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Our History

For many years a familiar face caught the gaze of many who entered Orpheus House - it was the face of James Alexander Smith, the founder of Orpheus Musical Theatre Society. This spunky little Scotsman brought his love of music with him from Dundee, Scotland in 1905. The Orpheus Glee Club, which is how we started, participated in it’s first concert on January 15, 1907.

Over the next few years, seeds were planted for a transition from a Choral Group to an Operatic Society with a view to presenting full staged renditions of operettas which were very popular during World War I. It took a few more years to fully organize a theatre group but during this time, the Choral group continued to assist with the war effort, giving back to the community even then.

Flash forward 108 years and here we are preparing to deliver a fabulous new season - a season with something for everyone. So come, catch our spirit and prepare to be swept away.