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Lyrics by AL DUBIN
Based on the Novel Forty-Second by Bradford Ropes
First opened on Broadway August 25, 1980 at the Winter Garden Theatre.

Plot Synopsis

Forty-Second Street is a big, bold, glitzy musical that celebrates the dreams of performers everywhere. It is the story of a young girl from Pennsylvania, Peggy Sawyer, and her hopes of making it big on Broadway in 1933.

When she first comes to New York City, Peggy has trouble gathering up her courage to audition for Julian Marsh's upcoming musical Pretty Lady and misses the audition. Luckily, she is befriended by Maggie, one of the show's writers, Billy, the romantic lead, and the chorus girls. They show Peggy some of the routines, she gets a second chance, and she lands a part in the shows.

The star of Pretty Lady is Dorothy Brock, a veteran of the Broadway stage. Her last hit was a distant ten years earlier, but her sugar daddy, Abner Dillon, is bankrolling the show. Dorothy is a terrific singer, but not much of a dancer, so Julian and Andy, the dance director, have to choreograph all the numbers around her.

The show moves to Philadelphia for its pre-Broadway run, and disaster strikes. Dorothy is accidentally knocked down by Peggy at the finale of Act I and breaks an ankle. Julian is furious and fires Peggy on the spot. Without a leading lady, he cancels the rest of the performance and threatens to close Pretty Lady for good.

It is Annie, one of the chorus girls, who saves the show. She convinces Julian that Peggy could take over Dorothy's part. But it's not easy. Peggy has to learn twenty-five pages of script, six songs and ten dance numbers, all within the space of thirty-six hours. As Julian says, he'll either face opening night on Broadway with a live leading lady or a dead chorus girl... 

Cast of Characters

Peggy Sawyer Wanda Richert
Dorothy Brock Tammy Grimes
Julian Marsh Jerry Orbach
Billy Lawlor Lee Roy Reams

Songs from the Show - Act One

Overture Orchestra
Young and Healthy Peggy and Billy
Shadow Waltz Maggie, Dorothy and Girls
Go Into Your Dance Maggie, Peggy, Annie, Phyllis, Lorraine and Andy
You're Getting to be a Habit With Me Dorothy
Getting Out of Town Maggie, Bert, Pat and Chorus
Dames Billy and Chorus
I Know Now Dorothy, Billy and Chorus
We're In the Money Annie, Phyllis, Lorraine, Peggy, Billy and Chorus
Forty-Second Street Dorothy 

Songs from the Show - Act Two

Entr'acte Orchestra
There's a Sunny Side to Ev'ry Situation Annie and Chorus
Lullaby of Broadway Company
About a Quarter to Nine Dorothy and Peggy
Shuffle Off to Buffalo Bert, Maggie, Annie and Girl
Forty-Second Street Peggy and Dancers
Finale Julian

Production Team

Artistic Director Lorraine St. Laurent
Assistant Director Ginny Day
Musical Director Drummond Hudson
Choreographer Debbie Miller-Smith
Assistant Choreographer Debbie Jones
Production Coordinator Marylin Day
Assistant to the Directors Pam Reynolds
Stage Manager Don Lambton
Assistant Stage Manager Carol Chamberlain
Set Designer Malvary Cole
Assistant to the Set Designer Terry Dacey
Costume Designer Judith Froome
Properties Mistress Anne McGuire
Sound Technician Bill Butterworth
Lighting Designer Mike Jotoff
Make-up Design Barbara Seeton, Melva Scott
Master Carpenter Tom Mordasewicz
Workshop Chairman Tom Shields

Cast of Characters

Peggy Carole Billingham
Dorothy Cayla Baylin
Julian Joel Oliver
Billy Brian Hall
Andy Robert McColman
Maggie Heather Monkman
Bert Barry Bielby
Annie Nancy Egan
Chorus Girls Debbie Jones, Cindy Harrison, Linda Fournier, Aileen Szkwarek, Kathryn Romanow
Lorna Lorna Rice
Pat Jim Robertson
Abner Walt Conrad
Mac John Powell
Doctor Moe Romanow
Chorus Sean Alger, Eddie Baroud, Brad Burgess, David Coles, Janet Fraser, Patrick Goddard, Adrienne Gould, Mark Green, Luke LaRue, Libby Livingston, Duncan Morgan, Jim Morrison, John Murray, Laurie Nicoll, Brahm Olsynko, Guylaine Roy, Sam Smith, Lucille Warren


Reeds Michael Scorah, Rash Ledger, Blenis Pennell, David Ward, Bob Piche
On-Stage Piano Lorna Rice
Brass Sid Holmes, Chris Lane, Marlene Field, Monty Armitage, Colin Williamson
Rhythm John McGovern, Jamie Gatti, Art Beers 

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