blythe Dean McNeill
Lucilla Shawna McSheffrey
Stationmaster Jim Morrison
Mrs. Blewtett Yvonne Neatby
Charlie Sloane Jonathan Patterson
Mrs. Pye Sue Plummer
Matthew Cuthbert Jim Robertson
Jerry Buote Jennifer Rombouts
Cecil, a farmer Michael Schilder
Sam Sloane Sam Smallwood
Mr. Allan, the minister Steve Smallwood
Marilla Cuthbert Charlotte Stewart
Josie Pye Zoe Sweet
Willie Boulter Corey Tomicic
Moody Spurgeon McPherson Michael Torontow
Timothy Andrews Joshua Walker
Sara Gillis Kayla Walker


Violins Ioan Harea, Nancy Eadie, Brigitte Amyot
Viola Wendy Desserud
Cello Steve Smith
Flute, Piccolo Charles Hendricks
Oboe Angela Casagrande
Clarinet Michael Scorah
Bassoon Jo Ann Simpson
Trumpets Carmelo Scaffidi, Sid Holmes
French Horn Keith Estabrooks
Trombone Drummond Hudson
Bass Sol Gunner
Percussion Art Beers
Keyboard Wendy Berkelaar

1976-1977 Production

Presented November 26, 27, 29, 30-December 4, 1976 at Commerce Auditorium, Ottawa 

Production Team

Production Coordinator Rick Matheson
Asst. Production Coordinator Chris Terry
Dramatic Director George Wilson
Assistant to Dramatic Director Joy Phillips
Prompter Fran Smith
Musical Director Rod Holmes
Accompanist Lorna Rice
Choreographer Marnie Edwards
Dance Captain Merle Adams
Set Designer W.E. (Ted) Fancott
Scenic Artist Jeanie Stewart
Costume Designer Len Boone
Costume Mistress Norma Coll
The Patch Work Quilt Sis Bower
Lighting Designer Nancy Turner
Lighting Coordinator Bill Butterworth
Workshop Chairman Tom Shields
Master Carpenter Casey Krzyzanowski
Properties Mistress Linda Pratt
Stage Manager Terry Moran
Assistant Stage Manager Chris Terry
Sound Technician Paul Issacs
Make-up Artist Elizabeth Ciesluk
Hair Stylist Scott Clark
Publicity Director Tony Keenleyside
Programme Director Roberta Sametz
Production Photographer Chris Terry
Ticket Manager Faye Lavell
House Manager (Orpheus) Bill McKinnon
House Manager (Commerce) David Hayes


Anne Shirley Maureen Quinn McGovern
Marilla Cuthbert Tamara De-Vreeze*
Matthew Cuthbert Eddie Nunn
Mrs. Rachel Lynde Sharron McGuirl
Mrs. McPherson Dorothy Gough
Mrs. Barry Cayla Baylin
Mrs. Sloane Jean Wheeler
Mrs. Pye Sheila Shields
Cecil (Farmer) Gerry Morris
Earl (Mailman) Jack Wallace
Mrs. Spencer Pat Fraser
Mrs. Blewett Liane Marshall*
Mr. Phillips Vern Fraser
Lucilla Linda Hunter
The Minister Gervis Black
Miss Stacy Liane Marshall*
Stationmaster Michael OBrien
Diana Barry Lorraine Scollin
Prissy Andrews Roberta Sametz
Josie Pye Isabel Hornstein
Ruby Gillis Naomi Campbell
Tillie Bouler Donna OConnor
Gertie Pye Terri Hawkes
Gilbert Blythe Tony Keenleyside
Charlie Sloane Brian (Bo) Light
Moody McPherson Michael Gareau
Gerry Buote Robert Duncan
Tommy Sloane Jonathan More
Malcolm Andrews Andy McIlroy
THEIR FRIENDS Frank Burke, Anne Cousineau, Marilyn Day, David Hayes, Jack Wallace, Julie Adam, Cuyler Black, Marshall Black, Rebecca Campbell, Corey Fraser, David McDonald, Jeremy Sametz

* appeared by permisson of Actor's Equity Association


Strings Susan Charles, Charlotte Covington,, Florence Dunn, Chereen Gervais, Keith Milliken, Georges Naud, Millicent Shaw, Stuart Smith, Chris Steamos
Woodwinds Veronica Goodwin, Valerie Jefferson, Duke McGuirl, Don Russell, Mike Scora
Brass Nat Battersby, Charles Charles, Ed Hall, Cec Hughes, Drummond Hudson
Percussion Neils Lund
Piano/Celeste Lorna Rice

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